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Immigration, what on-the-ground Conservatives and Republicans really think may surprise you.

Hispanic/Latino culture precludes the insulting liberal/Democrat assumption that they will end up Democrats because they enjoy the dole.

Peter adds it all up for the mid-terms with a prediction some will find very disturbing.

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1.)  Just a word about O’Reilly’s show yesterday and how he reiterated that which Peter wrote about in a book some few years back called, “A Father’s Guide To Raising Conservative Gentlemen (and saving America at the same time).  And also to AGAIN state that all you have to do is listen to TPFP and you will not need to listen or watch anything else.

rob astorino

Rob Astorino, Republican For NY Governor (And…he’s better looking than Cuomo)

2.) Rob Astorino for New York Governor…an excellent choice if he accepts our advice (which was given for free and is thus a bargain).

3.) It’s always the economy.



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Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino is running against Andrew Cuomo in the UricaandMarcellusformationsupcoming gubernatorial race to lead New York State forward if such a thing is possible. I personally don’t believe it is unless Upstate and Downstate divorce each other, but the chances of that happening are about as slim as Barack Obama going down in history as a good president. Still, though a decided underdog, there is a way for Mr. Astorino to come out from underneath Cuomo’s name without shaming the man any more than Cuomo has already shamed himself.

First piece of advice as author of Running: How To Design and Execute A Winning Political Campaign: Forget about bringing up corruption in the Cuomo administration. Corruption in New York is as ubiquitous as white plastic lawn chairs. It is so common, New Yorkers wouldn’t recognize good government if it slapped them in the face daily.

Second, to win this election there is one thing you can do that Cuomo cannot, pull out the Ronald Reagan card and ask, “Are you any better off today than before Cuomo took office?” The answer is without question, “No” and everyone with the exclusion of a wealthy Downstate and those with state jobs knows it. You see what we’re driving at here? Turn the Democrat/liberal tables back on them.

Now the tricky part, and you have to have giant cohones to do this, tell the people of New York you can absolutely guarantee an economic boom the likes of which New York has not experienced in over 100 years. How are you going to achieve it? Energy. When you juxtapose your plan to allow energy production in this state with Cuomo’s refusal, you will be creating precisely the political urgency any rather unknown candidate in a brutal race could want. You will be making it clear that a bunch of fringe frighteners who have not the slightest fact to underscore their claims will not be allowed to restrict the average New Yorker looking for good paying work from getting it. You will be turning the tables on liberal elitists in New York by championing the economic prosperity of the very demographic those Dem/Libs have been using for decades. Your message is, “No, it’s not just Wall Streeters who deserve to live well, it’s you, the regular New Yorker, Upstater and Downstater alike who gets up in the morning and hopes a better economic day is at hand, but finds it’s never the case. It’s you who deserves the chance at prosperity without government stepping in your way at every turn. It’s you who should know that for as long as liberals have been in charge of New York government they’ve been, to steal a phrase from The Outlaw Josey Wales, pissing down our backs and telling us it’s raining.

You Mr. Astorino, through the process of promising to allow the development of that resource critical to every single economic success in the world will bring hope to millions of New Yorkers, the kind that says, maybe your sons and daughters will come home again if there is the kind of economy here that lured them there.

You will have the left screaming and hollering, but you expect that anyway and know it will come. Your case however has already been made for you by no one other than your opponent. He has singlehandedly said “No” to the average New Yorker’s plea for economic prosperity. No amount of money touting a ridiculous story of high-tech businesses running to New York for ten years of tax abatement can convince the unemployed twenty-something on the Southern Tier or the forty year old laid off factory worker in Buffalo that it’s going to get better for them. But you can convince them if you make your case simple, clear and absolute: In the history of modern man, cheap energy is the engine of enormous prosperity.

Now for your ammunition.

Consider that the United States Energy Information Administration (EIA), not in cooperation with the oil and gas industry, but as an independent government organization has released the map you see here indicating the United States Geological Survey’s (USGS) assessment of how much gas and oil are available in the combined Marcellus and Utica formations.  This estimate is based on the latest geological tests which now include increasingly sophisticated techniques.  But it is only a very small part of the story.

In an article by Dan Sharp for the on June 11th of this year, the claim is made that government estimates are falling far short of the realities.  He states that the Marcellus formation alone already surpasses production in what was a few short years ago declared to be the largest shale formation in the country, the Bakken formation in and around the Dakotas, Colorado and surrounding states.  You will note that unemployment in those producing regions is at historic lows, e.g. 2.6% in North Dakota.

Now consider the following statement:  “As impressive as Marcellus numbers are shaking out, it’s really only half the story back East. Another tight shale formation underlies the Marcellus and, according to some industry officials, has the potential to exceed the Marcellus’ performance. It’s called the Utica shale [formation] [which] gets its name from the city of Utica, N.Y., where it outcrops at the earth’s surface.”

But here is the most astounding finding of all:  “In October 2012, the U.S. Geological Survey estimated the Utica shale to contain approximately 38 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) of technically recoverable natural gas, 940 million barrels of oil, and 208 million barrels of natural gas liquids. In comparison, the agency’s April 2013 assessment placed Bakken recoverable reserves at 6.7 Tcf of recoverable natural gas, 7.4 billion barrels of oil and 530 million barrels of natural gas liquids. (Italics mine).

But the Ohio Geological Survey goes beyond even those estimates. It “calculates a Utica/Point Pleasant recoverable reserve potential estimate for the Buckeye State (alone) of 1.96 billion to 8.2 billion barrels of oil equivalent. And yet the area of the formation in New York is larger as you can see on the map with the greatest prize, the deeper Utica formation underlying the Marcellus being largely centered in Pennsylvania and New York.

The reason these technical aspects are important to a political campaign are twofold:  First, the USGS just a few years ago (2005) was reporting that the formation was less than half the size they now know it is.  Second, the estimates of size, scope and volumes of potential reserves have skyrocketed as the discovery technology advances.  What this all means is that if you can capture the collective imagination of New Yorkers and convince them there will be an economic dawn of unprecedented proportions under your leadership as a result of energy development you will have effectively set off an energy boom that will have a profoundly positive effect on not just New York, but the entire country. Moreover, you will have helped marginalize Middle Eastern oil producers which will directly affect America’s global influence while at the same time indirectly putting pressure on antagonist states surrounding our ally, Israel. That’s presidential stuff Mr. Astorino, it sets the stage nicely for an ambitious conservative governor of a ridiculously blue state.  Better than that, the net effect of the energy boom you will set off will force domestic prices down to the point that cheap energy will set the entire United States on a footing to compete with China.

Energy is the key sir, and energy alone is what will bring New York back to being the Empire State for all New Yorkers, not just the wealthy few.


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In which Peter discusses the racial divide.

“The root of racism is the clash of cultures, not the difference in skin color.”

“Without fathers in the household boys are at a significant disadvantage all their lives.  Fathers teach their sons respect.  Once learned, respect fosters a sense of dignity.  When a boy becomes dignified, he becomes a man.”

“American culture has been perverted by liberalism for it disallows shame.  Where there’s no shame, there is no gentility and where there is no gentility, there is no dignity.  Where there is no dignity, there is no culture.”


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When Scottie Nell Hughes writes, “Paul Ryan has decided in his new book The Way Forward to damn conservatives as the crazies behind a ‘suicide mission’ for the paul ryancountry…” what she reveals is a quirk in the man’s character not dissimilar to so many people who crave fame, get it, then believe they deserved it all along not for their principles, but for their egos. Very much like greedy people and money, there are those who need fame and acceptance so badly they will not only turn on their friends and colleagues to gain them, but on themselves. It is a lunatic’s dance with the realities.

Ryan has succumbed to the Hollywood syndrome wherein a nobody becomes a somebody almost overnight. There is no drug in the world that can offer the same high. To sustain it, people of weak character will do anything, including capitulate to what was once entirely antithetical to their belief system.

For Paul Ryan, it is more than a simple need for notoriety. What he covets is the Presidency and nothing less, but not to serve the United States, to control it and therefore us. He is cut of the same cloth as Barack Obama and sees in Obama’s stealthy plan to destroy America a structure so well executed that if he co-opts it he can make things right again. In other words, Paul Ryan suffers from the same malady as does Barack Obama, he believes he’s our savior and as the great white knight he will brook no dissension from the opposition, which of course is anyone who disagrees with him, especially those who remain faithful to conservative ideals and a strict interpretation of the Constitution.

Ryan’s turn to the dark side has been rapid and fraught with a lack of subtlety only a novice egomaniac displays in spite of the fact he has hinted at his willingness to compromise, i.e. capitulate for several years. According to Matt Lewis of The Daily Caller as reported in over the years “Ryan voted FOR (sic):

  1. The Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP, whereby the government purchased assets and equity from financial institutions.
  2. The auto-bailout, which essentially implied he agrees car companies—especially the ones with an auto plant in his district—are too big to fail.
  3. And for a confiscatory tax on CEO bonuses, which essentially says the government has the right to take away private property—if it doesn’t like you.”

And if that isn’t enough, his “Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013” was as Byzantine in its configuration as it was entirely contrary to Ryan’s clearest calls on cutting spending. Through a use of language which would have Thomas Jefferson spinning in his grave, Ryan essentially made a complete 180 degree turn on the singular issue for which he is best known. Instead of cutting spending, he surrendered to Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) individually, Harry Reid and all other Democrats effectively by agreeing to increase spending. What is worse, he used that old, worn out Democrat promise that the current increase in spending will be addressed by cutting sometime in the future. Wait a minute, isn’t this the same guy who during the 2012 presidential campaign so stridently railed against an unsustainable deficit? Isn’t it Paul Ryan who injected into the national conversation a sense of immediacy for cutting spending or face the reality of a financial crisis so large the United States would be forever crippled?

If one considers Ryan’s support from the usual suspects, it becomes more clear his desire to be acceptable so as to garner favor as the Republican establishment’s wunderkind extends also to a concept so steeped in historical failure it is a mark of rank political immaturity. He is that kid who so desperately wants everyone’s approval, he will reach across the aisle whenever called upon to do so. In politics it’s called compromise, in reality it’s called defeat, for the minute a Republican makes nice with a Democrat, he is raised on his own petard. That his comrades, John Boehner, Chris Christie, Lindsey Graham and the two most prominent for being losers, John McCain and Mitt Romney all support their boy no matter his casting overboard the principles he once so firmly espoused is singular testament to Mr. Ryan’s view of himself as the real savior of the people. He has the Republican establishment eating out of his hand, now all he has to do is get liberals to love him as well.

If you are still on the fence about Paul Ryan and you sense a somewhat visceral harshness coming from me if not Ms. Hughes, consider the support…that’s right, support he received from that bastion of conservative thought, the New York Times, just before the 2012 election. The details of the article by Thomas Edsall are not as important as the glowing praise and heaps of admiration poured over the then vice-presidential nominee. The title of the article renders the verdict itself: “Paul Ryans’s Liberal Fan Club.” With a measure of liberal syrup so thick one needs an aqualung before diving in, Edsall writes of almost bipartisan support for Romney’s choice of Ryan for the latter’s handle on budgetary matters. Edsall cites the opinion of National Review editors at the time who wrote, “while Ryan has a national reputation as a budget cutter, he is a full-spectrum conservative.”

How the beliefs and passions of political men and women change over two years. Instead of the knight-errant, Paul Ryan has become the knight-error. His conservatism seemingly gone, he has picked up the Republican establishment’s banner and is running with it. Perhaps Mr. Ryan should take a look at someone as young, but far more principled and arguably more talented if he wants to see the future of the Republican party and the United States. Oddly enough, he doesn’t have to look very far for Trey Gowdy is right there in the same chamber on the same side of the aisle.




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Howard Kurtz of FOX News regularly displays his Hadean view of the media. He slavishly cites the New York Times and to a lesser extent the Washington Post whenever seeking a media authority as if both newspapers are still “of record”. Kurtz should try to yank himself into the twenty-first century by eschewing those feeble old rags and embracing what is effective citizen journalism. To paraphrase a line out of the cult classic, Big Trouble In Little China, “The news is here, Mr. Kurtz.”

In a piece he wrote (and televised) on August 22, 2014 under the overly lengthy headline, “Obama Stands Alone: Even the media are baffled by his deepening isolation” Kurtz writes, “President Obama has few remaining friends—either in his own party or in the media. That’s the unmistakable conclusion of two pieces this week in the New York Times.” From there he cites the “Times” throughout including Maureen Dowd and develops his story as if every word written in the Times should be cherished as the undeniable truth and therefore irrefutable. Why? Well, because it comes from the New York Times. Has Howard been living in a cave? Or has he simply disengaged from an America which views the New York Times like a subversive enemy in our midst?

Kurtz among other media drips is gaga over the mainstream media and he’s under the impression Americans think the same way. He’s dead wrong. According to a Gallup poll done in 2013, “77% of Americans distrust mainstream media television”. In 2012, the Pew Research Center reported that only 23% of Americans read a newspaper regularly. They added the number has dropped eighteen points over the last decade and continues to decline. More recently, Gallup reported that America’s confidence level in both newspapers and mainstream network television has sunk to all time lows of 22% and 18% respectively.  And while television is still the main source of news for Americans, ABC, NBC and CBS each account for 1% or less of viewership according to Gallup with FOX News at the top of the list with 8% of those polled responding that it is their main source for news.

The real hit is taken by Howard Kurtz’s idols. Only 6% of respondents indicated they get their news in the main from print with the New York Times sharing their rating of 1% with the Wall Street Journal. That statistic is profoundly underscored by the Times latest financial statement which is gloomier than an Obama economic report. In every meaningful category, the Times posts negatives. By contrast, three times the number or 18% of those polled indicated they go to the Internet for their news. So, why is Howard Kurtz so desperate to use the old, maggoty Gray Lady as the source for everything newsworthy? It appears because he’s like that kid on the playground who desperately wants to be on the best team only the best team has grown old and is now the worst team and Kurtz, though the glory days are over, still idolizes the codgers irrespective of their irrelevance.

When less than a quarter of Americans trust the traditional news outlets it’s not because those outlets are doing stellar jobs of reporting the truth. It’s the opposite. People don’t trust the traditional media because they’ve been blatantly lied to by it for decades. But it’s a new era. In this one there are fast and effective ways of getting to another point of view, if not the entire truth. Today, everyone is a potential journalist. Everyone has a combination still and movie camera at their fingertips. Their pictures and clips rarely lie. Moreover, no news gathering organization in the world can compete with them. It would take resources beyond any modern communications company’s capacity to be, like citizen journalists are, everywhere every time an event occurs. More than that, people are under no misconception that the media lies or distorts the truth with an increasingly overt liberal agenda. This is shown in another Pew Research poll which stated that only 26% of those polled think the media gets the facts straight, 20% think the media is “pretty independent” and only 19% said they thought the media is “fair to all sides.” In spite of it all Kurtz and others in the business continue to deflect that abundance of criticism regarding liberal bias by claiming it’s merely a perception, that the little people just don’t understand how real journalists think.

That old shibboleth doesn’t get traction any longer however. All anyone needs is a computer or smart phone to see the truth played out right before their eyes. It no longer matters that the mainstream media deliberately lies and distorts or ignores stories altogether if they don’t fit the liberal paradigm. There are millions of people who are there to fill the vacuum presenting the other side of stories or simply reporting what the traditional media conveniently ignores.

Take the latest from that paragon of restraint, Harry Reid. Speaking to an Asian-American business group in Las Vegas on August 21, 2014, Reid told the crowd, “I don’t think you’re smarter than anybody else, but you’ve convinced a lot of us you are.” He then followed that insulting gaff with another: “One problem that I’ve had today is keeping my Wongs straight”. But it wasn’t until the Republican research group, America Rising heard of Reid’s statements and found the clip that the story was reported. The fact is, were there not people in the crowd who actually recorded the clips, the mainstream media would not have reported the incident at all. With such advancements in news reporting, how is it Kurtz keeps going back to his dying little corner of the world and acting like it’s as healthy as Jack Lalanne in his prime while audiences in general are absolutely sure he and his media buddies not only lie to our faces, but lie by omission? It’s that kind of elitist arrogance those who consume news dislike so intensely. It smacks of a singular desire for stardom and acceptance into a society of like-minded liberals rather than one for getting the untainted truth out to a public starving for it.

Listening to Howard Kurtz talk about the media is an exercise in embarrassment over his boyish enthusiasm for what he wants everyone to believe is still the fourth estate. Clearly it isn’t, not even close. The same Pew poll cited above makes the point. Americans by a large majority, 68%, believe the media should “keep leaders from doing things that  shouldn’t be done”, i.e. be the unbiased bastion of truth delivery, but in the poll respondents make it known what goes for journalism in this country is hopelessly lost and entirely unreliable, the antithesis of what Kurtz portrays as our modern media.

But it’s Kurtz’s effusiveness when reporting on the media that is sometimes difficult to watch. One can sense how he strains to subdue a desire to outrightly defend liberals and their causes, like kicking against the goads as a manifestation of liberal DNA. He flubs and flounders around the periphery of critiquing the media succeeding only in being embarrassingly deferential to it in the final analysis, especially those crippled dinosaurs, the New York Times and the Washington Post. He would be much more credible if he refrained from mentioning them at all since by the cited polls herein, only a paltry few read, watch or trust them.

Why FOX hired the man is beyond this writer’s understanding. That Kurtz’s show is relegated to the weekend is something for which we can all be grateful however. It’s when FOX slides him into other programs that I go scurrying for the remote. I’d rather watch a black and white test pattern.


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Ferguson, MO.

Dear Al Sharpton, we’ve all had enough, especially of you.

The staggering number of Americans on some kind of public assistance.

There are good, bad and ugly cops.

Self-defense is the most fundamental aspect of life.

Justice by fear is no justice at all.


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On today’s program:


Rho Chalmers – Dem Activist on Texas Grand Jury

The plan to “get” Rick Perry and the three people responsible.  Hint:  one is a Democrat activist who happened to be on the Grand Jury indicting Perry; one is the drunken bum who is at the center of the hatchet job and last, a Texas attorney accused of tampering with witnesses.

Next Peter discusses the Obama administration’s milquetoast, limp-wristed response to the beheading of journalist James Foley.  Another farce in a presidency meant to look good, but accomplish nothing.

Finally, the immigrant experience in America and how twelve percent of the population has been consistently left out as a result of a leftist agenda meant to re-enslave them along with all illegal immigrants pouring into the country.


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The Scottish version is, “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft agley”. It’s taken from a poem written in 1785 by Robert Burns, the rough translation of which is contained in American John Steinbeck’s “Of Mice And Men”. He wrote, “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”

This is the case for the Democrat plan to pack the country with illegal refugees. They, the Democrats, are under the impression these people will, if allowed to stay, be forever grateful to the party which championed their cause. The problem with that plan is its premise.

It is typical of liberals, they think the rest of us are too stupid and one dimensional not to think beyond what they believe about us. By us, I mean anyone who is not a part of the liberal power elite. But if you look at the immigrant experience in this country, it is clear liberals have perverted the facts to fit their fantasy world. The immigrant experience has never been one of sucking on the government nipple forever. On the contrary it has been pretty much the same for every ethnic group with the exception of black people, but that is an entirely different story with entirely different causations. The plain fact is, most of the Mexicans and others of Hispanic background who do come to this country illegally or legally, come for the same reason Italians, Germans and the Irish came, to find work and live better. That is a fact of human nature as a function of the American immigrant experience, not an exception to it.

The driving force behind similarities in the immigrant experience for these people is family. The Hispanic, Latino or whatever you want to call their culture (I’ll use Hispanic since for the most part they all have their roots in the Spanish language) is largely about family. Where there is family, there is a sense of responsibility which translates into a need to provide. The Hispanic family structure lends itself to an almost automatic establishment of rules and regulations derived from traditions which are fundamentally no different than other western European traditions. With the same exceptions all other ethnic groups display, Hispanics have a work ethic that cannot be denied. The problem is enough work for everyone who wants it, Hispanic and otherwise.

The Hispanic family tradition also extends itself to a desire for their children to have a better life than their parents. Whether it be through work, education or a combination of both, the Hispanic dream is the same as every other ethnicity’s, to earn enough to live well.

What problem we have with illegal aliens is not as much their fault as it is Democrats here at home. To encourage illegal immigration as a means of gaining and retaining power is as cruel as was slavery. Democrats are simply recruiting people to do their bidding without paying them. What is the difference between that kind of slavery and any other? And, as if encouraging illegal immigration isn’t enough, Democrats at the same time appear to be encouraging hatred for the very country into which those same illegal immigrants are so desperately seeking entry. Listen to the likes of Congressman Luis Gutierréz (D-IL), what you will hear is vitriol laced with sentences like, “It is almost as if they despise and hate all of our children.” Such statements are meant to separate Hispanics from the rest of America, it is the same tactic used by people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. In the long run, if conservatives follow through on my suggestions below, Gutierréz and rank liberal politicians like him will fail.

The fact that government has proven itself to be the absolute worst means of providing people with the necessities of life is irrefutable, Hispanics know this. Educated Hispanics like Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz understand this completely. They know a liberal system of government is unnatural to Hispanics for it attempts to strip them of their intrinsic desire to work their way to wealth so as to provide for their families. That desire can only be sustained through the freedom and independence necessary for unhampered pursuit of their goal. It is a powerful reason why illegals try so desperately to remain under the radar. Being caught here as an illegal doesn’t mean they’ll be deported as much as it means they will become part of the system, the very one that takes the earnings of legitimate citizens and redistributes it to others who don’t have their work ethic or family traditions. It is bound to frustrate them as it does the rest of America.

Therefore, to suggest that the Democrat plan for packing the system with new Democrats is inevitable if we don’t shutter our country immediately is to ignore the larger picture which involves an assessment of human wants and needs and the innate desire to satiate them. And while closing the borders is an absolute must, once they are secure it is essential for conservatives to begin an outreach which demonstrates to Hispanics they will not be granted blanket amnesty, but they will be given a path to citizenship along with the Constitutional guarantees which offer the right to work themselves to wealth without assistance from the government. Then it is incumbent on conservatives to remove as much government as possible from the equation such that all people residing in the United States can be free to pursue their individual dreams. Such a plan will work if we get rid of old attitudes and rely on the fundamentals of human nature so eloquently embodied in our founding documents. After all, they aren’t specific to people from only one part of the world, they are significant for their universality. Even Muslims understand the value inherent in freedom and liberty, but they are shackled by a destructive set of religious beliefs the rest of the world understands must be defeated before they can enter the community of mankind.

One final note, conservatives must have a plan for recapturing our country. It should be designed with fundamental components in mind. First, there is a need for stealthy public relations regarding the benefits of conservatism and capitalism under our Constitution, but equally important is the infiltration of our education system. Jefferson wisely observed, “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.” But he could never have imagined that the system through which generations of Americans would be educated would itself be ignorant and willfully so.

Taking back our country from liberals means embracing that which we may find disagreeable today, but fighting fire with fire, propaganda with propaganda is essential to start. It will be a slow process, but we were slow getting to this point. A comprehensive plan and the patience to execute it properly is what we need.



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In which Peter blasts “Dear Leader”…and we’re not talking about Kim Jong Un either.

Then, as if that’s not enough, Peter turns his attention to Ferguson, Missouri.

After which he rips to shreds ISIL or ISIS or whatever the Islamo-terrorists are calling themselves today for making the ridiculous claim they will bathe in our blood.

To top off the program, Peter discusses the sham that is Rick Perry’s indictment.

It’s all good stuff.


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