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Know how when you go to news site on the Internet, like FOX for example, there are stories and then sidebars with other stories? Most of the time, I’m looking for information, background so to speak, for something I’m writing, politics usually. Invariably, because I have no self-control and discipline has always been my arch enemy, the sidebars grab my attention. There I go into that completely useless world of “entertainment news”, a world in which I have no real interest, but one that allows my brain to go dead for the time I spend there. Still, there is commentary in that world, on culture (or the lack thereof), politics and especially morality (actually immorality and amorality). Amusingly, there’s an uncomfortable place in that world where a great deal of head-banging goes on, a place where a determined effort is constantly being made to pound square pegs into round holes or vice versa. I was there this morning.

It seems Ellen DeGeneres “cheated” on her “wife,” Portia DeRossi of “Sirens” fame. Ms. DeRossi (Or is it Mrs. DeGeneres?) was so distraught, she abused drugs and alcohol more than she did before the affair, then she ran for rehab, but I’m not sure if it was to salve her hurt or cure her drug and alcohol issues. Probably the distress over her husband’s or wife’s cheating led to the abuse of drugs and alcohol and now there’s drama surrounding the relationship. Sigh.

The article does its best to frame the potential breakup of the two as a normal, everyday spousal dispute, but, no matter how I tried, I could not get past the ridiculousness of two women being married and having flings with other women which result in the potential for separation and ultimately divorce.

It’s almost funny how desperate the media is to force the normality of homosexual and lesbian relationships on us. It’s the same as when one becomes seriously inebriated. The end result is always vomiting back up that which we ingested including the free pickles and hard-boiled eggs we consumed at the bar while drinking a gallon of vodka. The pickles being Ellen DeGeneres, the hard boiled eggs being Portia DeRossi and the vodka being marriage…you see what I mean? None of the aforementioned go together, not in reality.

The whole article is one great flush of the toilet as it goes into seedy detail beginning with the breathless headline, “Couple In Crisis!” And then we’re treated to “De Rossi has become unhinged over Ellen’s flirtation with a woman they both know.” We proceed to “an insider close to the couple claimed…DeGeneres ‘had an affair with one of their mutual friends right before Portia’s rehab stint in May.” The insider claimed the “situation made Portia’s alleged substance abuse issues worse.” That’s when your brain tells you to stop reading such stuff. It’s so much crap about something so inherently ridiculous, why read it at all?

But you cannot escape it even if you want. Gender relations are being assaulted like never before. Real men are the target, the enemy. Take the ATT commercial featuring five or six real estate agents, one of whom is a man. While the female ATT representative is discussing the serious business of cell phones at the business level with the women, the man is seen as a dolt simply hanging around while the women do the heavy lifting. The end of the commercial finds the man trying to copy the assertive and decisive body language of his colleagues. He looks as dumb and emasculated as any man could possibly look. Then there’s the Time-Warner commercial in which a lovely young wife at least smiles while she admonishes her idiot husband for buying too much furniture instead of just what they need.

It’s like a garage door commercial a few years ago where the man was begging his wife for one. I sent a letter to the company stating that no man in the world would beg his wife for a garage door because no woman in the world gives a crap about garage doors or the decisions that go into buying one. The response was classic, clearly coming from the gay creator. He told me off by accusing me of being a misogynist etc. etc., typical. I then wrote to the president of the company and included both the letter I sent to his creative “guy” and the response I received. I told him I wouldn’t buy his garage door for two dollars and a lot of men feel the same way. The ad was pulled.

The point is, heterosexual men are treated like crap wherever there is the chance to kick them in their very real testicles. We’ll put DeRossi and DeGeneres on pedestals for being openly lesbian, that’s supposed to be a good thing. We’ll applaud Neil Patrick Harris for being gay and admitting it, then stick him in a Heineken commercial just to make the statement that gay guys drink beer too, which is probably true, but do we need a subliminal message about gays being just like straight guys? He’s not any guy, he’s a homosexual guy, there is a difference. Us regular guys, we know there’s a difference and there’s nothing Heineken or anyone else can tell us to make us think otherwise. Truth is, no matter what the media, which is populated with an inordinate number of homosexuals, so desperately wants us to think, there isn’t a guy’s guy out there who thinks homosexuality is okay. They may not say so in public, but go one on one and the truth pours out. We think, “Yeecchhh!”

The minute this goes up on the site, the onslaught will commence. How dare I point out the obvious, that homosexuality and lesbianism are just not the norm. Don’t believe me? Yesterday the Paramus Post reported that a new study by the Center For Disease Control (CDC) concluded less than three percent of the population is gay, lesbian or bi-sexual. By any calculation, three per cent does not ascend to the level of “normal”. Were we to view homosexuality as an outcome in a scientific experiment, three per cent would be ignored or seen only as an anomaly, i.e. not normal.

‘“Today in America, we are changing millennia-old marriage laws, inundating television shows with multiple homosexual characters and pushing the public to embrace as accepted and healthy the behavior of less than 3 percent of the population,’ said Tim Wildmon, President of the American Family Association (AFA, ‘Our culture, through the bullying, pressure and coercion of a lobby motivated by an extremely small population in America, has become focused on advancing the homosexual lifestyle as normal and even ideal.”’

Mr. Wildmon is absolutely correct with a caveat. When stories about lesbians appear, the male of the species has a prurient interest, however limited. Ask any man, if he’s honest, he’ll tell you there’s something about two women being involved with each other that just doesn’t seem as truly disgusting as two men. In fact, it’s titillating to one degree or another. But then ask them if they would want their daughters to proceed down that particular road, and, hypocrites we men are, we’d say, “Absolutely not!” Why? Because deep in everyone’s soul and way back in everyone’s mind, coupling with the same sex is simply wrong and nothing will make it right. It’s not normal, and that’s a plain fact.


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The great conservative dream goes something like this: Hillary Clinton makes the same mistake she made in 2008. Presuming she is the nominee, she goes about as if already crowned. But just as her coronation seems a fait accompli, she finds herself in a primary with two, perhaps more challengers, among them another woman, Elizabeth Warren thus negating the “First Woman President” bonus she would otherwise have. Ms. Warren goes for Hillary’s jugular, represented in this case by the Democratic base which has become little more than a group of hard-core radical leftists who must be appeased if a Democrat has any chance of winning the presidency. Hillary, another hard-core liberal with a radical agenda, has been trying out centrist clothing and parading herself around as a reasonable choice for reasonable people. But there are problems with that strategy, it depends on there being no competition. The gnats however, won’t go away. They force Hillary to pivot left in an attempt to secure the base, but as she does, her centrist image is destroyed.

Worse for Hillary is the possibility of California Governor Jerry Brown throwing his hat in the ring. He won’t pose an enormous threat, but everything counts in a race which seemed like a no-brainer for the Clintons and now has become a do or die effort.

The Republicans have their issues of course. Internecine warfare threatens to break out at any moment. But should they put up a candidate who mirrors the public’s desire to straighten America out once and for all, they are essentially unbeatable. If ever the Republicans had a caisson full of ammo, it is now. Scandals, mismanagement, a floundering economy, a massive failure of leadership both domestically and in foreign policy, and let us not forget Obamacare. All they have to do is aim their cannons accurately then fire away.

Democrats cannot admit the obvious, that America is in decline as a result of one party rule and one man’s total inability to be president. Barack Obama will most certainly shove Jimmy Carter aside as the worst president in the history of the United States. As in the past, the voting public will not elect someone who is in the least way connected to such massive failure. With Hillary tied up eating her own, there is a chance for Republicans to change the face and soul of America. Question is, will they do it?

Against a background of consistently rejecting victory whenever it is handed to them, Republicans may very well blow the 2016 election in spite of having every advantage, especially one they have not realized. For the first time in Republican history they have the opportunity to present themselves as the defenders of the working class. For the first time, Republicans can stand shoulder to shoulder with the average American in a fight against not only massive government, but mega-corporations and Wall Street. The traditional belief that Republicans are in the corners of the very rich and the very rich only has been shattered by revelations that corporate America is supporting liberal Democrat positions such as on illegal immigration. The contemporary titans of industry like Zuckerberg, Gates, Buffet and Steyer are not those of old who created empires out of steel. These people hardly broke a sweat for their money and everyone knows it. They support illegal immigration as a pool of cheap labor, the hell with whether or not America is destroyed in the process. They support the nanny state because it’s easier to maintain control over the little people. Amorality becomes their credo since right and wrong are relative in the first place. Why allow the great unwashed to look anywhere except the liberal elite for a code of behavior?

Conservatives who blindly follow the ideology instead of dealing with the political realities like to say, “These are self-made men, they worked hard to get to the top.” Nonsense. They may be gifted people, but they haven’t done much more than give the lonely a way out or write computer code (and Gates didn’t even do that) or use other peoples’ money to make personal fortunes like Buffet and Steyer. Their agenda is the same as any Communist’s, the difference being they are the self-appointed Politburo. They don’t need money, they have it, what they want is power, not to do good, but to control. In that way they can indulge their desire to manipulate the nation into believing in a Utopian fantasy that can never be realized. That is precisely what politically street smart conservatives can use against them.

Republicans can and should begin using the tactics of the left, class warfare if you will, to point out the hypocrisy of Democrats as defenders of the poor and working class. They should turn that ever present hatred to their advantage by telling Americans the dark days of the rich becoming richer at the expense of the poor and middle classes, that Barack Obama’s reign of terror and the destructive policies of the criminal left are over. The United States of America must be reborn. The rules must be changed so that the voice of the people can be heard etc. etc., the whole basket of political clichés and run out shibboleths. Americans are ready for the revival and it will come if Republicans are slapped out of their stupor.


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It is always a good thing when a man of faith initiates actions in accordance with the strictest definition of his faith’s best precepts. Among the Christian set of fundamental beliefs is that acts of charity are indeed Christ-like. Jesus, as the Stephen Stills song tells us, “gave love away for free”. More charity than that is only accounted for in Christ’s dying on the cross as payment for our sins.

But when Joe Scarborough of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” compares Glenn Beck to Christ because the latter is sending teddy bears and soccer balls (and also food etc. as is being reported) to the children stuck on our southern borders, he dilutes the term “Christ-like”. It isn’t that Beck’s act of generosity doesn’t come from real charity in the mode of Christianity’s best traditions, it’s that Beck, however sincere he is, makes the problem worse by reinforcing the notion we are a nation of suckers unwilling to enforce our own laws when it comes to foreigners, but doing a heck of a job enforcing them on our own people with the exception of the political class and those who can afford American justice.

No one wants to see children suffer, especially their own, but that is essentially what’s happening. We have no money…read that, NO MONEY to pay for foreign children at the expense of our own. The black woman in Houston who now so famously decried the expenditures on foreigners when her neighborhood and the children in it are in far worse shape makes a very serious point. If we cannot take care of our own, how in the real world can we take care of everyone else’s?

It is an axiom of life that charity in fact begins, and some would agree, must stay at home. Ask the father with four children how he feels when he has to work his forty hours only to see twenty-eight percent of his earnings go to a government that then spreads it around to those who will not work and those who violate our laws. Ask him what it’s like having to figure out paycheck to paycheck how he’s going to pay his rent or mortgage, car payment, insurance utilities, property taxes, sales taxes, fees and other expenses while at the same time he watches that portion of his paycheck squandered on people he will never know, but who will be back at him for more sooner or later.

This is madness and Glenn Beck must surely know it. So why is he encouraging illegals to swarm into our country? Not to impugn his motives entirely, there is suspicion he is doing it to either soothe a guilty conscience or to make a grand statement. Both are within the realm of probability since Beck has done both in public on several occasions. His mea culpa regarding a past life as an alcoholic is a consistent theme. There is little question he is sincere especially as he clearly offers hope to those similarly addicted. “If I can do it, so can you” is his mantra, and it’s a good one. His various efforts to unite the country behind principles of good government while admittedly coming from a libertarian point of view have been on a grandiose scale sufficient to make a Roman emperor weep with envy. Beck is so influential he finds himself in the middle of the IRS maelstrom since some of the most targeted groups were part of his 912 project.

As happens in so many lives like Beck’s, the rise to success, fame and fortune is accompanied by a sense of undeservedness which manifests itself in a desire to give back. Most often the source is guilt over achieving what in your heart you believed you could not. There is an element of “Holy cow, I did it!” But there is also an element of “How did I do this?” For Beck the answer is stock, perhaps universal, “I worked hard”. And yet, that does not tell the entire story. Luck has a great deal to do with success whether it is fashionable to say so or not.

The point is, when men like Beck succeed so monumentally, they attribute it to many things and when those things turn out to be inadequate as rationales behind the climb to the top, they look to God and the blessings He has bestowed. That is when men like Glenn Beck begin to turn away from the principles they espouse and ascribe the meaning of their lives to fulfilling the Christ-like objectives of their faith. But it is in some respects a very selfish thing to do since the rest of us have to live with the effluent of their charity towards others. While Beck and Buffet and Zuckerberg and Gates and Adelson sit on their lofty perches dictating what they believe must be done for the illegals, we have to pay for their so-called acts of kindness. We have to endure the rash of foreigners who’ve broken our laws, invaded our country and placed in our neighborhoods. We have to suffer the loss of a job that goes to someone who will work for next to nothing. And to add insult to injury, we have to like it or be told we are haters, bigots and racists.

Damn Beck and the others. While they salve their souls, we writhe in the aftermath. Damn them all to hell for their good works.


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He’s not Mad Max, but he’s as bad and beautiful.


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AMERICA’S BLOOD FEUD WITH ITSELF – THE CIVIL WAR IS ON’s David Lightman posted a piece yesterday with the intriguing headline, “Blood Feud: Senate leaders can’t stand each other”. He writes that Senators “(Harry) Reid (D-NV) and (Mitch) McConnell (R-KY) can barely stand each other. One is tempted to return a sardonic, “No kidding!” to Lightman’s observation. Assuming he’s a Washington insider, it verifies this writer’s long held belief that such people live under their own iron dome. Nothing from beyond the beltway gets in and certainly whatever comes out is slathered in obviousness.

Lightman and others who live under the dome are so removed from the daily realities Americans live with they actually believe in words like “polarized”, “untrusting” and “angry” to describe us. They are also under the impression, in spite of their characterization of the public’s sensibilities, we want Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell to get along. We don’t. Not only don’t we want them to get along, we want them to fight it out once and for all. We want McConnell to destroy Harry Reid as much as the other side wants Reid to do the same to McConnell. In a larger sense, their fight represents our war with each other, one that is here and now, one that has us pitted against each other in violent rage. “Polarized”, “untrusting” and “angry” don’t nearly describe the reality that is America today. We hate each other. Reid’s and McConnell’s fight is therefore one we want to see to the death as it mirrors the one we are waging with each other.

Compromise to many of us means capitulation. Given the last fifty years of liberal destruction of everything we hold dear including our moral and religious viewpoints, the tipping point has come and gone. We are at war with one another as much as we were in 1860. That it may spill over into bloodshed is a very real possibility.

There is visceral hatred among us that will no longer be buried behind reason. It is not a soft, understandable hatred for what others do, but a gnawing, biting hatred for the people themselves who disagree with us. Such hatred transcends the traditional. It goes beyond mere skin color although the left will use people of color to fight their side of the coming war. Truly, it is hatred for far larger reasons, most of all the fact that our own government is perceived to be our greatest enemy as it has been completely overtaken by liberals. It must be torn down before we the people go at each other’s throats in the final conflict.

Without question, the likes of Bill Ayers must die for their actions previous and contemporary. Those who have chewed away at the very fabric of America must be eliminated. They are as dangerous as Muslims and yet we not only allow them to live among us, we give them the means to corrupt our souls and undermine our foundation. We have allowed them to inculcate our very children with hatred for their own country. From the lowest grades in a failing educational system to virtually every classroom in our colleges and universities, liberals infect our sons and daughters with self-loathing at the personal and societal levels. When finished with their “education” they are left without pride or hope. Everything around them is sullied by amorality and a sense of their country’s worthlessness.

We can no longer be the world’s sucker taking in millions of foreigners who care nothing for our country, only what they can get out of it. Compassion and generosity are great human characteristics, but at the cost of committing suicide, exercising them is in no way beneficial to anyone, especially ourselves.

America has to toughen up. We cannot be the world’s halfway house. We have our own problems. Satiating the needs of foreigners is the left’s way of destroying our country from within. While we are preoccupied with crisis after crisis, the IRS, EPA and the rest of the federal bureaucracy are putting us in chains. Compromise in the Senate? Nonsense. Let them make war on each other as representatives of the two sides we are as a nation. The second Civil War is upon us whether we want to admit it or not.

What are the stakes in this war? Without question, our survival, not just as a nation, but as a people. We cannot survive as fifty independent states, nor can we survive as independent minds when it comes to our own governance. “E pluribus unum” has meaning beyond being a simple motto. If we do not see ourselves as one united entity, then all else is false as well. If we do not return to the precepts laid down by the Framers in the Constitution, we will most assuredly break apart and die individual deaths. If we do not rid ourselves of the liberal cancer which has destroyed every state in which it has been tried throughout history, we will face precisely the same consequences, death by decay.

Harry Reid is mad as a hatter. Mitch McConnell is weak as water. They are both older than they deserve and we are tired of seeing those two old phonies flail at each other verbally like two drunken Quakers. We are in need of men and women who will take up arms and fight until one side or the other wins.

The left in this country has used stealth and the system itself to wage war on the United States. We on the right cannot hope to fight them and win in the arena they have built. We have only one way to defeat them and that is by full frontal assault. To paraphrase Churchill, we shall defend our nation and way of life, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight in the streets, we shall fight on the plains, we shall fight in the lowlands, hills and mountains, on our coasts, in our capitols and most desperately at our borders; we shall never surrender. There is no time to think about the future, there will be none unless we fight today. Let Reid and McConnell go at each other’s throats, at least while they’re at it they can’t forge alliances against the rest of us as we rise up and take them all down.

The time for talk is over. It is time for action. It begins with outright civil disobedience. You can see how effective that is by watching what happens when people begin to gather when they’ve had enough. The Bundy ranch resistance, the Murrieta, California uprising, the arrival of civilian militia on the southern border. What did the so-called “authorities” do? They backed off. It is a risky thing to do, but civil disobedience is an extremely effective tool when it is undertaken en masse. All it takes is righteous opposition in union with each other. RISE UP! SPEAK UP! FIGHT!



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Sarah Palin Is Right, Patrick Buchanan Is Wrong…and so is Glenn Beck.


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He just makes sense.


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You may not like what he says, but you’ll know in your mind it’s the truth.


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Here you go, a bit rusty, but right on the money.  Speaking of money…buy my books, they’re good for you.  No trans fats, no cholesterol, no calories and no carbs, but richer than fudge.


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In a article by Rachel Bade, it was reported that Lois Lerner’s attorney, William Taylor III, justified her missing email by claiming Ms. Lerner walked into her office one morning, turned on her computer and was greeted by a blue screen. In the days of Windows 95, 98 and the remarkably horrible Windows Millennium, it was commonly referred to as “the blue screen of death” since under those unbelievably unstable iterations of Microsoft’s premier product, once a blank blue screen or one loaded with error messages appeared, your computer was all but dead. The solution was usually reformatting your entire hard drive which, if you didn’t back up (which so many of us don’t in spite of losing years of work over and over again) meant everything, and I do mean everything would be gone. (Note: It doesn’t mean the data can’t be retrieved. Real computer pros can find information on a hard drive even if it’s been reformatted. It’s not easy, but it can be done).

Lerner with her attorney W. Taylor III

With the introduction of Windows XP and its two subsequent update packages which addressed several bugs, the ubiquitous operating system (OS) came into its own. Gone were the days of “the blue screen of death”. By the time Vista was introduced Windows really became very good if not excellent. It reached its prime with Windows 7, ostensibly a rewrite of Vista with some of the most annoying issues in its predecessor having been addressed. But since XP, anyone claiming to have walked in on the blue screen is a liar. Therefore, unless the IRS is still running Windows 95 or 98, the chances of Lois Lerner’s hard drive crash resulting in a blue screen are nil.

I’ve been a computer nerd since 1982. I stopped buying desktop computers in 1984 and began building my own systems. With the exception of laptops, every computer since has been my creation. I’m not bragging, anyone can build their own computer, but what I am saying is that in the process I’ve pretty much done everything you can do to screw up my computers. From setting the jumpers wrong to installing incompatible add-ons to somehow making the system crash over and over again by sheer idiocy, if I can’t make a system bomb, no one can. So when I hear of a hard drive crashing, I know this: It doesn’t show up as the blue screen of death. Why? Because in order for the blue screen to show at all, the hard drive has to be working.

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen

In order to do anything, every computer needs an OS like Windows or Linux (the choice of computer champions the world over) for example. But in order for the OS to work, it must first make nice with the computer’s BIOS (Basic Input/Output System – a chip on the motherboard containing the fundamental instruction codes to get the computer to do what it’s supposed to do including accessing the OS). The OS does not work in the BIOS, it operates with the BIOS’ permission however. In short, the BIOS is essentially hardware whereas the OS is software, a separate set of instructions loaded into the computer’s RAM (Random Access Memory) whenever the computer is booted up. Once loaded into RAM, it acts as the traffic cop for the computer telling every other piece of software (and certain hardware) what to do and when it can do it. Again, this happens all under the auspices of the BIOS. Picture the OS as a cop and the BIOS as city hall.

The OS almost always resides on the computer’s hard drive. If the hard drive crashes, you get nothing, no blue screen, nothing. That’s because in order for the computer to do anything but go through its most basic boot-up routine (as a function of the BIOS), it needs instructions from the OS. But if the hard drive doesn’t work, the OS doesn’t either. In order for there to be a blue screen, the hard disk must be working sufficiently to at least use the OS to show the blue screen.

Obviously Mr. Taylor is ignorant of the ways of modern computers and Ms. Lerner, if she told him she faced the blue screen of death and it indicated a hard drive failure, is a liar.

Ignorance is a tricky thing when it comes to the world of the arcane. What seems to the ignorant a simple, rather universal problem with which all the other ignoramuses can identify actually serves to indict them when they use it as an excuse for wrongdoing. Ms. Lerner, her attorney and the real face of death, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen have effectively admitted they purposely destroyed evidence germane to what will become a criminal investigation perhaps reaching right into Barack Obama’s office. The legal term is “spoliation”, the layman’s term is “stupidity”.


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