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It is July 4, 2012.  I’m supposed to feel patriotic today, engaged somehow in celebrating all that is good about the greatest country in the history of the world.  In years past, I made a point of teaching and reminding my children about what it cost our forefathers to create this nation.  Pride and joy were always at the center of those discussions, sometimes to the point my kids would accuse me of being smarmy.  Maybe they were right, but I did it anyway, still do, as I will with my grandchildren even though their parents will carry the tradition forward.

There is no evidence to show otherwise, that Barack Hussein Obama was brought up to think precisely the opposite.  He was taught to hate this country.  His father was a communist, as were his mother and grandparents.  He was immersed in Islam for most of his life.  And because he is half black, he was inculcated with a racist hatred that he hardly tries to hide.  With that as a life’s worth of background, in what reasonable universe would anyone think this man has a depth of emotion for this country besides hatred?  Yet, rather than the exception to the rule, Barack Obama is representative of it.  We are dying under his reign of terror, but he is not solely at fault, we are.

There are no studies or statistics to support my claim, but I will nonetheless say categorically I was in the minority as a parent with a patriotic regimen on July 4th.  I must have been since it requires only eyes and ears to know that sense of America’s greatness is a minority position today, at least it feels that way.  And it takes little, if any intelligence to understand making those of us who love our country a minority has always been part of a plan.  All one has to do is spend a day in any American public school to realize generations are being taught to hate their country, or at very minimum to see nothing unusual, much less great about it.

Where are this country’s defenders?  I don’t mean the clans of pundits and talking heads ensconced in Washington, or the legions of conservative talk radio hosts.  And I certainly don’t mean the majority of politicians, including Mitt Romney, those who have voice, but will not use it to say the things we believe in our hearts and need to hear from someone intending to lead.

We need a loud, unabashed patriot who wants to be president because he believes in the United States of America, not his personal destiny.  We need a patriot who will return our freedoms at the expense of his office’s power and the power of a government out of control.  We need someone who will use power to take power from the government of which he or she is the head.  We need someone so strong and dedicated he or she is immune to the influence of being a de facto monarch, one who sees himself as a true servant of the people in a war against their government and the leftist political philosophy that sustains it.  He or she must recognize and believe that our system has been perverted to the point of insanity where the very Constitutional contract we live under is meaningless, a country in which the government routinely and increasingly imposes laws on its people without their agreement, much less permission.

Where is that person, and why have we not raised him or her up to the level of notoriety he or she needs to lead?  It does not appear to be Mitt Romney.  His weak as water campaign lacks the fire with which the rest of us burn.  Get angry, Mr. Romney!  Damn you sir, get as angry as we are, or don’t you know how?  Have you never been angry in your life?  Have you never had the fire in your belly that demands you fight for something?  Or has it always been your case that the fight is merely a pacific progression from one business deal to the next?  May I remind you, this isn’t business, it’s politics, and the stakes are far higher than returning a company to profitability.

Certainly it’s the economy, but that’s not all we are worried over.  Rick Santorum was right, America is suffering from a moral decline that saps what strength we have left and forces us into an incurable position which inevitably ends in surrender to the disease.

It is because we’ve become weak with worry, and tired of fighting from the minority position.  And yet, all the hardest battles and greatest wars are fought and won by those in the minority position, but it takes guts and leadership, unfortunately it appears we have neither.

We are cowards waiting for someone else to fight our fight, to beat the greatest bully in the history of our country, progressive liberalism backed and supported by giant corporations and wealthy individuals who employ an army of automatons dedicated to destroying that which the rest of us believe in, but are too cowed and craven to defend.

This day there is a lesson to be learned.  From it we need to become as determined, dedicated and brave as those who created this country.  The lesson:  There is no one to defend us, no leader, no coordinated power, only us, and we’d better recognize that fact before our minority status becomes a death sentence without appeal.  We have a chance, but it is fading.  Though the enemy is large and powerful, he lacks spirit and morality, that’s where we have the advantage.

On this July 4th, if possible, it would be a very good idea for every parent to look their children in the eyes, then imagine what kind of world we are leaving them.  If not for the love of your country, then for the love of your children, stand up and be counted in this war for our nation.  We are at that point of pledging our lives, our fortunes and what sacred honor we have left.  Get to your family, friends and neighbors.  Bring them the message that they must become involved…not simply as voters, but as activists, candidates themselves.  Run for office yourself, but beware the trappings of power once you win, for if you succumb you will be no better than those you replace.  God bless America, and God save us too.


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