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Dear Peter,

Last month, the RNC launched the Growth & Opportunity Project (G.O.P) to grow the Republican Party and improve future campaigns. The project is chaired by five Republican leaders who will make critical recommendations on everything from our ground game and messaging to volunteer fundraising and mobilization.

The insight of dedicated volunteers and activists like you will be crucial to the project and to the Republican Party’s success in 2013 and beyond. So please, take a moment to explore our new website to learn about the project and take our quick survey to give us your input. We want to hear from you!

What do you think the Party must do better? Where do we go in the future? This is your chance to make your voice heard, and we are listening.

Thanks in advance for your input, and as always, thanks for all you do to grow our Party and strengthen our country.


Reince Priebus
Chairman, Republican National Committee


My response:


The repercussions from our November defeat are hardly being understood much less dissected and all we in the trenches hear and see is defeatism which may be justified given the present state of our party.

If you want to know why the Republican party is teetering on the brink of extinction, I will gladly tell you…no guts, at least the kind of guts we want to see.  To have guts means to take risks, but each and every election lately looks like tentative altar boys at their first mass.  But now you are in the best of all possible positions because, having lost pretty much everything, we have nothing to lose by being as strident and angry and forceful as the opposition.  I mean, we lost the country!  What else is there to lose?

This is not to say we can’t win it back, it’s to say we can’t win it back by doing the same things we did to lose it which is what we here in the hinterlands see you doing year after year.

We rank and file Republicans feel ignored, neglected and taken for granted…used and abused are more to the point.  The leadership never changes, the in crowd remains the in crowd with the result being losers run the party, losers occupy the seats in government, losers drive the left’s agenda forward while we on the right wring our hands and shake our fists at you bastards all the while knowing we are a mass of troops ready, willing and able to fight if you would just listen to us.  Stop leading!  You don’t know how.  Start listening and following us.  We’ll tell you where we want the country to go, and we will help elect those who will get it going in that direction.

It is genteel to preface criticism of a friend, associate or superior by saying, “With all due respect,” but I cannot in good conscience reference the Republican leadership with any such salutation.  Who has earned respect in our party?  I’m not blaming you personally, indeed, look at what you have to work with?  But Barack Obama should have been easy to beat.  How much more can be wrong with this country?  And the Republican party could not overcome him?  It’s hard to fathom.  Was it a better ground game?  Or was it the wrong candidate at the wrong time?  All we know is that we lost to a man whose opinion of this country was forged in a haze of marijuana smoke, a nose crammed full of cocaine in the arms of communist parents and grandparents and in the halls of the foulest, most liberal universities in the world.  We lost to him.  You’ve got to be kidding.

I could spend days writing to you about what’s wrong, but you’ve probably heard it all before.  Let me tell you how to get it right.  But before you ask yourself, “Who’s this guy?”, let me assure you I know from whence I speak.  I am the author of “Running: How To Design And Execute A Winning Political Campaign.”  The first words of the first chapter of my book are, “The object of a political campaign is to win.”  I think you people forgot that somewhere along the way.  Instead, what we got and get are candidates too afraid to speak their minds even when they know people are sick and tired of the same old same old perpetrated on us by “political consultants.”

None of you live right here in the world of tired and worried about our country’s future.  You live in the halls of political upism where big thoughts are thought and big plans are planned and where giant failures are created, nurtured and sent out to do what they were bred to do.  Not one of you thinks he or she is taking us all down with such massive failure.  But you’ll still hire those consultants and you’ll still beg us for our time and money during campaign season.  I think you can feel it in the air my friend, it’s different this time.  We’re tired of you, you’re hanging by a thread as far as we’re concerned.

I say you call a second Constitutional convention, something like a Vatican II (only not resulting in the destruction of the country as V-II did the Catholic Church).  The convention should be attended by regular people, not big shots, not politicians already in the 2016 campaign, but everyday people representative of their neighborhoods, counties and states.  At this Constitutional convention, their task will be to shape the Republican vision of the future WITHIN the constraints of the Constitution.  They will issue a manifesto of sorts, a radical document for its adherence to the Constitution, but one which lays down the law for the Federal government that if our representatives do not turn back the tide of overwhelming government influence, the people of America will take it back themselves by whatever means are available.  This document will form the platform for the Republican party from thence forward come what may.

Imagine the issues that can be brought up, discussed and decided.  Imagine how with one voice, the Republican party can state unequivocally through the convention that the Second Amendment is sacrosanct and the Republican people will defend it even if they have to violate the illegal Executive Orders coming out of a renegade White House.  Here we can say, “Enough!”  We Republicans are not just a political party any longer, we are a political force and we will disobey all laws edicts and regulations issued by a government we believe is working outside the purview of the Constitution or in direct violation of it.

Here the Republican party can say, “Everyone of every race, color and creed, as long as he or she holds conservative values, is welcome to the table.”  Here they can strongly reaffirm their dedication to life and here they can say, “If it comes down to it, we will take to the streets, but we are no longer going to stand by and allow our country to be taken from us or our pockets picked by an out-of-control liberal establishment.  We are the new revolution.”

You know why we lose?  Because we don’t like to get dirty.  Well, it’s a dirty world, and there is nothing dirtier than politics, but there’s nothing wrong with getting dirty for a noble cause.  This is our country and this is our cause, to set it right again.

If you want to save the Republican party, you must destroy its core.  Those old hacks, has-beens, blue-bloods and country elites are anathema.  We will no longer respond to them, I think that is clear to you now.  We need people, regular people and there are millions upon millions of us just waiting to be invited in…not as observers or servants to the elite, but as full partners.  If you don’t accomplish this, the party is doomed and a new party will arise to take its place.

I urge you to reference my web site: and listen to my speech to the Upstate (New York) Conservative Coalition on December 6th, 2012.  Just listen to the speech, and then listen to the reaction from the crowd.  It was about Upstate separation from Downstate, or independence from Downstate if you will.  It’s an old idea, but listen to the presentation and you will understand right away what I’m saying to you here.  People want a political war, but they want to win it and there are millions who will rally around the banner that brings them to battle and victory.  No nice guys ever made a difference in politics.  The opposition knows this, they practice politics as a blood sport.  Isn’t it about time we do the same?  We need to fight.

I await your reply, but I’m guessing this will go the way of all my correspondence to the Republican party and I will never hear from you which is precisely why you are doomed.  Surprise me and then maybe we can begin to make the changes necessary for the GOP to not only survive, but conquer.

Peter J. Fusco


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  1. editor says

    You could be right although I’m betting he didn’t even read that.

  2. Mark says

    Preibus stopped reading, at the end of the first paragraph.

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