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In today’s news there are two items of interest, not just two, but two which illustrate the state of our non-culture and the hypocrisy of racism.

A Tucson, Arizona police Lieutenant (her name is unimportant) was demoted recently for sending sexual photos and videos to a subordinate who then (big surprise) showed them to his colleagues, one or several of whom blabbed to their superiors, ergo the demotion.

This scenario is being played out all too often.  Either women are degenerating into beings without the brains of frogs or there is a new strain of congenital malady which makes them stupidly trusting.  It’s not naiveté, that would beg ignorance, but notice this doesn’t happen to streetwalkers (who apparently have the good sense and low morals to be paid for the same thing), it happens to female police lieutenants who are presumably intelligent enough to be aware that such fodder will ultimately be consumed by the public.

In a related matter, a group of Texas women are suing a website devoted to revenge on previous girlfriends.  They allege that private pictures and videos of a sexual nature which were done for the amusement of their then-boyfriend(s) are being posted on the site without their permission.

Whether women have the right to privacy once they provide their paramour du jour a cache of sexually explicit pictures and videos is not the issue here, the issue is stupidity.

On what planet are the only three lies:  “The check’s in the mail”; “I’ll only stick the h__d in”; and “I won’t ___ in your mouth.” not known to women?  To which we must add a fourth, “No one will see these but me.”  How dumb can a woman be?

But it may not be stupidity, it may be something far more sinister and sick.  Women, especially younger women and most especially young American women, are desperate for approval and fame.  They know the inevitable outcome, they must, it’s all over the place, but they do it anyway.  That’s either the definition of incredible stupidity or real insanity.

My personal theory is they feign indignation when the pictures and videos are made public, but they secretly love the attention.  There is another theory however, also mine:  In the previous age, most, if not all women were well aware of what a “past” might cost them in the future.  Admitting to several partners and at least some deviant sexual behavior immediately cancelled out the lawyer or doctor husband.  The refrain, “I’ve never done that before” would, perhaps unbeknownst to them, ring so hollow to savvy male ears it was as much as a guarantee she not only had done it before, but would be more than happy to do it again with you unless you were her target for marriage.  In that case, she was as much a virgin as good Queen Bess.

The point is, if women feel exploited by men taking their pictures and filming them performing like porn stars, don’t do it.  It’s that simple.  Any man who feels compelled to take photographs and videos of you performing sexual acts doesn’t love you, rest assured of that.  At minimum he doesn’t have much respect for you.  Women who believe they are doing for their man “out of love” are truly in trouble.  If there is a measure for levels of female self-esteem, allowing themselves to be used in such a fashion must be the lowest.  It’s either that or women are simply really that stupid.

As to the story regarding Michelle Obama’s posterior, Washington Post writer, Krissah Thompson considers any mention of MO’s bum size racist.  What a load, no pun intended.

A digression for purposes of illumination:  My eldest son is tall, dark, good looking and Italian-American.  From the time he was a baby, he had a nice round butt.  It was beautiful.  His mother and I used to laugh about it all the time because his little bum was so perfectly round and wonderfully formed.  As he grew, so did his butt, not out of proportion, to the contrary, in perfect proportion…as far as Italian-Americans would be concerned, and as I found later, as far as African-American girls were concerned.

An athlete, my son played lacrosse in high school and college.  Once, while attending a high school lacrosse game, I happened to be standing at the fence around the field next to three African-American girls.  Typical high schoolers, they were looking at and assessing the boys on the lacrosse teams.  I wasn’t paying much attention until one of them said, “Look at number two,” which happened to be my son’s number.

My interest piqued, I eavesdropped on the following conversation:

Girl 1: “I  see him in the halls all the time.  I think I know his sister.  He’s one of those Italian boys.”

Girl 2: “He’s fine.  I like Italian boys.”

Girl 3: “I don’t know what he is, but he ain’t got no white boy’s butt.  Do all Italian boys have butts like that?”

Girl 2: “I don’t know, but he’s fine.”

Then a great deal of girlish laughter all in admiration of my son’s behind which set me thinking.

Culturally it would appear as if black people put a great deal of importance on butts.  As in all art, the admirer is the judge of what is good and bad.  From that little snippet of real-time information I understood what I think to be true, black people find big butts not only attractive, but stimulating.  So what?  Nothing, okay, big deal.

So Michelle Obama has a big butt, what’s the problem?  Where’s the racism?  Is it now racist not to like big butts?  What if you don’t find silicone boobs the size of two Hindenburgs to be attractive, does that make you a misogynist pig?  And what if you say, “Michelle’s got a big butt, mmm, mmm, mmm!”  What does that make you?  It certainly doesn’t make you a racist, or does it?  I don’t know anymore.

It is a mystery to me what Krissah Thompson is, a white woman with a small butt, a black woman with a big butt, a white woman with a fat butt or a black woman with a big fat butt that apparently is perceived as quite beautiful by some people, but I’ll say this to Thompson, butts come in all shapes, sizes and colors, some are beautiful regardless, some so ugly they make you vomit in your mouth, and then there are some which just seem to be there, growing with age, but nice enough just the same.  So shut up about the racism, no one cares that much about MO’s butt except maybe BO.


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