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On the face of this one, like so many issues in the post 911 world, the inner workings of our psychology, especially the symbiosis of fear, hatred and self preservation quickly synthesize the practicality and justice of drone killing American citizens abroad identified as terrorists.  The question becomes, who identifies them as such?  What exactly is a terrorist?  Where is it in American law in statute or precedence which describes the process of leaving our shores and giving up our most fundamental rights when we do?

And yet, in violation of the most basic right, that of life, the policy of Barack Hussein Obama is to kill Americans.  This is not only unconstitutional, it is unconscionable, a threat to this nation worse than any we have ever known.  Under his policy, Obama himself should be the target of one of his own drone strikes for he is more a terrorist than ever was Osama Bin Laden.  Over the last four years we have seen this man, this aberration, this evil, despicable race-baiter crush the principles on which America has been built and he is not about to stop.  The comparison to Hitler is clearer now than ever before.  Distort, lie, prevaricate, make truth a function of media repetition then, when confronted, threaten and attack, kill the messenger, literally.  Hitler had Goebbels, Obama has the entire mainstream media complex and he is using it now to justify stripping Americans of their means of protection while committing murder overseas under the guise of protecting us from ourselves.

If it is legal to kill Americans without any regard to their rights under our Constitution, then the entire Constitution is null and void.  Pointing to his predecessor is no justification.  George Bush was equally out of line in retrospect, but at minimum, he was fighting a war with enemies who were yet in the shadows.  Citing Justice department opinion is also no reason.  Eric Holder of Fast and Furious fame is not credible, much less a judge.

The pill may be a bitter one, for we are, whether we like it or not, a vengeful people, and rightfully so in this regard, but never to the extent we foolishly award to an untrustworthy government headed by a megalomaniac the least bit of leeway when it comes to our freedoms.  The Constitution is the law of the land, ignoring its most basic tenets simply takes it out of our nation’s equation.  Without its protections, we are no better off than black slaves on an antebellum plantation.  While we may see the merit, justification, indeed the pragmatism of eradicating terrorists or potential terrorists by killing them from foreign skies, if they are American citizens it is not only a violation of our law, but murder, certainly a treasonous exercise.

If we needed a clearer picture of the hypocrisy on the left, we should consider ourselves blind over this matter.  And if there are Americans, regardless of their skin color, ethnicity or religion, who believe a government which actively pursues filicide can be trusted to be lawful and just regarding their own personal liberties, then they are dead already.  They will awake one morning, walk outside to greet the sunshine and be blown to pieces by a government which the night before arbitrarily identified them as a terrorist.

Drone killings may one day be a necessity on the field of battle against our enemies, but not today against Americans regardless of their political waywardness.  Do American terrorists deserve to be killed?  Absolutely, but if and only if they are hauled before an American court of law and afforded the American rights all Americans are guaranteed under the supreme law of the land.  Anything short of that negates the Constitution and sends us down the same historical path all outlaw nations go, to destruction.


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