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Fred Barnes and Bill Kristol have the solutions to what ails the nation as well as the Republican party and they want your input.  Problem is, in order to offer your two cents (which is all the value they put on your opinions), you have to meet them at the exclusive Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs, way up in the Rocky Mountains away from it all at a cost of anywhere from $2,199 if you’re alone, $3,499 if you’re not to $3,384 or $4,684 respectively if you want to be taken seriously plus the cost of your airfare, about $340 coach from NYC.  You will be wined and dined, at your own expense of course, but there is a consolation, you will sit through hours and hours of speeches delivered by not only Kristol and Barnes, but Terry Eastland, Stephen Hayes, Andrew Ferguson, Byron York, Michael Barone, Mark Tapscott and last, but not least, Charles Krauthammer.  Some of the names you will no doubt recognize, those you don’t work in various positions for the Weekly Standard, that venerable periodical which thinks of itself as the voice of rational conservatism, but is more or less Time Magazine in a suit.  While you’re there, these people will do what they’ve become known for doing, distorting conservatism in such a way anyone who lends them an ear and some credence will come away a card carrying moderate.

They represent all that is wrong with the Republican party and the entrenched elite “conservative” movement.  They are the bluest of bluebloods, the heirs to William F. Buckley’s legacy, one they have corrupted just as the descendants of English aristocracy corrupted their own lineage.  Who but the best off of us can afford to take the time and make the expense for a four day ear-bending, mind numbing cavalcade of the same old same old?  Why would you even if you could afford it?  The participants are the same people who have an unparalleled record for getting it wrong.  Wasn’t it Bill Kristol who helped Mitt Romney along during his campaign by calling him “arrogant and stupid”?  And isn’t this the same group, with perhaps the exception of Krauthammer who insist the way forward for conservatism is left?

The fact that Kristol and Barnes sponsor through their magazine enormously expensive cruises and resort escapes so as to “discuss” the most important issues facing the country is prima facie evidence of their distance from the realities the rest of us face, economically and politically.  There is no reason on earth why any thinking individual would spend time and money traipsing across the country to sit for days on end listening to them get it wrong yet again.  They are not only part of what’s wrong with conservatism and the Republican party today, they are the reasons.

If you’ve been reading the commentary on this site over the last couple of weeks you will note I received an email from RNC Chairman, Reince Preibus on January 24, 2013.  You may have received the same one calling on us, the rank and file to respond with our ideas under a new Republican initiative called the Growth Opportunity Project.  I did.  And you may also note I stated then I did not expect a reply and in fact have not received one.  Of all the letters and emails I’ve sent over the years to the Republican party, I’ve never once received a reply with the exception of boilerplate solicitations for money.

My suggestion to Mr. Preibus was prophetic in a way.  I wrote that it would be a tremendous boost to the party, its members and the country in general if he called for a Constitutional Convention to be held in some unlikely centrally located city where hotels were reasonable and the meeting hall a comfortable, but not extravagant place where average people, regular people, rank and file conservatives could reaffirm their faith in the United States Constitution; a convention at which we could express our dismay if not disgust with the Republican party as it exists while providing it with the tonic of fresh blood, committed people and new ideas based on fundamental conservative tenets.  Instead, and it isn’t Preibus’ fault as far as I can tell, but it is illustrative, we get an invitation from faux conservatives Kristol and Barnes to come to a posh place in the Rockies where the caviar and champagne presage deep discussion by intellectual mighties who just don’t get it.

Preibus, Barnes and especially Kristol are poster children for a third party.  No better time could there be than now to establish one.  They will try the old shibboleth on us, that a third party only enhances the opposition’s chances in every election, but that will no longer wash.  Clearly, the disaffection with the Republican elite by the Republican rank and file is massive.  In all politics, where the voters go, so do the politicians.  A third party, rooted in the Constitution and deeply held conservative values will lure millions upon millions of disaffected Republicans with the result the new party will be the second party in a new two party system.

The inevitability is inexorable for the realities are very clear.  Liberal Democrat voters send their people to Congress to do what those voters want, and they do, loudly, rudely, with lies and distortions, whatever gets the job and agenda done.  Republicans send their people to Congress to do their bidding, but instead of doing what the voters sent them there to do, they do what the liberal Democrats sent their representatives to do.  We sent Boehner and the boys to hold the line on any tax increases, they raised them.  We voted in several new representatives to cut spending, they spent more.  We told them to stymie Obamacare, it is the law of the land more than ever.  And now they are telling us we’re the ones at fault because we’re too conservative.

In what screwed up political world do we live when the very people we sent to office with the clearest of mandates now tell us what we sent them there to do is wrong and that we must get our heads right if they’re going to be effective on our behalves, that we’re the ones who have to change?

No, Messrs Kristol and Barnes, and no, Mr. Preibus, we will not be attending your soiree nor will we participate in the sham called the Growth Opportunity Project.  We will call our own convention and we will form a third party of the people, by the people and for the country, then finally, you may listen, but it will be too late.


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