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If we’d elected Mitt Romney, the budget deficit would be under serious study, we’d be looking for real solutions, both short and long term.  President Romney would be competently working hard at bringing the national debt under control as well, we would know this because he wouldn’t be on vacation golfing, he’d be in the Oval Office.

President Romney would have by now issued directives to open all federal lands where oil and gas deposits are accessible.  As a result of the pace with which private industry would be entering and exploring those fields, unemployment in every state where there is the remotest possibility of finding oil and gas would be falling, in some cases precipitously.  Ancillary and associated economic benefits would arise concomitantly and with them an explosion of enterprise creating wealth for peomitt romneyple at every level because they would at long last have work.  With the prospect of new oil entering the market on the immediate horizon, futures on the commodity would be falling followed by crude oil prices and the price at the pump.

If Mitt Romney was president Obamacare would be effectively stopped in its tracks by now.  Wanting legislation to fix the overall health care problem, President Romney would have delegitimized Obamacare by Executive Order making it an option, a very poor option for states on a temporary basis.  A President Romney would be encouraging and welcoming new legislation on the issue, but only after requiring in-depth study which took into account the private sector’s preeminent role and the prospects of cost relief for individuals and their families.  There would be no sleight of hand in the middle of the night which would produce a multi-thousand page document Americans would have to endure before knowing what they would have to endure.

By now, President Romney would not only have maintained the Bush era tax rates, he would be finding ways to further reduce the tax burden on all Americans at every level while simplifying the tax code, but requiring all people to have some share of the tax burden even if it is only a dollar.  In short, President Romney would be building an economy such that all citizens would become taxpayers, including the 49% who presently aren’t.

By this time, President Romney would have closed our borders, beefed up security and had several bipartisan meetings on immigration.  We would be looking at a rational approach to the problem while being secured from additional illegal immigrants flooding over our sovereign borders.

President Romney would be reducing the influence and size of federal bureaucracies such that a moratorium on new regulations would be authorized while a massive revisiting of old regulations was also underway.  His very first movement in that direction would have been the removal of all restrictions on the Keystone pipeline project, a symbolic gesture as well as a reasonable one signifying his agreement that the federal government has become too large and too intrusive.  President Romney would have then authorized the establishment of a commission to come up with a comprehensive plan of drastically reducing the number of federal departments, bureaus, agencies and personnel such that in his first four years, the federal government of the United States would be shrunk by 33% resulting in hundreds of billions of dollars in savings.

Were we smart enough to have elected Mitt Romney President of the United States, unemployment would be falling all over the country as businesspeople, those who create the jobs, became more confident in the prospect of profit rather than punishment.  People would be going back to work as jobs became more and more plentiful.  Wealth would begin returning to all Americans, not simply the favored few in liberal Democrat circles.

We would not be discussing sequestration if Mitt Romney had been elected, the problem would have been solved, not by jaw-jutting arrogance, but competent negotiating.

If we had elected Mitt Romney, an air of true civility would have blown through the White House, the first lady would not be telling us what to eat, but would be representing her husband as a graceful, dedicated wife and mother without an agenda of her own except to bring dignity back to the White House.

Finally, had we elected Mitt Romney President, Barack Hussein Obama would be little more than the bad dream he is, our long nightmare would be over.  But we didn’t elect Mitt Romney.


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