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PJFusco On The News Is a service of PJFusco & Company, political consultants.

We urge all visitors to consider participating in the American political process by running for elective office.  Start with a local election, and then, if the spirit moves you, and you have something to offer, run for higher office.  Just don’t make a career out of politics.  We’ve had enough of that.

To run and win, buy this book: Running: How To Design And Execute A Winning Political Campaign


With RUNNING, you will be able to answer the following questions: Should I run for office? How much money will I need? How do I raise the money? How do I use the Internet to raise money and run an effective cyber-campaign? How do I write that big speech? What talking points will be most effective, and how do I develop them? What media should I buy, and when should I buy it? When is it smart to go negative? How do I determine who is persuadable? How do I get my message to them? Should I spend any money on newspaper ads? How do I calculate the performance of a voting district? What do I wear to the big Bar-B-Q? Everything you need to know and understand, and so much more is in RUNNING. This is the book you need. It relegates all others to the “someday” pile. RUNNING is how you win, and RUNNING shows you how.

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