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Conservatives have nothing to fear.

How come Latinos and Hispanics look like me and are not considered white?

Pizza By Patriots – the program to give our veterans a shot at the American pie.


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I used to take the train from Albany, NY to New York City or from Albany, NY to my hometown of Utica and points west to do business or more often to see family and old friends. It was actually cheaper than taking the car and driving the Thruway. Plus, it was for most of the trip a pleasant ride through either the Hudson or Mohawk valleys.

Often, the train would slow down or come to a full stop in order to accommodate another train either passing or doing whatever it needed to do having priority over ours. One time, after an interminable pause, I asked the conductor what was going on. He said, “We have to wait for the freight trains.” I asked “Why?” He answered, “They own the tracks.”

Who knew? I was under the assumption I think most Americans are, that the tracks on which Amtrak travels are owned by Amtrak. On the contrary, it appears Amtrak owns only one stretch of track in the entire United States, the one from Boston to Washington, DC. They apparently pay to use all other tracks. The question then becomes, “Who owns those tracks and why are Democrats looking to the American taxpayer to upgrade what American taxpayers do not own?

According to the United Transportation Union quoting Bloomberg News, there are five corporations which own the vast majority of trains and trackage in the United States. They themselves are owned by equity firms the list of which reads like the usual corporate suspects:


Berkshire Hathaway        21.8%

Capital Research Global  5.6%

Barclays Global               3.3%

UBS Global                     3.0%

Vanguard Group             2.8%

State Street Corp.            2.7%

Fidelity Mgt.                   2.4%

Capital World Invest.      1.7%

JP Morgan Chase            1.2%

Barrow, Hanley               1.2%

Total                                45.7%


Citigroup                         5.4%

Barclays Global               4.7%

Children’s Invest. Fund  4.5%

3G Capital                       4.4%

Deutsche Bank                4.2%

State Street Corp.            3.6%

Vanguard Group             3.2%

Tiger Global                    1.9%

Bank of N.Y.                  1.6%

JP Morgan Chase            1.3%

Total                                34.8%


Neuberger Berman          6.2%

Wellington Mgt.              5.7%

Marathon Asset Mgt.      4.1%

Barclays Global               3.6%

Vanguard Group             3.0%

Keeley Asset Mgt.          2.8%

Bank of America             2.4%

Prudential                        1.9%

Munder Capital Mgt.      1.9%

AXA                               1.8%

Total                                33.4%

Norfolk Southern

Capital Research Global  5.0%

Marsico Capital Mgt.      4.8%

JP Morgan Chase            4.7%

Barclays Global               4.5%

State Street Corp.            3.2%

Vanguard Group             3.1%

Fidelity Mgt.                   2.7%

Pioneer Investment         1.3%

Dimensional Fund           1.3%

Capital World Invest.      1.1%

Total                                31.7%

Union Pacific

Marsico Capital Mgt.      6.6%

Children’s Invest. Fund  4.7%

Barclays Global               4.4%

Capital World Invest.      3.4%

State Street Corp.            3.2%

Vanguard Group             3.0%

AXA                               2.9%

Fidelity Mgt.                   2.5%

Bank of America             1.9%

Berkshire Hathaway        1.8%

Total                                34.4%

The question then becomes, why should American taxpayers pump billions into repair and replacement of infrastructure that doesn’t belong to them? Who actually will benefit from such public largesse? The answer is obvious.

It isn’t that PJFOTN begrudges private companies their right to profit or that we find Wall Street or any other legal business enterprises in the United States to be anything other than profit generating entities as is their right, but an inherent line exists over which it is immoral and unconscionable for those private entities to cross, and yet they’ve been crossing it for years with the same impunity illegals cross our borders.

If the very tracks on which Amtrak runs are owned by private entities, then it is with them Amtrak has issues like a tenant has with his landlord. But therein exists the rub. A simple axiom of business is that if a relationship or undertaking is not profitable, then it should not be advanced or if it is, should be abandoned. If the tenant pays so little rent it makes no difference to the landlord’s bottom line, then the tenant’s protestations about his living conditions fall on deaf ears.

There is another equally important axiom, doing business is never a matter of doing a favor for an unnecessary or unprofitable customer. Why then would any of the above rail companies do business with Amtrak except that it is federally subsidized and therefore marginally profitable to them or that they are statutorily forced to hold their nose and tolerate the interloper? The companies listed above would most likely abandon that hapless, feckless enterprise without missing a beat. In other words, remove the subsidies and Amtrak either sinks or swims on its own making an investment of tax dollars in private companies for infrastructure unnecessary. In other words, there is no guarantee billions of tax dollars in infrastructure improvement will make Amtrak any better, but it will certainly fill the coffers of private entities who should not get nor do they need publically funded upgrades and other improvements.

The call for infrastructure spending, actually additional infrastructure spending is merely another way of liberals/Democrats to gin up hopelessness on the backs of tragedies for the incredibly callous purpose of lining the pockets of their supporters thus keeping them in office since a great deal of that money will find its way into liberal/Democrat campaign funds. It is a scenario liberals/Democrats have used to their advantage with the complicity of the mass media time and time again.

But, lest we ignore the fact that Republicans are equally in the fold of using the government purse to exact political tribute, it is safe to assume, given the murmurs of GOP insiders on the hill that there may be some support for additional infrastructure spending, they will be playing the same game.

Here’s the thing, now that America has been made aware of the realities regarding who actually will be on the receiving end of these billions and billions of their dollars, they should rise up and demand an answer to this one very salient question: Where has the money we already put in for ongoing infrastructure maintenance and repair gone? More to the point, why aren’t the giant, private equity firms financing their own infrastructure maintenance and repair?

We are a nation of suckers, patsies, idiots and fools. We buy whatever the mainstream media sells us. Our schools are places of inculcation where our children are taught never to ask questions, but to take what they are spoon fed because the government knows best. If we should survive what the baby-boomer generation has done to this country, it will surely be a miracle, but miracles do happen.



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Being a Catholic has been the most difficult aspect of my life. Hard as it has always been, it has become impossible for me under Pope Francis. He is at the heart of the Roman Catholic Church’s problem, a secularist in the most spiritual position on earth. He reflects what the Church has become, a mirror image of a worldwide culture which eschews tradition to make itself relevant in a world become increasingly evil with every passing day. Instead of confronting that evil, the Church has either absorbed it or become its ally.

From the homosexuality that is rampant among the priesthood (witness the reports of homosexual orgies within the Vatican itself and the admission by Pope Francis that a “gay lobby” exists within the Curia)[1], to a pope who is more concerned with the falsehood of global warming and befriending terrorists than the spiritual health of his flock as the direct representative of Jesus Christ Himself.

The Church is sick, from the top down. There are pockets of genuine resistance and fundamental Catholic principle, many of them represented right here in the United States by several bishops in myriad dioceses across the land, but the Roman church, that is the Holy See is a European entity with the disintegrating values of that continent under the guise of keeping pace with a changing world.

I remember learning that the essence of the Catholic Church was that it did not change for purposes of keeping up with the times, that it existed as a monolithic tribute to the never changing message of Jesus Christ, that this world will pass away, but His words would not, that it is in our interests to recognize Jesus as the Savior, the Messiah and to put our trust and hope in Him alone in preparation for an afterlife in which we will either be elevated to the status one in the same with the Father or cast down as associates of the evil one. To paraphrase Jesus, the Church was created for man, not man for the Church. But it was created on a rock, that is, it must be never changing in its fundamental teachings as to what is good and what is evil, for the two never change.

What we Catholics are supposed to believe is not that the ways of the world impact our values such that we abandon our Catholic truths to a didactic which proclaims to show us a better way. But the present pope seems to have forgotten this. His invitation to homosexuals, while laudatory had he been calling them from their sin, is more or less a denial that homosexual activity is a sin at all. His labeling Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, a known supporter of terrorism, an “Angel of Peace” smacks of a political effort to reach some kind of rapprochement with Islam, an altogether cowardly capitulation especially in light of the mass murder of Christians by those animals all over the world.

There have been prophecies regarding the last pope, both Nostradamus and some say in the third message from the Blessed Virgin to the children of Fatima. If it is to be, let Pope Francis be the last for he has made it clear the Church, in his mind and perhaps soul is nothing more than a political vehicle structured such as to be one of the world’s political powers rather than its chief instrument of spirituality in the constant war against evil.

Instead of appeasing Islam, Francis should be fighting it. Instead of interjecting himself in the spurious science of climate change, he should be returning the Church to its once vaunted position as a beacon of spiritual and moral stability in a world sinking under secularism, socialism and immorality. This, though so distinctly warranted, is not what Francis will do however. He will remain the mass media’s darling, a Hollywood Pope destined to be accepted by the fringes of mankind where morality, decency, belief and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ are but issues for philosophical discussion which must necessarily devolve into matters of simple personal preference over which there is no moral authority, ergo a perversion of what free will actually is.

The end times may or may not be near. Christ told us such a determination is known by His Father alone and no one else, not even the Son. But Christ also told us to beware the signs of the times. And while He promised He would never leave our side and Catholics have been taught He meant the Holy Spirit would forever guide the Catholic Church, I am of a mind that reading the signs of the times, a warning from Christ Himself trumps the manifestation of men’s intentional failure to properly interpret Christ’s promise, regardless of their positions in the hierarchy and history of the Church.

If Francis is the last pope the world will suffer a cataclysmic vacuum of moral and religious authority and yet the Church incarnate in the word of Christ will survive for belief in the Lord is the Church.

Consider then the exhortation by Pope John Paul II at the instruction of the Blessed Virgin through the third and final message given to the children of Fatima as written by the last surviving member, Sister Lucia. The Blessed Mother called for a consecration of all humanity to her that through her intercession the Lord would again save humanity from itself:

“Immaculate Heart! Help us to conquer the menace of evil, which so easily takes root in the hearts of the people of today, and whose immeasurable effects already weigh down upon our modern world and seem to block the paths towards the future!

From famine and war, deliver us.

From nuclear war, from incalculable self-destruction, from every kind of war, deliver us.

From sins against the life of man from its very beginning, deliver us.

From hatred and from the demeaning of the dignity of the children of God, deliver us.

From every kind of injustice in the life of society, both national and international, deliver us.

From readiness to trample on the commandments of God, deliver us.

From attempts to stifle in human hearts the very truth of God, deliver us.

From the loss of awareness of good and evil, deliver us.

From sins against the Holy Spirit, deliver us, deliver us.

Accept, O Mother of Christ, this cry laden with the sufferings of all individual human beings, laden with the sufferings of whole societies.

Help us with the power of the Holy Spirit to conquer all sin: individual sin and the ‘sin of the world’, sin in all its manifestations.

Let there be revealed, once more, in the history of the world the infinite saving power of the Redemption: the power of merciful Love! May it put a stop to evil! May it transform consciences! May your Immaculate Heart reveal for all the light of Hope! (italics and all other enhancements sic)

Sister Lucia personally confirmed that this solemn and universal act of consecration corresponded to what Our Lady wished (‘Sim, està feita, tal como Nossa Senhora a pediu, desde o dia 25 de Março de 1984’: ‘Yes it has been done just as Our Lady asked, on 25 March 1984’: Letter of 8 November 1989). Hence any further discussion or request is without basis.”[2]

Therefore, I am no longer a Catholic under the auspices of Rome as the Church exists today though I remain a Roman Catholic in my heart and soul in keeping with the tradition of my forefathers and the beliefs I have grown to trust throughout my life if not wholly obeyed. I suggest all Roman Catholics begin to see what is happening to our Church. You need do nothing more than look at it. Structured as a tyranny, it can no longer be trusted to act as the fountainhead of spiritual fulfillment for it has become as corrupt as the culture from which it presently takes its life and breath.

If we Catholics want a return to Godliness within a framework of traditional and undeniable truths, we must take back our faith as surely as we Americans we must take back our country.





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If you haven’t heard of Saida Grundy it’s because you live in a comfortable bubble somewhere which disallows your participation in the events of the day however seemingly insignificant they may seem to you.

Ms. Grundy is a newly appointed “professor” at Boston University. She is young, very pretty, has a wonderful smile and is probably intelligent in her own way. Oh, and by the way, she’s black with an enormous chip on her shoulder which reads, “I hate white people, especially white men”.

Ms. Grundy’s hatred for white men specifically manifested itself, as so many deep rooted hatreds do in the age of social media, in a series of tweets she posted either just before her appointment or just after, it saida grundymakes no difference really. One particularly interesting tweet, apparently in response to the phony, totally debunked “there is an epidemic of white males raping women on college campuses” myth, as reported by FOX News states, “’white masculinity is THE problem for america’s (sic) colleges,’ that white men are a ‘problem population,’ and that ‘Every MLK week I commit myself to not spending a dime in white-owned businesses. and (sic) every year i (sic) find it nearly impossible.’”

This coming from a teacher who will be “educating” white and black males and females in the coming months and years.

It isn’t surprising that yet another “educational institution” is hiring yet another hate-filled liberal to teach our kids. It’s the hypocrisy of the policy of these institutions that they “encourage” diverse points of view and open conversation on all subjects except those which may offend liberals and minorities. All we need to prove the point is a slight change in the wording of Ms. Grundy’s statements: “there is an epidemic of black males raping women on college campuses…black masculinity is THE problem for america’s (sic) colleges…black men are a ‘problem population,’” and “Every MLK week I commit myself to not spending a dime in black-owned businesses.”

Pointing out the hypocrisy is an exercise in boredom especially as an exhortation to action. A black person condemning white people isn’t news. It’s not like people will read this or any other statement underscoring the rank hypocrisy among blacks and liberals regarding white people then stand up and say, “I didn’t know this! I’m outraged!”

We all know it and there are many of us, a growing number in fact, who are becoming more fed up with the whole thing every day.

But let’s take the race out of Ms. Grundy’s complaint. Let’s view it from the vantage of a woman scorned. Instead of “white males”, let’s say, “white males with whom I’ve been involved intimately”. Let us suppose Ms. Grundy is just like any other woman who, whether they admit it or not, become sad, depressed and most of all angry when a man disappoints them in any way, especially when it comes to ending what to a point was a fairytale romance she thought was going somewhere. Then Ms. Grundy’s complaints would at least be understandable from a sympathetic point of view if not an empathetic one from her sisters in the same position.

An astute observer of women and their habits would conclude she’s been burned by men in the past, perhaps even jilted. One suspects her tirades against white men indicate a particular revulsion since a relationship with one gone bad may be the genesis of her hatred toward all.

She may even believe she was the victim of a rape perpetrated by a white man on her college campus wherever that was when it was in fact a one-night stand she felt guilty about once it was over. Then again, she could be a lesbian and a confirmed misandrist, a black lesbian misandrist who simply hates white men.

What monumental anger must go into making comments like hers, what hatred, what hostility…what fun. Is there anything more fun than engaging a woman who wants desperately to reinvent a past love affair with a new man, but not just any man, a white man? Yes, a London pub tour is way more fun. But, in lieu of a pub tour, the fun value of repartee with such a woman as Ms. Grundy could be high if it went something like this:

“Aren’t you Saida Grundy of hate white men fame?”

“Why yes, I am, and who are you white boy?”

“Oh, no one, just a curious white heterosexual of Italian extraction who has seen past your color and anger and would very much like to bed you.

“Why you disgusting, perverted cracker! How dare you…uh, do you mean it?”

“Yes, I do, and I’ll even spring for dinner beforehand. How’s that?”

“Well, I do declare white boy, I think I’d like that.”

“Will it change your mind about white men?”

“I won’t know until after dinner, will I?”

And there you have it, the reason why Ms. Grundy hates white men, because no white man has asked her out or made a carnal offer since her last disaster with that other white man.

See, Ms. Grundy doesn’t really understand white men, or any other men for that matter. White, black, purple, green or chartreuse, we don’t care about color when we’re on the hunt. All we care about is will she or won’t she? It’s simple Ms. Grundy, get with the program. You don’t have to hate us, you don’t even have to like us, just go to bed with us and everyone’s happy including you.


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Note with interest Dr. Ben Carson’s statement to the black people of Baltimore yesterday, April 28, 2015, “I urge parents, grandparents and guardians to please take control of your children and do not allow them to be exposed to the dangers of uncontrolled agitators on the streets.”

Dr. Carson’s words would be well heeded if there were any responsible parents, grandparents and guardians. Lest he missed the media coverage, it appeared, with one exception, parents, grandparents and guardians were among those rioting.

Without saying it, perhaps because it was so obvious, Dr. Carson was addressing black people and black people only. That conclusion is based on nothing short of overwhelming evidence that 99.9% of the violence, looting and chaos in Baltimore has been perpetrated by black people. We know because we’ve all been watching it on television.

In 2009, just after his confirmation, Attorney General Eric Holder said in a speech before the Justice Department, “Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial we have always been and continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards…”

His was not a comment made by a contemplative man seeking solutions to the racial divide. His was a statement of an angry and frustrated black man striking out at the white population for its failure to fully capitulate to the idea that black people must be compensated somehow for their past slavery and their seemingly stunted economic and social evolution as part of American society. What Holder and most, if not all black leaders in the country fail to address is the fact that virtually every other ethnic and racial group has found a way to assimilate in less than a tenth of the time blacks have been on American soil.

The conversation Holder, Obama and others want is not going to happen because its outcome will not be what Holder and company want. It surely won’t happen as a result of what we have seen in Ferguson and Baltimore. The conversation, were it had and if it were entirely honest would be laced with vitriol. Blacks would complain they are oppressed by whites, whites would complain they’ve been more than generous, carrying blacks for fifty plus years without a scintilla of gratitude much less the slightest improvement in the black situation.

The “conversation” would quickly devolve into scorching rhetoric and violent recrimination because there is anger out there, deep-rooted and inexorable, a boiling, seething cauldron of hatred that grows every day, one that will explode as surely as Yosemite’s great volcano.

The truth is, much of the population is all for a racial commitment one to the other, but an equal if not larger number are convinced such accommodation is impossible to achieve. They believe we’ve tried for long enough, it’s over. There are those who are girding for a massive confrontation. It has been coming for over 150 years or more and it is almost here. The concept of minority rights under majority rule is about to be torn asunder because it has morphed into an unnatural state of affairs where the minority oppresses the majority.

In confirmation of that observation, the Supreme Court is now deciding on whether or not states have a constitutional obligation to recognize same sex marriages. Fox News is reporting that a variety of Christian leaders have bluntly “warned, ‘We will not obey’” should the Court decide states must comply. The warning represents the tip of the largest iceberg ever to have floated into American political and social waters for it really states, “We have had enough!”

The same applies to race relations in the United States. The country is at a tipping point when race is not so much the issue as is civil order. Lawlessness will not be tolerated any longer. While black people riot in the streets, the rest of society will finally stand up and say, “Enough!” White people especially will begin to demand the police enforce the laws of the land even if it requires a measure of force unlike any we’ve seen since the early days of the Civil Rights movement. It will be different this time however. Whereas in the past, reasonable people understood the black perspective. They were treated like second class citizens. They were forced to live under laws which separated them from the body politic and put them into corners of isolation and abject poverty without any hope of ever coming out. That is no longer the case. After fifty years and trillions of dollars, black people have not been helped out, they’ve been allowed to stay in, content to live like animals on a government stipend rather than taking advantage of special opportunities offered to them, opportunities from which the rest of society has been barred. From Affirmative Action to special hiring practices, quotas and the like, after all this, black America is still mired in ignorance and poverty. The mantra that it is whitey’s fault rings hollow to all but the most uninformed.

The question arises, why now? Why is the backlash coming now instead of years ago or in the future? The answer is a simple one, economics. CNBC’s Rick Santelli, the father of the Tea Party movement, announced today that the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) has risen only .2% in the first quarter of 2015 reflecting not just a disturbing and persistent economic anemia, but for all intents and purposes economic stagnation. This means working people are living paycheck to paycheck more now than at any time in the past save perhaps for the Great Depression. Moreover, with over 93,000,000 able-bodied people out of the workforce entirely, an unemployment rate among black males of 10.4% (according to the Labor Department which has notoriously skewed all unemployment statistics to reflect a better than reality scenario for the Obama administration’s benefit) and a public education system in total disarray, hope for a better American future for blacks, whites and everyone else is dim.

What this means is that white America, busy trying to feed, house and clothe its own is sick and tired of catering to a black America that apparently won’t help itself even as it demands the rest of society care for it more than ever before.

Dr. Carson is the ideal of a man, regardless of his race, who has come from nothing to be something. But his experience is an anomaly, one that has become extremely rare. The more rare such experiences are, the more hopeless black America’s future. But hope for the black community will no longer come at the end of a spear.

Human nature dictates that when one’s family, home and community are threatened to such a degree, the backlash is swift, violent and overwhelming. If it means the tearing apart of the country itself, white America will make it happen if only to survive. The instinct for survival is the strongest in every species, not the least being mankind whose cunning and violent nature will show itself when threatened.

Some time ago, I began writing a novel entitled, “CW II” about a coming second Civil War. The opening lines of the story are a conversation between two men who recognize society has reached critical mass in terms of race relations. The one says to the other, “Well, it’s going to be easy to know who the enemy is.”

And that is what it all comes down to, societal devolution such that one side makes war on the other until the defeated are crushed and brought to heel or eradicated. In human history, genocide is not unknown much less rare. Often it is as a result of pricking the beast once too often. Read the history of first century Jews and the Roman Empire for a sense of what is to come.


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Peter tells it like it is relative to the Baltimore riots, race relations and the possibility of a coming civil war.

The problem with cops.

Hillary Clinton’s amazing refusal to deal with reality: bumper stickers while Baltimore burns.

The Eight-Block Rule for your summer reading.


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I like Glenn Beck and company, let’s get that out of the way. The show is at times hilarious, and Lord knows we could use a few laughs today. But his website, The Blaze? It sucks Barge Canal water. It is absolutely the worst site I have ever encountered for navigating.

My Internet connection is pretty good, but when I’m hooked into The Blaze it acts like a kid with ADD (a myth, but a pretty good metaphor nonetheless). There are so many popups and distractions navigating is like being in New York City traffic at rush hour. Go, stop, go, stop. Try scrolling to get to a video on that abomination, it’s so frustrating you will give up and go elsewhere I am sure. It’s like aiming at a moving target. Absolutely terrible. It’s a shame too since there are several stories, albeit many severely dated, of real interest. But who wants to go duck hunting when trying to read the news?

Several times in the past I’ve written to the webmaster, Stu and Glenn himself about the site and other matters. Once I received a post card about six months later that informed me Glenn gets a lot of email and can’t respond to every one which begs the question, to which ones does he respond? I can’t be the only one experiencing the trauma of sallying forth into the Beck world of a site gone wild.

Conclusion: Stay away from unless you want to subject yourself to the possibility of seizure from the blitz of ads and the experience of trying to make your cursor do what you want.


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The Hillary debacle.

Pizza By Patriots


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Peter discusses everything.


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