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Jack Welch, the erstwhile CEO of General Electric and one of the finest business minds in the world appeared on Fox News’ Your World with Neil Cavuto yesterday (November 5, 2014). He and Cavuto discussed the election and Obama’s response given just before Cavuto’s show in a rambling seventy-three minute press conference. Cavuto wanted to know, in the context of a necessary give and take between the newly elected Republican Legislature and the Democrat Executive, how Welch would approach solving the nation’s problems. He stated emphatically his successes as a businessman and negotiator were based on his knowledge of learning, cultivating and honing his ability to “get inside [the other guy’s] head”.

Understandably, both Cavuto and Welch were assuming that particular skill was only effective if one is trying to get inside a sane person’s head. Obviously it wouldn’t have helped Neville Chamberlain to get inside Adolf Hitler’s head, then again, maybe he did and decided it was no place he wanted to be, so grab whatever was offered and get the hell out of there as quickly as possible.

The same applies to getting into Barack Obama’s head. If Mitch McConnell or any other Republican is under the impression they can get inside Obama’s head in order to come to terms with him on any of the problems facing America, they are sadly mistaken and in for a very rude awakening. Obama’s head is nowhere for any reasonable person to be. His head, heart and soul are filled with hatred. There is no reasoning with such a man.

There is a madness in there, it manifested itself during the press conference. Clearly, someone who in the aftermath of such a political bloodbath acts as if nothing went wrong conjures images of Hitler in his bunker at the very end. But Obama is still with us and his mad recklessness is possibly about to become the stuff of history.

A first year grad student in psychology could see it. Obama struggled to mask the seething disdain he has for his victorious enemies, a disdain framed in hatred, for him the two are synonymous. He is angry to the point of total disregard for anyone and anything. He is a man out of control, spiraling downward from the headiness of pillars and pyrotechnics. He feels maligned and betrayed and he’s going to get his revenge no matter what it takes.

What Barack Obama said and did at the press conference should not be misinterpreted thus misunderstood by anyone, especially not his fellow Democrats. He as much as said he will violate the law when it comes to amnesty for illegal immigrants, he will stonewall any effort to compromise with the Republicans on important issues facing the country and he will do so with absolute scorn for his legacy (something he cares nothing about), the future of his party and the country as a whole. He is seething, not just over the monumental Republican victory, but over what he considers the Democrats’ betrayal. He also hates the people of America who so decisively turned on him and everything he stands for. In other words, Barack Obama hates everything and everyone right now. Like an out of control delinquent he will pout for the next two years while purposely causing as much damage as possible just to show everyone he can and he doesn’t care who gets hurt or who he takes down with him.

But Barack Obama is and always will be just one person, albeit someone whose total self-absorption will make enemies out of his friends as surely as his wife did school children. In the end, even the most indulgent parents can get fed up with their errant child. Yet, though all the signs are there and Barack Obama knows he’s pushing the limits of the country’s patience, he’s going to do what he wants, the country be damned.

With reckless disregard for all legal and ethical constraints, Barack Obama is going to spend the next two years in the face of Republicans. He’s going to challenge them, goad them, dare them to come after him. He is going to spit in their eyes, get back at them in every way possible and in the process he may bring Democrats and perhaps the country down with him.

But before he goes too far, the enemies he creates in his own party will, for the sole purpose of self-preservation, turn on him with a vengeance. Before the Republicans get up the nerve, Democrats will call for Barack Obama’s impeachment. They will have to or suffer extinction. He will never resign, he is too far gone to do something so reasonable, so he will be impeached, tried and convicted becoming not only the first black president, but the first to be forced out of office through the impeachment process. Historical presidency indeed.

The country will be shell-shocked, but at least the Democrat party will survive. The last vestiges of American liberalism will wither and die however, a discredited, evil and pernicious philosophy carved out of Democrat ranks like a cancerous tumor. Joe Biden will be president, but he will be sufficiently chastened and frightened enough to fill out the remaining term then go into seclusion for the rest of his natural life. Hillary will once again be relegated to yesterday, a perennial loser always caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Democrats will have to do the kind of soul-searching only a near-death experience can force upon human beings. In order to survive, they will reassess their very reason for existence, ultimately abandoning a playbook based on division, wrapping themselves in a more rational philosophy.

Think this scenario is insane? Perhaps, but history is replete with insane scenarios and as everyone knows, insanity and history have a way of repeating themselves together.



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Lest the Republicans get away from themselves and begin thinking what we voted for was reconciliation between the parties, let us put you straight. We voted for war, not appeasement. We voted for a fight, not a cuddly kumbaya between the Congress of the United States and the President or between Republicans and Democrats. We want specific things and we want them now, not two or three years from now. We do not want to hear that there’s nothing you can do about anything because Barack Obama is standing in the way. If he is in the way, you must bring him to heel. Impeach him or starve him out. Dry up his funds. Do whatever is in the majority party’s power to stop the Executive branch of government from encroaching on not only the people’s rights, but the Congress’ constitutional authorities and responsibilities. How much damage can our nation sustain before it collapses by the hand of its own leaders? And if you can’t fulfill your Constitutional responsibilities, we’ll fire you and find people who will. No excuses.

The lesson every politician should take from yesterday’s election is a simple one: Americans will tolerate just so much. Our limits have been reached.

Think of it this way, you’ve been given a chance, one chance only, not to do what you think is right, but what we tell you to do. You are indeed our servants. You work at our pleasure or tolerance in many cases.

Therefore, here are your marching orders:

1.) Reduce the size and scope of government to a non-intrusive, manageable level. That is, start cutting departments and bureaus whose only reason for existence has evolved into making life miserable for the people of this country. You can begin with the IRS and EPA. We want a radically smaller government and you can start with those two Gestapoesque organizations.

2.) Immediately, and we are not talking tomorrow, we’re talking yesterday, secure our borders. Shut them down completely. And when the issue of immigration reform is brought up, we do not want you to define it as amnesty. Immigration reform must be synonymous with protecting our borders and limiting the number and national origin of immigrants to people who want to come here to be Americans, not simply expatriates from some third-world hellhole with inbred hatred for America and our institutions.

3.) Lower our taxes, especially corporate taxes and return our right to involve ourselves in enterprise, that is business, trade, profit, whatever it is we the people decide to do for ourselves to economically enrich our lives. The government was never intended to hamper our economic abilities, it was designed to stay the hell out of our affairs while we legitimately conduct them.

4.) Rein in the EPA or shut it down and return the responsibility of protecting the environment to the individual states. Using the dismantling of the EPA as a model, begin the wholesale shutting down of all overreaching and unnecessary departments, agencies and bureaus. Begin by removing the enormous powers administrative agencies have self-accrued over the years while you or your predecessors sat in silence or busied yourselves at cocktail parties.

5.) Start defending our right to display and practice our faiths whenever and wherever we please. Legislatively redefine the meaning of Church-State separation to reflect the original intention of the Founders that there be no state sponsored religion not no religion whatsoever. And while you’re at it, address the problem that is Islam. Do not allow political correctness to define it as a religion if at its core it is a terrorist organization masked as one.

6.) Do away with every regulation affecting the discovery and exploitation of fuel sources, especially coal. Put coal miners back to work and encourage fracking as well as other technologies to bring the cost of energy down commensurately such that it effectively raises wages for everyone as the price of energy comes down.

7.) Restore whatever funds have been taken away from our military through sequestration or by the Executive branch’s misguidedness. National defense is not just the president’s number one job, it’s yours as well, it cannot be accomplished by stripping the very manifestation of it to the bone.

8.) Obliterate Obamacare for the total failure it is. Open the health care system to private enterprise. Let the private sector come up with solutions to problems with the health care industry and its delivery systems. Competition will drive the costs down at the same time as raising the level of health care for all. It isn’t a mystery, nor is it as complex as we’ve been told. History is replete with examples of how private enterprise solves problems when allowed to solve them.

9.) Get out of our schools. Leave the education of our children to us. Encourage the rise of private schools through some form of voucher system to begin with and then force the public school systems in this country to compete with them. And by the way, get the hell out of our school cafeterias.

10.) There’s more, a great deal more, but in its essence, our charge to you is: LEAVE US ALONE!


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The importance of civil disobedience cannot be overstated. Consider the separation of church and state. The state, through the courts through actions brought by a minority group of faith haters, orders the people to remove religion, actually their faith, from all public view regardless of whether the people want to or not. The most amazing thing is the people lay down for such orders. They accept the state’s commands without putting up so much as an argument.

What is it about contemporary Americans that we allow ourselves to live under a system that commands us to do that which we do not want to do? It is understandable and agreed upon when society allows its government to command people not to murder, rape, steal etc. But when the state commands people to refrain from acting in a perfectly lawful way, the state needs to be defied.

Civil disobedience in this country dates back to its founding. In better days, an infringement on our most fundamental freedoms would have been a call to wage war against the entity stealing them from us, precisely what our forbears did during the Revolution. Civil disobedience is the beginning salvo in what may become a war, but sometimes it is the only way to take back the freedoms we’ve lost, or in this case, allowed to be taken from us.

This issue becomes all the more important when studied in the context of singular events such as the baptism of high school football players following practice right on the field. According to Billy Hallowell writing in The Blaze, Glenn Beck’s news site, the coach of a Russelville, Alabama high school “allowed players to be baptized on the field following a practice session earlier this month.” Then a “concerned citizen”, apparently enraged over so egregious a violation of his civil rights if not his sense of decencyfired off a letter to the school district’s administrators claiming the activity was “unconstitutional”. By the way, the citizen was not only concerned, he or she is a card carrying member of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, an unabashed atheist group, in other words a faith hater.

The details are unimportant beyond the fact school district Superintendent Rex Mayfield tried defusing the issue by citing the atheist group’s inaccurate claim the football team has an official chaplain.

The point of the above is not that the Freedom From Religion Foundation is complaining and perhaps threatening to launch a lawsuit, it’s that the school district, presumably made up of people who send their children to the schools in the district and aren’t complaining about what goes on after football practice, is forced to comply with the atheists’ demands or else. Question then becomes, “Or else what?”

How about, “We’re going to continue baptizing our kids on the football field. We’re going to say prayers before, during and after every practice and game right on our field that we paid for with our taxes. We’re going to honor God because it’s our right and we’re going to disobey any and all orders coming from the state to the contrary.”

There’s a great video on YouTube of Dire Straits at Wembley Stadium performing “Walk Of Life” at the beginning of which Mark Knoplfer tells the audience that while Wembley does not allow them to stand up during the performance, “If you all do it there’s nothing they can do about it.” They did and Knopfler was right, the authorities did nothing because there was nothing they could do about it. In unity, there is strength.


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In the annals of history, no threat to the world has existed like that posed by Islam. Not politically correct “radical Islam”, but Islam itself. There is no way of reading the Koran that can possibly escape the root of the belief for it isn’t a religion, nor is it a faith, it is a cult of murder, a belief system which feeds off a lust for blood under the most blasphemous aegis, it serves God.

Yet also in the annals of history we find when a threat of such magnitude arises and becomes intolerable, even the most complacent realize it is time to act. That time has come. Muslims around the world should be more frightened of us than we are of them for the signs of the times are compelling for their troublesome. No one is any longer under the impression that Islam is “peaceful”. If it were, the vast majority of the over one billion adherents would be up in arms against those who have used it to wage war against the rest of humanity. They haven’t, and like most, if not all oppressions, the oppressed are coming to terms with the need to fight back.

Matthew 24:6 states, “And you shall hear of wars and rumours (sic – Douay-Rheims) of wars. See that ye be not troubled. For these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.” What the Lord did not say is that those wars and rumors of wars were to be ignored, only that they must happen before the end of times is upon us. So it is we must face up to the fact that while the end of times may not be upon us, war, its harbinger is. We can either fight the good fight or become part of the worldwide caliphate. There are no other choices.

One cannot reason with Muslims, it is not in their belief system to be reasoned with since reason may sway them from the path of Islam. We are talking belief here, not political philosophy. There is some form of reason which can be debated behind every political philosophy. There is no reason in any religion, irrespective of whether it is a real religion or it is perceived to be. You cannot talk to people who are doing what they believe God wants them to do. You cannot say, “Abandon your designs, there is a better way.” Their answer would necessarily be, “To what?”

No one on earth can offer Muslims a better anything. To them, as to the rest of humanity who believe in a life after death, there is no reward in this life that is better than the one promised in the next. To stop these people from believing in what they’ve been taught is impossible, but to kill them in sufficient numbers that their belief system is seen as one that offers them and their families nothing but death in this world is not only a surefire deterrent to their present activities, but a means of reducing them to insignificance for the benefit of mankind.

The choices before us are very clear, none of them good. Any attempt at containing the threat of Islam is fantasy which fits precisely in Barack Obama’s world view. Expect nothing from him in that regard. But there is more to his view than mere fantasy. It should be considered that in his most formative years, he was being brought up with Muslims. They were his closest boyhood friends in Indonesia. It does not take a child psychologist to understand that the character and mentality of a boy is firmly established by the time he is a teenager. By then he is who he will always be. Barack Obama may be a Christian in name, but in reality he is areligious, he is nothing. In truth, Barack Obama is sympathetic to Muslims, he cannot help himself, it is part of his psyche, part of his character and a part of the thought process developed in his formative years and carried forward to adulthood like every other male in the world.

All this seeks to explain what we have before us, a threat of such magnitude world war is absolutely inevitable, a collective fear on the side of non-Muslims that they are the targets of unspeakable violence with only one alternative, believe or die, a weak and sympathetic President and a detached, dumbed-down America awash in a Kardashian cesspool. How is it out of this we will not only survive, but defeat Islam? Look at your history, the most successful uprisings, rebellions and revolutions come at the tip of the sword or the barrel of a gun. When people are pushed to their limits, they inevitably react violently. It is the way of mankind, it is the way of human survival, there is nothing more strong among all living species. Call it spirit or soul, we’ve surely been endowed by our Creator with the urge to live. It transcends all else, even faith.

Islam may appear to be on the march, but they will find, sooner or later, that the rest of the world will take just so much before the backlash begins. It will come swiftly, harshly, more violently and lethally than anything Islam can imagine. Why will it be so? It is in the nature of mankind to overreact when his life is threatened. More than violence for violence, mankind’s instinct is to eradicate the threat. As in all such conflicts, the objective becomes simple and clear, kill them before they kill you, kill them all. The irrational becomes rational, killing them all does away with the problem for good.

Were I an Imam, I would put down my Koran and begin reading my history. Upon doing so, I would be fearful. Islam is bringing about its own destruction, it is inevitable. Millions of Muslims, the vast majority innocent of any crime against humanity, will be slaughtered in the upcoming war. Islam will disappear from the earth as surely as the Aztecs and Mayans. When humanity has had enough of one part of itself, it does what no other species is capable of doing, it culls the herd purposely. That is Islam’s future and Muslims are inexorably moving forward into it.


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We would love for you to watch our YouTube videos on making pizza, pasta and bread using our Fusco Imports’ Peter’s Three Blend Flours.  Never fancy, just excellent.

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My grandfather, Raphael Fusco came to America in the great wave at the turn of the 19th century.  Like millions before and millions after him, he came to the United States for the opportunity to break the cycle of misery hundreds if not thousands of years of European culture had imposed.  He did not come to get rich. He did not come to use the facilities of government or to arm himself with America’s freedoms so he could tout a religious or political philosophy that would have not been tolerated back home.  He came for a better life and once here, he became a lover of America for he knew instinctively that no place on all Earth could be more conducive to a life well lived as a result of hard work.

In the America of his time, what you worked for belonged to you.  And though that may not be the case in this America, it is still the greatest country in the world for people who desire to plug in, work hard and earn…at any time, at any age.

There is no need to go into the details, but suffice it to say at this stage of my life I never imagined starting another business, but the vision of my grandfather, father and family in general never letting anything, much less age get in the way of pursuing a dream has been a bulwark and an inspiration.

My grandfather started a restaurant in Binghamton, New York at a time when the twenties were roaring and life in America looked invulnerable to any downside influences.  But even as the Depression hit and ground itself into our fabric, he muscled through it providing the people of Binghamton and surrounding areas with wholesome and delicious Italian food (and drink) at an affordable price.  Other restaurants may have suffered, but Fusco’s never did.  Pa, as he was known to us all, not only survived, but thrived and with his money he sent two of his six children to college, something unheard of at the time.

Over the years he hired itinerant chefs who’d come off the boat and found their way to Binghamton.  Ralph (his American name of which he was extremely proud) would give these people jobs at the restaurant.  Some waited tables, then began to cook.  Some were so good at cooking they became chefs in the manner of the time.  But as soon as they earned enough to move on, they did, sometimes leaving my grandfather without popular dishes only they could prepare.  No one used recipes in that day, they didn’t have to, it was all upstairs.  Had you asked how much of an ingredient they put into a particular recipe, they would answer with a cupped palm or a broken-English instruction which amounted to “a little bit of this and some of that”.

My father, Michael C. Fusco, recognizing that inconsistency at a restaurant is never a good thing, decided to codify every recipe.  He would come home on weekends from Ithaca pasta labelCollege, go to the restaurant ostensibly to work, but instead he’d take a notebook and query the various cooks about what they were doing, scrupulously and meticulously writing down the recipes, the amounts of ingredients etc. until he compiled over 500, some good, some not so, some truly great.  Many of these are contained in the cookbook, “My Father’s Book Of Southern Italian Peasant Food“.

But it is with the same attention to the details of la cucina Italiano that Fusco Imports, Inc. has begun.  First, by offering consumers the magnificent cookbook, but even more than that, offering people the ingredients and implements the Fusco family has taken three generations to develop including three proprietary flour blends for exquisite results when making homemade pasta, pizza and bread.

Like any fledgling enterprise we will go through growing pains.  It is hoped however that our customers will bear with us as we will not introduce or sell any product that do not meet our standards.  Thus we are offering the cookbook and our three flour blends to start with.  Soon we will be adding products like our signature sauces e.g. Pesto, Tomato, White and Red Clam sauces.  Will there be a considerable difference between ours and everyone else’s?  The short answer is yes, but the significant differences will be subtle, heaven on your palate.  How do we know?  Thousands of very picky Italian immigrants from the turn of that magnificent century attested to it at Fusco’s Restaurant and in the homes of all those Fusco children, grandchildren and now great-grandchildren who have been fortunate enough to use the same recipes which delighted so many.

So, we hope you will visit Fusco Imports on the web, and if you’re in the Albany, New York area, visit us at the various Farmers’ Markets and ultimately in our store (once we get it up and running).  Until then, bear with us, but enjoy our virtual salumeria at  And thank you for your patronage and patience.


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I admit it, I love Duck Dynasty for a number of reasons. First, I can identify with the sadie robertsonrelationship between the brothers, there were three of us in the Fusco clan. We also had three sisters which made it even better. There’s nothing quite like a big family I don’t care what anyone says. The excuse that husband and wife will have only the number of children they can afford is so lame. Don’t kid yourself, no possession or possessions in the world will ever be worth more than family.

More than the relationship between Robertson siblings, parents, in-laws and children is their relationship with the Lord. It’s the family’s unabashed devotion to Christianity which sets the clan apart for me. And yet there is a profound sadness as I watch their children grow up in front of our eyes.

All of Phil and Kay Robertson’s children and grandchildren are good looking and some are amazingly talented. But none have risen to the heights like Sadie, Willie Robertson’s younger daughter (Willie and Korie have two other daughters, Rebecca, 24, Bella 10, and two sons, John Luke and Will). Of the Robertson kids, including Alan’s, Jase’s and Jep’s, Sadie seems to be the one destined for the klieg lights.

If you haven’t seen the clip of Sadie in her debut on Dancing With The Stars, it’s below. Watch it and you will see what I mean. For a seventeen year old, she is as poised as a diva, as comfortable on the dance floor as if born to the art. And yet, by her admission, the only dancing she does is in front of the mirror at home. To move from that to national television takes guts.  To do it so well takes talent.

The response to her routine speaks for itself. The crowd loved her, the clip has gone viral on YouTube. But there’s more, much more and that’s what bothers me.

Sadie has been labeled a “model” for her appearance on the New York fashion scene in partnership with famed designer, Sherri Hill. The two have teamed up to produce a line of dresses and gowns which are “Daddy Approved”. That is, the clothing, while specifically aimed at teenage girls, is comparatively modest, though intensely elegant, something any father would approve of rather than suffering angina over his daughter being dressed in two strings designed by a Kardashian.

Sadie can sing too. She proved as much in a clip performing “Away In A Manger” for the Duck Dynasty Christmas album.

Where next for Ms. Robertson? The screen of course. Who wouldn’t want to put her in a film? She’s not only a proven commodity, having essentially grown up in front of cameras, but she can dance and sing. Plus, she is everything her contemporaries are not, that is, she’s decent. Most people love that about her at the same time they’re cringing over the public (and private) antics of some of her contemporaries.

Therein is the rub though. The scene Sadie Robertson is entering can be more seductive than a night on the town in New York City with Donald Trump’s credit card. The temptations are legion and history clearly indicates they ultimately overwhelm even the most grounded young ladies. Should she fall prey and her parents attempt to pull her back into a norm of faith and family in Louisiana and she rebels, they all may find it was the biggest mistake they could have ever made to let their beautiful bird spread her wings and fly.

The Bible warns of temptation, from Adam to St. Paul. Jesus Himself admonishes us more than once to avoid temptation for the cost is ultimate, the heaviest there is. He goes so far as to make avoidance of temptation one of the pleas in the only prayer He taught us to say: “…and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.”

Sadie Robertson is a child for all intents and purposes. She and perhaps her parents have no idea what the ramifications will be of her success or failure handling fame, fortune and all that comes with them for a young girl. Should she succeed and show the world that a child of such great beauty, talent and poise can also be a child of faith, grace and comportment, she will be doing God’s work. But should she fail and become another Lindsay Lohan or Miley Cyrus, it will be a blow to hope, the hope that our kids can rise above the muck and mire, stay strong and faithful even when evil temptation knocks so very hard on the door.


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Sadie Robertson in Dances With The Stars

Note: Watch the unhappy faces of competitors and just plain jealous people after she dances.


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The headline is: “Obama sending 3,000 troops into Ebola danger”. The immediate reaction: How can he send 3,000 of our best into what is surely a more horrific atmosphere than if he sent them to fight in the Islamic War? What business does the United States have in the affected African countries? This is absolute madness, an expectation of service that goes beyond the national interests of the United States. Clearly this is an issue Obama thinks can be addresses solely by sacrificing our men and women to certain death through plague.

If there were no serious calls for his impeachment before, this decision on his part should put them to the forefront now. He is no Commander-in-Chief if he sends our troops to do anything but fight for their country in spite of the fact his many predecessors in the post war era have used the United States military for humanitarian purposes. This is not humanitarian for our troops, it is a death sentence as sure as sending them into battle in which chemical weapons are being used against them. America should be outraged.

This is an election year, call your representative to voice your opposition to this madness. Keep our troops safe.


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Some years ago I wrote the book, “A Father’s Guide To Raising Conservative Gentlemen (And Changing America At The Same Time)”. It’s a short volume aimed at anyone who is responsible for raising boys. I made every attempt to keep it simple, right down to distilling what I’ve learned and come to believe as a son, father, grandfather and teacher whuck finnith regard to bringing up decent boys. I wrote that we must begin raising gentlemen, not brutes and it begins with the four pillars of gentility, respect, responsibility, righteousness and resolve.

Oftentimes I receive emails and comments from people who chide me for being so far ahead of the curve, but not capitalizing on it. Trust me, it’s frustrating to see so clearly what is in front of us all and not be able to spread the word about the various tsunamis coming at us in the near distance. Thus, the flap over Baltimore Ravens’ Ray Rice punching his then fiancé is as much a wakeup call about what we’ve become culturally as are the beheadings of innocents by ISIS terrorists when it comes to the truth about Islam itself. It does not take a genius to understand the tales of the tapes. But it does take an honest person to conclude there is no gray on the palette of right and wrong when such things occur. What Ray Rice did was inexcusable, but it isn’t the NFL’s fault nor is it the fault of anyone else or any other organization aside from Ray Rice as a consequence of his upbringing.

The poison of political correctness and the threat of being branded with a negative label hide force our society to bury absolute truths behind limp-wristed protestations which go off in every direction except the right one. Our young men are absolute brutes. In the black community the culture is so bereft of nuclear families and the concomitant absence of fathers, boys are entirely ignorant when it comes to the ways of gentility, and it is gentility we need to teach every American boy more than anything else.

The little book I wrote is harsh in its criticism of what fathering a boy has become, but it also points to a solution the ramifications of which would change America from its roots. You may be inclined to think it is another conservative demand for a return to principles long gone. You would be right, but not for the reason of forcing boys to rigidly adhere to doctrines of morality only a Puritan could support. The underlying message of the book is that there are fundamental principles upon which the growth of a boy into a decent man rest. Just as there are certain fundamentals that must be learned before an athlete can become proficient in his sport, a boy must be steered in the direction of decency from the time he is born. If he is not, by the time he reaches puberty, his character has been formed and it will most likely be bad. He will become the man he has been programmed to be and there is little anyone can do to change him after that point.

black kidHow then do we make our sons into the kind of men who are respectful of others, especially women, responsible for their actions, righteous in their outlook and resolved to be the gentlemen they are all capable of being? This can only be accomplished through a father’s love for his sons with discipline as the foundational key. Without love and discipline, there is no hope for any of our boys. All the ridiculous concepts like it taking a village or the new psychology of rearing boys in the reality of screwed up dysfunctional households are completely wrong. The sooner we disavow such politically correct notions for the failures they are at the monumental costs they incur, the more effectively will we be able to face the very real threat of a societal meltdown in which all the worst behavior is not only tolerated, but completely excused.

That he is a professional football player means nothing. Ray Rice is a brute, emblematic of a society which tolerates brutishness because while it knows the difference between brutes and gentlemen, it doesn’t care. Gentility is not seen as being cool, and yet it is. Being a gentleman is always cool. But it isn’t the coolness aspect as much as it is the paucity of role models to make it look like what it is.

As to Adrian Peterson, the Minnesota Vikings running back beating his four year old son with a “switch”, that is not the kind of muscular discipline advocated in “A Father’s Guide…” although sometimes measured physical punishment is necessary. Father’s, grandfathers, uncles, older brothers, mentors…whoever the father figure is in a household (though it should be the natural father if at all possible) must have as a reason for harsh punishment the desire to move that boy back onto the right track. To do that successfully, love must always be the key component. The old saying, “This is going to hurt me more than it will hurt you” must be true. If a father can walk away from physically disciplining his son without feeling guilty, he is not human. Guilt however is no reason to avoid physical discipline, it is an excuse for not doing it, way of escaping fatherly duties. It is a father’s obligation to sacrifice his serenity for the purpose of redirecting his son.

Liberalism spawned political correctness and political correctness gave birth to a cultural phenomenon that somehow boys were magically capable of bringing themselves up, that if fatherless at home, a male figure, any male figure, be he the mother’s boyfriend or a teacher at school will be there to care for and teach the millions of American boys who haven’t a moral clue. But it doesn’t work that way, it never has and it never will.

Contrary to what most people might believe, boys are as sensitive as girls in their formative years. That is, they become aware of their surroundings quite quickly. If those surroundings are wholesome, if within them there is structure and loving, dutiful parents, the chances are he will grow up like them. But where there is no structure, no direction, no discipline and no love, there are no expectations. If no one expects the best out of a boy, he will certainly not expect much of himself.

Am I disingenuous when appealing to people it is in theirs and their sons’ best interests to buy that little book, “A Father’s Guide To Raising Conservative Gentlemen (And Changing America At The Same Time)”? No. I’m trying to help by perhaps reiterating what is attributed to sociology teacher Floyd Starr but memorialized in the movie, “Boys Town” by Spencer Tracy as the good priest Father Edward Flanagan that “there is no such thing as a bad boy” to which I will add, “only bad parents.”


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