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I can’t locate it right now (you know how that goes), but several years ago, perhaps as far back as 2000, I wrote a piece entitled, “All Any Republican Needs To Say”.  It listed about ten or twelve, maybe more, short items which could easily sum up what conservatives in the Republican party, if any are left, could use as the foundation for any campaign.  Among them was a call to legislate the Internal Revenue Service out of existence and to replace the entire tax structure of the United States with a fundamentally simple system in which everyone, no matter their means, paid something to support an extremely limited government.  The suggestion is more timely now than then.  Indeed, the IRS has not only outlived its usefulness, but has become the most corrupt and corruptible agency in the federal government.

As stated here in an earlier post, Lois Lerner painted herself into a corner.  Maybe not a legal one, but a social one to be sure.  She is despised by pretty much the entire country.  Her visage is reviled by all but the most Jesse Watters’ people in the country (they don’t even know who Joe Biden is when presented with his picture).  She effectively ostracized herself from American society which to some may be punishment for her crime, but to others, especially her victims is not the justice she deserves.  In the larger sense, Lerner is the poster girl for the IRS and why it should be dismantled.

If the IRS needed an additional advocate for destroying itself it couldn’t have chosen one better than John Koskinen, the present Commissioner.  His arrogance in front of Congress is matched only by Lois Lerner’s silence under her Fifth Amendment right.

But there are others who are suspiciously silent regarding the IRS itself while condemning the agency for its behavior.  We never hear them calling for its abolishment and for good reason.  The great talk show triumvirate, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity are all over the scandal, but they stop at calling for the IRS to be dissolved.  Why?  Money.  Among their sponsors is Tax Resolution Services, Inc. (aka Tax Defense Partners), a company that without taxpayers being in trouble with the IRS would not exist.

With such icons remaining silent about what should be the fate of the IRS, much of the 50+ million listeners to their shows will not make the clamor they would normally make if the three endorsed its dissolution instead of a company that thrives on the average taxpayer’s fears.  To prove the point, at the end of his Tuesday, March 16, 2010 show, Rush Limbaugh suggested his listeners call their representatives in Congress to complain about Obamacare.  They did and promptly overloaded the Capitol’s switchboard capacity with estimates of 50,000 calls in less than an hour. That’s power.


Imagine if all three radio hosts called for similar action to abolish the IRS.  If Congress ever needed such a fire under their feet, an inundation like the aforementioned would ignite it.
But, we won’t hear or see Rush, Sean or Glenn make a move in that direction as long as their sponsor is paying the tab.  Of course, that’s business and that’s how it goes, but the triumvirate is not the only voice in the crowd, we are.

If the good people of America would wake up and realize that yes, you have to work to feed your family and no, it’s not perhaps the smartest thing in the world to rock the boat while so engaged, but that undoubtedly, for the benefit of our children, theirs and our descendents a hundred years down the road, we must take a stand sometimes, and now is that time.

Doing away with the IRS would be very much like removing a cancerous tumor.  We would have to suffer a regimen of post-operative treatment and perhaps like chemotherapy it would be painful, but once completed the country would be in better financial and political shape.  It starts with the decision.  When Americans make that decision together, it gets done.

My bit about all any Republican has to say can actually be extended although I doubt those on the left will pick up the mantra, but it remains a most powerful one, “Abolish the IRS.”  Any candidate who uses it and suggests a flat or fair tax as a replacement will garner support he would otherwise not receive from people who have had enough of government, especially the Internal Revenue Service.


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Lois Lerner has self-fornicated sufficiently that she will never be able to get another legitimate job nor conceivably will she ever be able to walk down a street without someone looking at her and either saying or thinking, “Madam, you are a total POS”.  Harsh words?  Over the top you say?  Not at all.  Ms. Lerner has effectively convicted herself of far more than the crime of using her official position to punish those with whom she disagrees politically, she has done so in her capacity as a high ranking Gestapo member of the most hated agency in all of United States history, the Internal (Infernal) Revenue Service (IRS).  She has betrayed us all by using the most fearsome weapon in the federal government’s domestic arsenal against its citizens.  It is the definition of treason and tyranny.
Lerner would have been better off had she perpetrated the Abu Ghraib mess.  At least there she probably would have been lauded by her leftist cronies for having defended American interests regardless the methods.  In her present condition, she is pretty much hated by all Americans because what she did is reprehensible on so many levels.
Democrats like to defend Lerner by saying she was non-partisan in her illegal activities, that there were a number of leftist groups seeking 501(c)3 or 501(c)4 status who were also “targeted” by the IRS.  Problem is, there have been no statistics much less actual names of such groups published.  A search of the Internet reveals nothing except stories like those put out by CNN that Democrat Congressman Sander Levin made claims groups with the term “progressive” in their names were targeted as much as were those with “Tea Party”, “912” or “Patriot”.  The claim is patently false.  If leftist groups were spot checked at all it was probably done by an earnest IRS employee who actually smelled something fishy about the applicant.
Significantly, from a political perspective there is nothing to be gained by hauling Ms. Lerner in front of a committee or jury of her peers unless she is to be charged and tried for a crime she surely committed.  She is as worthless to herself and society as a person could be right now having done as much damage to herself as any professional muckraker could have done to her.
In a way, Lois Lerner receiving her just desserts at her own hands is comic relief to the IRS scandal.  The only thing missing is her testimony implicating the White House and Barack Obama himself.  But even if she could prove the order to go after conservative groups came directly from the boob-in-chief, Democrats in the Senate would not convict him for his abuse of power, they are that poisoned with adulation and ideology.
Is this a call to let Lerner go?  Absolutely not.  Justice demands she be charged, convicted and imprisoned, but the system prevents justice for those who are in positions to manipulate it.  The rest of us must be content to be unlawfully scrutinized, our rights unlawfully taken away and our freedoms restricted…or else.


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The necessity for revisiting the Constitution as it involves the President and his duties has never been more paramount. Clearly, Barack Obama must go, but there is no provision in the Constitution for ridding ourselves of him short of impeachment in the House and conviction in the Senate. Without a three-fourths majority in the Senate, conviction is impossible. This must change.

The British system, like most parliamentary systems allows for a vote of no confidence, that is, if the present government is perceived to be failing, elections are called almost immediately to replace it. An amendment to the Constitution providing for the removal of an administration based on the voters’ lack of confidence in it is not only reasonable, it is vitally important for the republic’s survival.

If we tick back to the cause of our present malaise it is easy to see how we arrived here. The people of the United States are morons. It isn’t Obama’s fault he’s an incompetent boob, it’s the fault of the people who put such an incompetent boob in office. He is president not because he was qualified, he’s president because he’s a fine orator and a black man. Idiot American voters, steeped in white-guilt voted for him to make a statement. They were sold on him just as they are products from QVC. Not only is Obama the first black president, he’s the first novelty president.

Even now, after almost six years in office, no one in their right mind could objectively assess his credentials then conclude he is qualified to be the CEO of the United States. His time in the position apparently hasn’t helped either. Most people, after so many years on the job would at least have a handle on things, but Barack Obama has proven beyond doubt he is not most people. He will not learn or he cannot learn, either way he is as incompetent today as he was when he took office, perhaps more so if it is possible. In the annals of American history, no president has handled so much so badly so often with such consistency. For the first time in 238 years, the United States of America is in decline. And it is all because of one incompetent, feckless man who believes he is infinitely more than the sum of his dubious parts.

Mark Levin’s “Liberty Amendments” addresses intrinsic problems with the way our government is run, but he, like the Framers comes to his conclusions as a decent, thinking man. The problem with his approach is that we cannot assume decent, thinking men will be at the helm when we need to limit their power or remove them altogether. What we need is a constitutional provision which makes it easier to remove someone like Barack Obama in a timely manner before he can do such damage as to bring the country to its knees or destroy it altogether. In short, we need an amendment which nullifies the electoral decisions of people in Jesse Watter’s world.

What hope there is for the United States rests in the next president being statesman enough to curtail his own power. That will require someone of such high character he will be more saint than man. The next president must spend a good deal of his time reforming the system to prevent anyone like Barack Obama having such power as to ignore with impunity the very laws he is tasked with enforcing. The Liberty Amendments must be part of his platform as must a will to reduce the Presidency itself to being a co-equal part of our government once again. But in addition, there must be an amendment which provides for the immediate removal of a president when the country no longer has faith in him or her. An amendment providing for a vote of no confidence must be enacted.

Is there such a human being in this country with the patriotic will to fundamentally reform our broken system? If there is, where is he or she? Will he or she step forward? And will American idiots have learned their lesson sufficiently to elect that person? Those are the critical questions to be answered in the coming years. God willing, the answers will be correct.










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The shockwaves are still rippling over the American political landscape from the earthquake known as Eric Cantor’s defeat by David Bratt in yesterday’s Virginia Republican primary. The pundits are laying the blame for the incumbent’s failure on the immigration issue and they are correct in doing so. But a confluence of events in the last minutes of the campaign sealed his ouster and he has Barack Hussein Obama to thank for them.

Obama’s refusal to enforce our present immigration laws and his de facto invitation to foreign young people south of the border to invade our country at will is more behind the upset than anything else. In short, Obama’s only shot for “immigration reform” was scuttled by Obama himself.

The left’s rubric that all the illegals pouring over the border will someday be Democrats and will therefore keep the Democrats in power lacks one aspect which is again a feature of Obama’s ineptitude. The Congress will most assuredly be Republican after the November elections if for no other reason than Americans on both sides are frightened they will lose their country in a war without one shot being fired in its defense.

If there is need to underscore what has been happening beneath the surface for some time, but is beginning to rise through it now, Her Majesty Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers are showing signs of anemia. Politico reports “According to a Gallup poll released Wednesday, 54 percent of Americans have a favorable opinion of Clinton, down from 59 percent in February.”

Politicians with 54% approval ratings rarely have to worry about a five point fall, but Clinton is not just any politician. It may be her lot in political life to suffer defeats at the hands of bad timing, but in every case it appears they are exacerbated by her own arrogance. In the present case, the electorate is in no mood to have another arrogant, power-hungry ideologue at the helm just because she’s a woman much less because she’s a Clinton.

Democrats had better be prepared for a slaughtering come November as should RINOs like Boehner and Ryan. They are all on the wrong side of Americans who have awakened from their long liberal Utopian dream, the same Americans who see their 30-something children wandering around the house they were supposed to have left ten years before.

A new age may be dawning. Its portents include a future America with strictly controlled borders. Illegals will be deported, not out of malice, but because our laws will be enforced. But it won’t stop with a massive overhaul of our immigration system. The political class is in deep trouble. They will be legislated out of existence through amendments to the Constitution along the lines of Mark Levin’s Freedom Amendments. America will claw its way back to preeminence because that’s who we are, the best of the best in the world, period.

Prepare yourselves for America’s rebirth, it’s coming, not because some politician will lead us, but because Americans will it.




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Though not an apologist for Edward Snowden, I am wondering how it is the obama on horse2Obama administration finds mercy for Bowe Bergdahl, a deserter in time of war, but threatens to prosecute Snowden as a traitor for telling the American people what their own government is doing to them in secret. Could it be the question of Islam? Or is it simply another display of incompetence and failure stemming from it by this president?

As an ex-teacher I had the opportunity to interact with kids from myriad backgrounds in their formative years, that is high school age. All, let me repeat that, all of them carried strains of their upbringing with them and none, again, none showed signs of abandoning what had been ingrained in them during their foundational years of from four or five to puberty. Barack Hussein Obama was immersed in Islam and Communism while growing up. Anyone who believes he has no affinity for Islam and its radical adherents and antipathy toward Communism is either a fool or liar. Muslims were his friends and neighbors. His father, the man he apparently adored, was born a Muslim and was also a confirmed Communist as were his mother and grandparents. In February of 2009, Obama himself stated, “I was not raised in a particularly religious household. I had a father who was born a Muslim but became an atheist, grandparents who were non-practicing Methodists and Baptists, and a mother who was skeptical of organized religion. I didn’t become a Christian until I moved to the South Side of Chicago after college.”[i]

In his book, “Dreams Of My Father” he wrote about his paternal grandfather’s conversion to Islam, something of which he seemed to be quite proud. Lolo Soetoro, his step-father was also Muslim from Indonesia, a country in which Obama lived for several years as a child. It being predominately Muslim, the claim that he was unaffected by his immersion in Islamic culture during those most formative years is not only unbelievable, but ludicrous. It runs counter to every concept of child psychology.

There is nothing in Obama’s background to suggest he is Christian in reality, but there is a great deal of personal history in Islam which amounts to overwhelming evidence he is a closet Muslim.

On the other hand, if it was incompetence at the White House level, that is, he and his people did no research whatsoever into Bergdahl’s service record, it is equally inexcusable. Trading five of the worst terrorists under our control for an American soldier who knowingly and willfully deserted his post makes no sense whatsoever unless bringing him to justice is the reason, and that may be the spin Obama ultimately puts on this debacle as things get hotter for him and his fellow Democrats. As in Shinseki’s firing, this time it may be Susan Rice who has to fall on Obama’s sword for him although it is clear he has no desire to oust a black person from any post regardless of their incompetence or criminal behavior. Political self-preservation may require it and the justification for her axing will be she told another Sunday morning bald-faced lie without getting permission from the Liar-In-Chief.  Claiming Making the claim that Bergdahl is a soldier who has served his country with honor and distinction is reprehensible, but Susan Rice did it anyway.

What kind of people are they in the upper echelons of our government who lie and cheat so easily? They beg the question, “What have we become?”

In any case, pulling a deserter out of captivity at the certain future cost of American lives is effectively treason far more devastating than Edward Snowden’s information dump for it says to the world America has not only lost its way, it has no direction at all.

That Barack Obama is the greatest mistake this country’s electorate ever made is clear. History, if we have any, will testify to it again and again. No future historian will be able to look back on the Obama years without prefacing his work with the obvious, he hated the country he was supposed to have served and not one moment of his presidency can be lauded. He will be seen as a historic figure for two reasons, he was the first black president and he was an utter failure. His presidency will be seen as the nadir of the nation’s attempt to bridge the racial divide. When the truth is written it will state the fact that Barack Obama was the Affirmative Action president, a testament to the concept’s failure, that he was put into the position by a dumbed-down society of fools who have been taught by the public education system that to be great all one has to do is think one is. He is the crime of the 21st century, a strutting peacock schooled in the practice of trying to make failure look like the only reasonable option in a world that expects no better.




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In a previous post I suggested conservatives start being cool. That is, expand on ZZ Top’s notion that “Every girl crazy bout a sharp-dressed man (sic).” Include in that expansion every girl’s desire for a man’s man, not a man with more feminine sides than his mother. I labeled him, “The Conservative Gentleman” and assigned him the attributes of a knight errant, a chivalrous fellow who is supremely confident, someone who not only opens doors for women, but defends their honor whenever even the worst of them are held in contempt. Why? Because he is a gentleman, one with seriously conservative credentials such as respect, responsibility, righteousness and the resolve to be and act like a decent man no matter how evil the rest of the world may be or become. In other words, the conservative gentleman oozes cool because he’s so good he’s a bad boy because he does what is right all the time. Girls love bad boys, but what they really love is a bad boy who’s not bad to them, i.e. they want a conservative gentleman.

Can a conservative gentleman fall off the wagon? Of course he can, he must, that is the human in him. But he never fails to come back from his fall(s). The other question is, can one become a conservative gentleman when one has spent the greater part of his life being carelessly indifferent to the proprieties, that is being a liberal. The answer is a resounding “yes”. The beauty of being a conservative gentleman is in the process of becoming one, you can change into one anytime. But, no man can become a conservative gentleman unless he is willing to brave the slings and arrows that will most certainly come at him in the process. There is an entire army, a whole culture in fact which will array against him if he so much as raises his sword, but that’s what’s great about being a conservative gentleman, you’re always willing to fight and you never care who the enemy is or how many of them there are. Which is why I am proposing to movie studios all over the country two novels which should be adapted to film, “Quelle” and “Frankie Tomatoes Goes To Confession”.

Quelle is a story about a man of faith who is given the opportunity by an atheist scientist to prove Jesus Christ lived, died and was raised by sending the man to the time of Christ. His remarkable trip back in time results in what biblical scholars now refer to as the “Q” theory which attempts to answer the question, “What was the source for the four Evangelists’ information on Christ?” Without queering the story for you, suffice it to say the adventure is wild with a few good twists to make it beautiful as well.

The second novel, “Frankie Tomatoes Goes To Confession” is about an Upstate New York mob boss who is on the run from…a Downstate mob boss after having ordered the execution of a degenerate gambler who refused to pay his debts. Problem is, the degenerate gambler was the nephew of the Downstate mob boss. He wants Frankie dead, and it’s pretty much a sure thing that’s exactly what will happen. But, as in all great stories, what the reader (or audience) expects is of course not what happens. Just as the two assassins are on him, Frankie finds sanctuary in a small, rundown church in a small, rundown New Hampshire town (the last place any mobster would go…except Frankie). He meets its pastor, an old man who looks like Popeye. The old priest senses something is wrong and assumes it must be a religious matter, one that can be dealt with through confession and communion, the way all Catholic priests handle even the deepest spiritual problems. Frankie quickly agrees since it will give him more time to think of how he will escape his pursuers. But in the process of confessing Frankie finds he is actually reviewing his entire life. It is an awful experience which turns into palpable remorse so intense he has a difficult time finishing. Immediately after pouring out his soul, Frankie is encouraged by the old priest to take communion. Frankie does and finds new strength in a serenity he has never before experienced. He is now ready to face a certain death.

What happens afterward may seem predictable, but is a complete twist on everyone’s expectations, especially Frankie’s. Rather than ruining the story for you, let us say he has an epiphany, but what an epiphany it is.

To say the protagonists in both stories are or become conservative gentlemen is unnecessary. It is understood they both have characters which underscore a genteel way of looking at life and dealing with its innumerable temptations and difficulties, but for entirely different reasons than one might expect. In “Quelle”, the hero is a contemplative man, but he is also a very tough customer when it comes to defending his faith against a brilliant atheist. Frankie on the other hand lives by the old-time mob rules which demand respect on several levels even in the midst of building empires out of crime and bloodshed.

This is the essence of conservative cool, Clint Eastwood as “Josey Wales” or “Blondie” in “The Good, The Bad And The Ugly” or better yet, the “Pale Rider” in the eponymously titled film. Americans are sick and tired of the conflicted anti-hero with homosexual tendencies or the good guy who casually fornicates without feeling or regard for the woman because they’re friends. Ask any modern American woman, if she is the least bit honest (barring the sick toadies of misguided women’s liberation which translates to man-hater) she will tell you what she wants in a man, strength and romance. So, be a freaking man for heaven’s sake!

Maybe I’ll seek crowd funding for making films out of “Quelle” and “Frankie Tomatoes Goes To Confession”. After all, the conservative gentleman is also a capitalist. In any case, let’s tip one for all the real men in America, we deserve it.


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Hillary Clinton will never be President of the United States of America.hillary with a drinkThat is the prediction PJFOTN is making. Of course, we also predicted Mitt Romney would win the 2012 election. In our defense, so did many others. That prediction was based on available information, hard information, most of it right, but the package was incomplete. Turnout, as always, became the issue. No need to revisit that debacle now however as the present prediction is based on smell, not facts. It’s in the air and those who don’t smell it are either ignoring the odor or have become used to it. It is the same stink surrounding the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama. It is the stench of failure which invariably comes off the body of a loser.

Mrs. Clinton will not be President primarily because she is a loser, worse, she’s a loser with bad timing. Americans will not elect someone who is going to continue down the same path in the same direction only using a scooter not a motorcycle this time around. History tells us this very clearly.

It should be clear, and is to any thinking American, Barack Obama is the most incompetent boob to ever hold the office of president. His appointments of Hillary Clinton and then John Kerry to the post of Secretary of State proves the point beyond question. It should also be clear that whenever the Democrats are in charge, the wheels fall off the domestic wagon as well. Considering the last five years in totem, there have been no American successes domestically or internationally, none. We are still in a recession regardless of the government’s anemic figures to the contrary. Unemployment is also at one of the highest levels in American history when taking into account those who can and want to work, but have left the workforce entirely. We are being marginalized all over the world as a late-day Great Britain in the midst of losing its empire. No nation considers us a friend, not even Great Britain. Israel has turned away from us. Everywhere we go, we are either held in contempt or are entirely unwelcome. Yesterday, Elias Jaua, Venezuela’s Foreign Minister told John Kerry to mind his own business when Mr. Kerry dared to comment on his country’s treatment of protesters. This in the midst of Kerry’s crusade against global warming, a crusade not remotely within the purview of a Secretary of State.

All is chaos. From the world apology tour to the Benghazi disaster, the IRS scandal, Fast and Furious and let us not forget Obamacare, it has all been a torturous lumbering from pointlessness to pointlessness since the day Barack Hussein Obama took office. And sitting right in the middle of it all was Hillary Clinton. Under her faux statesmanship, the United States of America went from the world’s greatest superpower to a spaghetti-spined, toothless paper tiger. Not only are we totally broke and in debt the likes of which no nation has ever survived, but we are becoming increasingly and dangerously irrelevant on the world stage in direct proportion to our pennilessness and ultra-liberal agenda. Even Russia spits in our face.

The problem for Hillary and the Democrats is their approach to the realities of life, they haven’t one. All is fairies and unicorns, the Age of Aquarius unrequited, but they will keep trying, just trust them. Born into wealth and privilege, but feigning a working class origin, educated in the finest schools, coddled and enabled, made to believe in their own superiority and entitlement, today’s liberals and Democrats are the antithesis of their stated raison d’être. As long as their world is all frosting and cake, the rest of humanity can eat Michelle Obama approved porridge. Like royalty, they gaily dance around a maypole at their perennial pony party, a party to which the rest of us are not invited, but one which we are allowed to watch through iron gates. Hillary Clinton is not only of that world, she is at present its greatest functionary.

Her problem however is the same as Obama’s and all the Democrats, the party is coming to an end. The fairies and unicorns are disappearing, the cake become moldy and rotten. Now enters the realities she and her playmates are incapable of handling. This we know from observing her. Mrs. Clinton, like her husband, her president and her Democrat/liberal colleagues, is an empty pantsuit. Other than being a former First Lady, a senator from the besotted, idiotic state of New York, and a Secretary of State whose most memorable acts include handing a Staples-like pushbutton to her Russian counterpart in an act of shameful obeisance and making a linguistic faux pas in the process, she has accomplished nothing. Her failure to protect the lives of the four dead men in Benghazi for political purposes speaks to a dearth of humanity only her rhetoric can fully reveal for its level of hypocrisy. If she has an equal when it comes to indifference and carelessness, and it is doubtful, Barack Hussein Obama is it. She is nothing but Bill Clinton’s wife, and even in that she has been a failure.

Americans are not only politically stupid, they are politically lazy. But a rudimentary sense of how hateful failure is seems to underpin the American existence and it is being pricked into arousal. We may be stupid, but we’re not so stupid as to remain asleep when the fire is licking our toes. We know the United States is in trouble. We know the federal government is out of control. We know we are being spied on, lied to and totally controlled by the very system we trusted to defend our freedom from it. We know our politicians are corrupt to the point the very concept has been lost in translation. We know the media is equally corrupt, peopled by a society of agenda-driven squirts who have no appreciation for truth nor the grammatical ability to convey it if they knew what it was. But most of all we know the rot that exists throughout our society is fed by a cadre of minorities who demand the rest of us not only accept their evil, but make it sacrosanct.

Are we sufficiently sick of it? I think so, and that is why Hillary Clinton will never be President. She is the great symbol of a disease with which we are now coming to terms. Like addicts and alcoholics at the end of their roads, we are finally taking that long avoided look in the mirror and seeing Dorian Gray at his most dissolute. Some Americans will ignore the picture, others will lament the cause, but those who take action to halt and perhaps reverse the process will not use the disease to cure the disease, they will fight back.

A new awakening is coming as it has in our past on several occasions when it appeared America was on the brink of being the great experiment that failed. For all that separates us, there is a greater measure of that which unites us. On the social issues there may be tremendous disagreement, but we will iron them out sooner or later. It’s on the economic front where our forces should be marshaled in unity for when there is national prosperity that which divides us seems less important. It is then we begin to see each other not as enemies for the pettiness of our lifestyles, but as neighbors who agree on the righteousness of decency, honor, dignity and patriotism. It is at that point when Americans can dream themselves into a reality where prosperity is commonplace and the needy are few.

Americans are also waking up to the fact that their government has become their enemy, but even it can be overcome if we are prosperous once again, and the way to do that is to substantially dismantle that which sucks the marrow of prosperity out of our bones, our own government. When Americans have money in their pockets and bank accounts, they become self-sufficient to a degree they do not need a government which intrudes on their lives and takes their property. They begin to demand of the political class an accounting of how it and government will become less important to their daily lives rather than the focus.

Hillary Clinton will not be President for the very reason she expects she will. People are waking up just at the time she needs them to remain catatonic. She is a hapless pseudo-political hack who never seems to get her timing right when it comes to the big prize, someone who begrudges her husband his success as something she accomplished for him, but cannot accomplish for herself. Hillary wants to be President for the same reasons Barack Obama and Bill Clinton did, not to serve, but to rule, not to do the will of the people, but to satiate their own wills through a narcissistic blend of unearned hubris and childish self-absorption. But the would-be empress suffers an equal paucity of clothing and runs the risk of not only being repudiated because of it, but mocked for her brazenness. To paraphrase a useful observation by St. Paul, but in every sense for the opposite reason, the things liberals and Democrats have done and those Hillary has not did not happen in a corner, everyone can see the almost unbelievable level of failure all around. There is not one aspect of American life which has become better under the Obama/Clinton rule. Americans know this.

The days of liberalism are done, the movement imploding all over the world, but most of all here. America wants its reality back and it will have it without an aging celebrity like Hillary Clinton in the way or an equally old and startlingly infirm media pushing her along. As 2016 approaches, that reality will become more stark and may be the reason why Hillary does not run, for she will have to deal with a more powerful reality, she will lose.


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In response to an article appearing at about Mark Twain being a racist.

“…I never can think of Judas Iscariot without losing my temper. To my mind Judas Iscariot was nothing but a low, mean, premature Harry Reid.”

“Fleas can be taught nearly anything that Harry Reid can.

“Harry Reid…the smallest mind and the selfishest soul and the cowardliest heart that God ever made.”

“Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were Harry Reid. But I repeat myself.”

“All Congresses and Parliaments have a kindly feeling for idiots, and a compassion for them, on account of personal experience and heredity, take Harry Reid for example.”

“Harry Reid: a person who makes laws in Washington when not doing time for having violated them.”

“This nation is like all the others that have been spewed upon the earth–ready to shout for any cause that will tickle its vanity or fill its pocket. What a hell of a heaven it will be when they get all these hypocrites assembled there!

“Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.”

Thank you Mark Twain for your timeless insights.


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The Tea Party movement is failing for an inherent flaw in its structure: organization, or the lack thereof. The movement, for it really isn’t a political party, has lost most of its steam in spite of the fundamental righteousness of its primary cause which is to bring government to heel. That does not mean eliminating government altogether although Tea Party haters will have you believe that among other scurrilous accusations. In the dog world, “heel” means commanding the mutt walk behind (at your heel) or if dogly (a term stolen from John Lennon) is a hunter or retriever, to have it walk beside you. All the Tea Party has ever stood for is smaller government, lower taxes and a return to the principles of the Constitution as they were intended by the Framers. Anyone who says otherwise is either ignorant, frightened, a liar or all three and stupid as well.joinordie

A couple of years ago I released a companion book to my successful. “Running: How To Design And Execute A Winning Political Campaign.” It was labeled “The Tea Party Edition.” At the time I was unabashedly attempting to profit on what was a burgeoning movement. Even then however, I knew the movement was doomed because whenever I spoke to Tea Party members about organization, they took some umbrance since the whole idea, according to most if not all, was to maintain separate identities to somehow reflect the fact they were a diverse group unified loosely by righteous ideas concerning smaller government, lower taxes and rule of Constitutional law. After forty years of being involved in and writing about politics, I could immediately see their adamance regarding individualism would be their downfall. Politics is nothing if not a den of organizations all vying for power and its fruits. The better organized a movement, the more powerful, it’s a simple political axiom that does not change and cannot fail.

The fact that in American politics there is no such thing as going it alone should be paramount in the minds of anyone or any group seeking to have an influence in the shaping of policies and the workings of government. Had the Tea Party recognized how powerful it was in the aftermath of Rick Santelli’s seminal February 19, 2009 Tea Party tirade, they could have capitalized politically even more than they did in the following year’s elections. In fact, had the Tea Party organized itself on the most rudimentary level it would have easily fended off the vicious lies the left to this day tells about its mission and more importantly, its members. One wonders why the resistance even now when the left and the media have effectively demonized both? The best fighters are counterpunchers, but you have to know how first and be prepared to launch second. In the world of politics, it’s called better organization.

You know a political or any movement for that matter has lost not only its momentum, but its spirit when their web site(s) exist, but haven’t been updated in months, if not years. That is precisely the case for many Tea-Party affiliations. Indeed, those abandoned are rather numerous and it is too tedious to list them, but they sit out there as sad reminders of the vigor their probably erstwhile membership displayed. Had they been organized by an acceptable and willing leadership, the Tea Party would be the most prominent influence on American politics today. The good news is, it’s not too late.

What this country needs is a revolution, a good one, the kind of revolution that uses its unified head, not its arms. All the tools are there, and they are actually cheap. As long as the Internet is open and free, the second American Revolution can be waged and won. All it takes is a leadership committed to breaking the rules established by an out-of-control government while at the same time strictly adhering to those we know to be right and proper. If you need an illustration as well as a justification for that rationale think about what Jesus said to the Pharisees and other leaders of the Jewish community in Jerusalem when they tried trapping Him once again with a question.

“Then some Pharisees and scribes came to Jesus from Jerusalem and said, ‘Why do Your disciples break the tradition of the elders? For they do not wash their hands when they eat bread.’ And He answered and said to them, ‘Why do you yourselves transgress the commandment of God for the sake of your tradition?’”

It is the same in our present case. The laws established by the federal government under which we now live are not those intended by the Framers of our Constitution. In fact, they fly in the face of the clear intent of that document which was to limit as far as possible the scope and power of government itself. In other words, it is our duty as citizens of the United States of America to violate those laws which themselves violate the Constitution. This kind of massive civil disobedience will unify the nation as never before. Then and only then can we convene to amend our Constitution to forever limit the size, scope and influence of government as they pertain to our individual lives and God-given rights and freedoms.

It takes organization, from the bottom up. And it takes a plan. Unfortunately we do not have the former, but we do have the latter in the form of Mark Levin’s “The Liberty Amendments.” He has meticulously presented the case for massive change while giving us a roadmap to reach the goal. Had the Tea Party organized itself in the beginning, it would be powerful enough today to call the conventions Levin speaks of as a function of Article V of the Constitution which offers three ways of amending it, one of which gives the people themselves the right to call “conventions” in their respective states:

“The Congress, whenever two thirds of both Houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose Amendments to this Constitution, or, on the Application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments, which, in either Case, shall be valid to all Intents and Purposes, as part of this Constitution, when ratified by the Legislatures of three fourths of the several States, or by Conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or the other Mode of Ratification may be proposed by the Congress…”

Again, it takes time, organization and of course money in various proportions at various times, but it can be done.

In the spirit of the original Tea Party mission, let this be a call to action. Let us begin the task of reformation through peaceful, thoughtful and honorable revolution. Our children and children’s children deserve this one last effort by the generation that will go down in history as the worst. Let the baby boomers who perpetrated this perniciousness make their repentance real by doing what must be done to save the great experiment from failure. I urge you to begin discussing the formation of your own individual convention groups, then report your success here or to any of the pundits who have larger voices than mine.


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New York State is a very good place with a geography second to none. From the Hudson to Mohawk and Genesee Valleys, the mysterious Catskills to the mighty Adirondacks across to the Finger Lakes and down into the Southern Tier, New York State is as beautiful in its own right as it is politically rotten to its core. So pervasive is the evil of political corruption in New York, its economy is in ruin, its young, productive people leaving in droves the minute they can and the elected powers remain immune to responsibility as a result of the voting population’s catatonia. All that is left are immigrants flocking to the metro New York City area who displace welfare recipients who then flee to an Upstate region entirely incapable of sustaining them.

One of the most cynical ad campaigns in the history of any state is the one touting how business friendly New York is. In one scene, a CEO of a rubber glove company emphatically states that New York is second in the nation for producing private sector jobs. Not only is it a lie, its level of deceit makes such a pronouncement cynical to the point of filthiness. According to the ADP Research Institute, as of March 2014, Texas led the nation in job additions with 28,650 followed by California with 25,500, Florida with 14,580 then New York with 12,640.   The same report states that of the jobs added in New York only 390 were “goods producing” while 12,250 were “service providing” which means 97% of the jobs were menial, low-paying and hardly worth the term while 3% actually involved some kind of skill with presumably a commensurate wage attached.

What makes the tragedy so much worse is the farce being played out on the state’s remaining residents, specifically those who reside north of Westchester Cnew-york-county-mapounty. That tragic comedy’s title is the “SUNY Tax-free Areas to Revitalize and Transform Upstate New York program (sic)” or the “START-UP NY program.” The script for this show is essentially seventeen pages regarding tax-abatement for new businesses with another seventeen pages of stage directions in the form of tax law that pretty much make it clear the preceding seventeen pages are for public liberal Democrat political consumption since there is no intention of giving businesses, new or otherwise a break. Read the entire document and it reveals a plan no sensible businessperson would become involved in since it really states, “You come to New York at your own risk because we can rescind that tax exemption anytime we like…or don’t like you.” The cost for production and implementation of this grand plan is not immediately calculable, but we do know that over $144,000,000 (that’s MILLION) is being spent on promotion.

What makes START-UP NY such a cruel joke is its cynical openness, as if it’s sponsors are saying, “We know this is a farce, but not only do we think you’re stupid enough to not recognize that it is, we’re going to stick it right in your faces to prove that you are”.

Take, for example, section 430 of the enabling statute. It defines the title as a program specifically created to revitalize Upstate. The very next section makes it clear there is no such intention. Article 3 of section 431 states, “’City university campus’ means a campus of the city university of New York, as defined in subdivision two of section sixty-two hundred two of the education law.” References to Downstate inclusion are legion throughout the rest of the law although they are buried in language that appears to exclude the region. Translated into the political realities of New York State this law means the lion’s share of whatever benefits are to be accrued will ultimately land somewhere below the northern border of Westchester county. It’s the way of New York politics and has been throughout the state’s history. Upstate is and always will be Downstate’s step-child, a geographic Oliver Twist asking for more slop in its diminutive bowl, then being caned for daring to ask.

Making one’s way through this laughable piece of Obamacare-like legislation is an exercise in sad tedium so distracting for its Byzantine construction only people with a deep desire to mentally flagellate themselves will willingly try. All the rest will do so under the duress of duty or business.

It would be far too trite, however politically correct in this day of hiding the truth behind the madness of being inoffensive to label this law as misguided. It is ludicrous from beginning to end. Created by politicians and state employees in the bill drafting departments of their respective chambers, the law not only ignores the one facet of business that is most essential, it completely misunderstands the nature of the beast. In essence, the Start-up New York law is a socialist attempt to force an alliance between private enterprise and government in which the government has total control which is exercised by a three-member board of academics and college presidents who are controlled by college teachers all of whom are controlled by liberal Democrat politicians from New York City.

Subsection 10 of Section 431 creates an “approval board” made up of three people appointed by Andrew Cuomo, Sheldon Silver and Dean Skelos.  The three members of the board “must have significant expertise and experience in academic based economic development…” (italics ours). What is “academic based economic development”? How can a business development group develop business without one businessperson on the approval board? We already know what happens when politicians, academics and bureaucrats pretend to understand business, they display their utter ignorance and destroy any prospect of actually developing new business while wasting hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars on pie-in-the-sky enterprises close to their agenda driven hearts. The approval board for Start-up New York might as well be made up of three Paul Krugman or Karl Marx clones.

But it is the list of disallowed businesses which defies belief since 97% of the very jobs Cuomo and Heiland (the rubber glove CEO) crow about adding are the jobs they are forbidding to be created under the program.

Subsection 2 of Section 433 reads: “The following types of businesses are prohibited from participating in the START-UP NY program.

(a) retail and wholesale businesses;

(b) restaurants;

(c) real estate brokers;

(d) law firms;

(e) medical or dental practices;

(f) real estate management companies;

(g) hospitality;

(h) finance and financial services;

(i) businesses providing personal services;

(j) businesses providing business administrative or support services, unless such business    has received permission from the commissioner to apply to participate in the START-UP NY program upon demonstration that the business would create no fewer than one hundred net new jobs in the tax-free NY area;

(k) accounting firms;

(l) businesses providing utilities; and

(m) businesses engaged in the generation or distribution of electricity, the distribution of natural gas, or the production of steam associated with the generation of electricity.”

The worst offense committed by this legislation is the last mentioned. How is it possible to eliminate energy development from the list when it is fundamentally the most essential aspect of business from every perspective?

How is it possible to eliminate what is factually a potential so great as to make New York State not only energy independent, but a place where high-paying jobs will immediately become so plentiful as to render precisely what the state is attempting to accomplish through this ridiculous program?

What mindlessness purports to solve a systemic problem by ignoring its existence?

Start-up New York is a campaign doomed from the start for one very simple reason, it has nothing to do with solving the problems hampering new business development and the jobs that come with it.

The State of New York will never be a place for businesses to start and thrive because the taxes are too high, the regulations are too stiff, the laws are too Byzantine and the population is too old. Its other assets, plentiful as they may be, are eclipsed by the total lack of environment conducive to doing business. This is not something conjured out of a new assessment of an ancient problem, it is as well known as the state’s inveterate liberalism and corruption. Until that toxic environment is changed no level of smoke and mirrors or Mad-men styled sales ad campaigns will make this sow’s ear into a silk purse. Cuomo knows this, as do Silver and Skelos, but they will continue blowing smoke and rearranging the mirrors because it is in their nature as ultra-liberal Downstate New York politicians to create an illusion and call it substantive progress.

They say you get the government you deserve, but I beg to differ. When a government is so polluted by its political class, when it creates an atmosphere so thick with corruption, and when that corruption becomes so deeply ingrained in the system that the system fails without it…no one deserves that kind of government. The sad truth is, the only way to change it all is to scrap it all and start over. Downstate is hopeless, but Upstate can and must declare its independence so as to show the world how a people can change their political and economic destinies.



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