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First, Ben Carson’s book, “Gifted Hands” was published nineteen years ago, 1996 for those on the left who might be numbers challenged. If true, his so-called admission to fabricating a story about being offered a scholarship to West Point when a young ROTC member in Detroit is not an admission of guilt about anything, it is a novice political mistake made by a decent and honorable man. You may not see it, but these eyes have for over forty years seen far worse from seasoned campaigners.

In his book he said he met General William Westmoreland who offered him the scholarship. That cannot be true, but it isn’t a lie, it is the understanding of someone who is not familiar with the military academy system and its nomenclature. One is appointed to West Point, not accepted in the way a student is admitted to a standard college or university. Once one is appointed everything, including tuition, books, housing and even a stipend are paid for by the taxpayers of the United States. The appointee essentially goes to school for free. In the non-military world, that would be called a full-ride scholarship. It’s a scholarship with a uniform on it. Again, a misunderstanding of the nomenclature.

It would be uncharacteristic of Ben Carson to lie for the purpose of making himself look better than he already did. After all, his life to that point was astounding by every account. The admission coming from his campaign of guilt over what was written at the time may have been premature or an effort by Dr. Carson personally to stand firm in his allegiance to the truth no matter the cost. In this case, the truth may be one thing to Dr. Carson, but in reality it may be something completely explainable.

Only Dr. Carson knows whether or not he allowed the West Point part of his story in the book so as to make himself look good, but the question for the rest of us is, why would he do that? Unless he was intending to run for President twenty years ago, it is unlikely he would embellish his life story when it was already incredible. Remove the obvious and whatever is left must be the answer. It must be he remembered the story in the way he understood it at the time, something every human being does after years past, something the left and media have forgiven the Clintons for doing over and over again. To him, to anyone for that matter, having General William Westmoreland recruit you is as close to being admitted to West Point as anyone is ever going to get. But Carson’s remembrance of it was being offered admission and a scholarship, which when written in a way that looks like a lie when it really appears to be a function of languages, layperson and military as they apply to a West Point appointment.

Perhaps Dr. Carson can ask that question of himself as it is a certainty the media will not. The hatchet job they’ve attempted on him is so shameful it makes the nation’s skin crawl.

This may change some minds about Dr. Carson, but not most. If he allows it to affect his campaign, that’s his call, but it should not.


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Megyn Kelly – now there’s a subject, not a very important one, but a curious one, one that begs attention for her use of celebrity status. Intelligent and beautiful, she can also be embarrassingly self-absorbed and pathetically wrongheaded.

Ms. Kelly is in another tiff with Donald Trump over comments he made about Sara Murray, a member of the CNN staff. (Note: I no longer refer to media people as reporters, none of them are so it would be a misnomer. They are merely purveyors of a point of view, usually liberal.) It is Kelly’s contention that Mr. Trump is belligerent because the medimegyn-kelly-2a won’t knuckle under to him.

“The problem…is unless you say it just the way he wants you to say it, you get hit. And the thing that happens on some of these networks, they give him an unfettered arena in which to assault the press which helps with some voters because they don’t like reporters, they don’t like the media,” said Kelly on her Wednesday night program.

This is simply her view and nothing more. The truth is, Kelly among other media types can be legitimately accused of the very same assertion. The difference is in the way Kelly and her ilk ask their questions. Invariably they are designed to elicit a particular response, not real information. It’s all for the show and ratings, people get that, but it serves no one. Granted, the questioned more often than not completely ignore the question and go off in a wholly unassociated direction, but that is part of the evolutionary process which has come down to us as a result of the media’s metamorphosis into mouthpieces of an agenda as opposed to reporters of the truth, Kelly included.

Over the decades, the media has become an arm of the left, their purpose: destroy the right, their means: full blown gotcha at every turn. In response, those on the receiving end have been docile and sheepish for the most part or evasive at best, preferring to be liked rather than taken seriously. They’ve become prey to the media predator, their only means of defense avoiding the slings and arrows, bobbing, ducking and weaving or simply joining the other side so as to avoid the conflict altogether.

Then came Trump, Ted Cruz, to a certain extent Ben Carson and to a lesser degree, Marco Rubio. Undeniably, Trump toppled the tower, but it was Cruz in the CNBC debate who battered their walls and took the castle. Queen Megyn and her subjects do not like this turn of events one bit.

Kelly has succumbed to the spotlight. She believes she is more important than the material. It is understandable, fame has a way of inuring to the benefit of the famous and no one else, having the effect of convincing the famous their fame is good for the world. Kelly used to be a conscientious reporter of the news. She is now a partisan for the monolith.

The media are circling the wagons, FOX among them. Dana Perino, another intelligent, beautiful member of the FOX clan is sliding the Kelly way. Her tart remonstrances of Trump’s counterpunches reveal her loyalty to the Bush clan though she makes a grudging effort to be fair…and fails. Again, her actions are understandable, but not in keeping with her job. To be watched and adored by millions is alluring to the point of addiction, but like any addiction, celebrity has a way of becoming the most important thing in the addict’s life.

To say that FOX is fair and balanced in the first place is entirely inaccurate as it would be to say it is the mouthpiece of the right. It is neither, nor is it an alternative to the mainstream media the way they subtly have you believe. FOX is mainstream media and Kelly underscores that fact wonderfully as her inability to hide a personal dislike of Donald Trump is undeniable, so much so she makes no attempt whatsoever to hide it.

Kelly’s ongoing quarrel with Trump hearkens to “a woman scorned”. She hasn’t gotten over the negative response from a sizeable portion of the viewing public over her foolish question about Trump’s treatment of women in the first debate. She blames Trump. In the immediate aftermath Kelly seemed stunned that her wit, intelligence and beauty were not enough to carry the entire crowd to her side. It struck the prideful beauty right in her bubble. Not overtly, but clearly nonetheless, she is still seething over what to her must have been a body shake back to the reality her audience does not entirely agree she’s all that.

Rather than begin with, this is not a defense of Donald Trump, it is here at the end. Donald Trump needs no defense from here or anywhere else for that matter. This is more an underline of what has become achingly obvious, the mainstream media is the most scurrilous evil to have ever soiled the fabric of American society and culture. Megyn Kelly is a symptom of the disease as are many of her colleagues at FOX. If there is an exception it is Sean Hannity alone. Even the vaunted Bill O’Reilly has capitulated, his book about Reagan coming under severe scrutiny as being more a sensational hit-piece than anything resembling historical truth.

The new media is no better. It is the perverted offspring of the mainstream media. And while social media is ablaze with tirades against Megyn Kelly and others in her field, she has legions of supporters, mostly men who value her looks above her intellect judging by the comments, tweets etc.

Therein lies the problem for not only Kelly and cohorts, but for everyone subject to the pap served up by them as news. Journalism itself is a comic book superhero. Journalism 101 should begin with students reading and adhering to what Dickens’ character Thomas Gradgrind stated as his philosophy of teaching though Dickens intention was to illustrate the rigidity of a system without soul.

“Now, what I want is, facts”, Gradgrind said. “Teach these boys and girls nothing but facts. Facts alone are wanted in life. Plant nothing else, and root out everything else. You can only form the minds of reasoning animals upon facts: nothing else will ever be of any service to them.”

Dickens idea of a system with soul makes sense for a population as a whole, but it should not be the foundation of a reporter’s. The mainstream media’s philosophy has become all soul, but soul with absolutely no substance, there is nothing so empty. MSNBC best illustrates the point, but FOX and Kelly are not far behind.

Finally, it would also be well for all mainstream media types, especially Ms. Kelly, to remember John Updike’s admonishment, “Celebrity is a mask that eats into the face.”


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Two things happened last night that should be considered political bellwethers: Matt Bevin, a conservative Republican businessman with little prior political experience beat his Democrat rival, Kentucky Attorney General, Jack Conway, for the Governorship. By all accounts it was a massive victory in a state that elected Democrats to the office in 40 of the last 44 years.

There is more to the story however as concerns the presidential race. In addition to the Kentucky election making clear Democrats are in deep trouble, the race is also a statement on the depth of trouble polling organizations are in as well. Yesterday the polls had Bevin on the losing end with 42% versus his opponent’s 43%. Yet Bevin won by almost nine points taking 52.5% versus Conway’s 43.8%. Bevin won all but 14 of the state’s 120 counties.

The other major victory and signal of the political pendulum swinging right is the repudiation by Houston, Texas voters of an anti-discrimination ordinance shoved down their throats by its openly lesbian mayor, Annise D. Parker and a complicit city council. According to the New York Times, “A yearlong battle over gay and transgender rights that turned into a costly, ugly war of words between this city’s lesbian mayor and social conservatives ended Tuesday as voters repealed an anti-discrimination ordinance that had attracted attention from the White House, sports figures and Hollywood celebrities.”

In Houston’s case, the vote wasn’t even close as the ordinance was struck down by a whopping 22% margin 61% to 39%. In spite of the overwhelming rejection of her forced ordinance, Mayor Parker told a crowd of 100 supporters she was not done with the fight. She is emblematic of the problem Democrats are facing, Americans have had it with them for the fact they won’t take no for an answer.

All politics, as Tip O’Neal posited, being local, it isn’t so important the ordinance was smacked down as much as the voting results are in a larger sense indicative of the country’s mood in relation to Obama’s policies, the influence of Hollywood and sports figures and the Democrat agenda in general. It has been written on these pages on several occasions over the last few years that Americans have had enough. It has also been written that though it takes Americans a long time to pay attention, once they do, critical mass is reached very quickly.

Conservatives should be buoyed by the results of both the Kentucky gubernatorial race and Houston’s vote on a broad, offensive anti-discrimination ordinance, but not to the point of complacency. Conservatism has won a couple of battles, small as they may be in the greater context, but the war is far from over. To repair the damage inflicted on the United States by the left will take a civil war lasting at least as long as the one they’ve waged and it will take a great deal more than a few elections won out of flashes of anger and frustration. The left understands this which is why though they lose and sometimes lose big as in the 2014 Congressional election, they understand America’s penchant for settling right back into its natural state of complacency. In the face of losses great and small, the left continues to fight and they will not stop until they are totally obliterated. Defeating the left is a full time job which must be undertaken by All Americans all the time for the foreseeable future and beyond.

Like any successful undertaking, especially warfare, to win back the United States requires a detailed plan of action. It must include the same methodology of inculcation the left has been so adept at using over the last fifty years. It means winning elections at the local level, especially seats on school boards. Educating the next generations is the most fundamental aspect of such a plan. It will require a broad revisiting of what passes for subject matter in schools today, but before curricula change is imposed, there must be a total revamping of the system to mirror the very best aspects of capitalism beginning with school choice. Once America does away with its public school systems as they contemporarily exist the end of liberalism will be at hand. It will die as America rises once more.

The plan must also include controlling the media. It cannot be done overtly, but it can be done by subversion precisely the way it has been done by the left over the last two generations. The way to approach controlling the media is again by using the precepts of capitalism, purchasing their stock then influencing their corporate mentality including hiring practices. Mutual funds and other such investment vehicles should be established in which average conservative Americans can invest for the sole purpose of gaining majority shares in the most powerful media outlets including major film studios. Consider how much money is raised by political PACs each election cycle that could be better utilized in buying controlling shares in the major media.

Control the schools, control the media, control the message and you control the country and its government. It is a long term plan that should and must be prepared and put into place immediately. If it isn’t, no matter how many elections are won by the right, the country will not survive.


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Germany is committing suicide and we’d better pay close attention. The hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees swarming into the country, welcomed with open arms by a madwoman, Chancellor Angela Merkel, have already made it clear their goal is not to resettle and assimilate, it is to dominate. Merkel is apparently okay with that as are her supporters in the German Bundestag. According to Bloomberg Business, “Merkel is in no immediate political danger from lawmakers who don’t have any appetite to topple her.”

There is however a growing opposition among the German people and it is becoming understandably violent. The British news outlet, Express, is reporting that over the weekend, “refugees were subjected to abuse, firebombs and even attacked with baseball bats as opposition continues to spike against Angela Merkel’s open-door policy to migrants.” The report continues, “The weekend also saw huge rifts appear between Mrs. Merkel’s CDU (Christian Democratic Union) party and her sister CSU (Christian Social Union) party in Bavaria which is demanding a closure of Germany’s frontier with Austria to any more migrants.  The violence of the weekend will only increase unease among her southern allies.” And yet the Muslim refugees, the vast majority of whom are young men, continue to flood into Europe, Germany being their favored destination.

This is what happens when the political class refuses to obey the directions of the governed. Merkel’s CDU party’s approval ratings have slipped from 43% to 36% since August, but it has not affected her migrant policy. This while migrants and indigenous Germans continue to clash.

Yesterday, November 1, 2015, ran a piece quoting Pamela Geller, the well-known critic of Islam and its worldwide intentions who wrote, “Recently one such member of the ‘religion of peace’ allegedly warned a German citizen, who was taking video of him, that ‘Islam is coming and your daughters will wear the hijab,’” Frightening enough as a threat, but not nearly as frightening as the truth of the man’s following statement: “You Germans don’t have children. You have at most two kids. We have 7 or 8. Ok, my friend? And then we take four women, then we have 22 children.”

The statement is fact and it is applicable to all Western countries including the United States where on average 1.2 million abortions have been performed every year since 1973 and the birthrate is at the lowest it’s ever been in spite of a 1% increase in 2014 from 2013, the only increase in the previous seven years according to USA Today’s Jennifer Calfas.

There is obvious significance to the correlation between the population of our enemies and our own. Short of advanced weapons of mass destruction to fight a war with them, a conventional conflict would see masses of enemy forces pitted against far fewer of us, the outcome inevitable. But what if the plan is to simply invade Western countries as refugees and illegal or legal immigrants? Collapse from within becomes equally inevitable.

Is the answer closed borders and more children? In a word, yes as evidenced by the supremely logical argument rendered above. To ignore his logic is to capitulate to Islam.

The necessity for an increase in Western population is not a new concept of which Westerners are ignorant. At the 2010 Unite In Action Liberty Xpo in Washington, D.C. Nonie Darwish, an Egyptian-American activist and founder of Arabs for Israel delivered a speech on the horrors of Islam via the imposition of Shariah law. During the question and answer phase of the discussion, a man in the crowd stood up and asked about the proliferation of births in the Muslim world versus the decline in the West. He then admonished women in the audience that they better start having more babies. Yet it appears Western culture is ambivalent.

Equally clear and ironic is that while Christian tradition has long been associated with large families as it purports to be a culture of life, it has also become distinct from Western culture as it has evolved in liberal-socialist countries including the United States, which is one of death. To combat encroaching Islam, Western culture must change or submit, as is the case unfolding in Germany, to its total control.

Germany’s path to self-destruction may be the result of a delusional government headed by a madwoman. We can say the same about ours. The Obama administration’s foreign affairs policy is fundamentally based on a an unreal view of the world. That or Obama is intentionally serving America up to its enemies slice by slice.

The United States can avoid Germany’s fate by ridding itself of the liberal-Washington cabal which will unfortunately take time we may not have as it will have to be done over a generation of elections removing the political class from its entrenchment. Even then the task will not be easy insofar as we never seem to know who is a member and who isn’t. Politicians like Paul Ryan, John Boehner and Kevin McCarthy are emblematic of the charade that passes for governance in the United States and puts the country at risk by refusing to fight Obama and his policies regarding immigration and Islam in general. They are part of the system thus part of the problem and yet they rode into Washington on promises to do the opposite.

The answer is overthrowing the entire Washington establishment, but it cannot be accomplished without the overthrow of a culture that allows its existence as it is which insures we will be overrun by our enemies who have a very real plan for their future while a liberal Utopian fantasy is ours.





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The disgrace that is the Republican Senate’s dead-of-night capitulation to Obama and the Democrats on spending will follow them all to the next election. While it may have been a sound tactical move politically for shoving a contentious issue to the sidelines until the election, it was a craven disavowal of patriotism and honor and a repudiation of the people who sent them to Washington with the strict instructions to stop the spending. Voters will not forget, nor will they forgive the con job that was the Republican bill of goods sold to America last cycle.

The Republican establishment has no honor whatsoever, the rank are now fully aware of it and are forming to rebel in very possibly a way not seen since just before the Civil War. Mark Levin is right, a third party is now inevitable unless there is an insurgency brought about by the rank and file to radically change the makeup of the Republican party for it has become more evil and corrupt than can be described and is a greater enemy to the people than the Democrat party. The old guard must be removed en masse, cut out like the cancer they are.

If they are entrenched to the point they cannot be removed the question becomes, how do we put together a third party of sufficient size to win elections? The answer is the same one fundamental to any political endeavor, planning for and organizing a massive ground game. The problem is it will take several cycles and America is out of time.

Clearly the last Republican debate, another absolute disgrace for the way CNBC’s moderators comported themselves, was illustrative of the divide that exists between the establishment political class and the rest of us. Bush’s smackdown at the hands of Marco Rubio looked like comeuppance for a bullying older brother, but in a larger sense it was the new facing down the old and politely telling him his day has passed.

Rubio’s dispatch of Jeb Bush aside, it was Ted Cruz’s night for giving better than any of the candidates received. His utter destruction of the moderators vaulted him to the winner’s spot regardless of what the snap polls said or any other subsequent polls will say. His was the finest performance of the night followed by Rubio’s, both of them delivered with such pinpoint accuracy the audience instantly responded with loud applause and cheers.

Therein is the point regarding the emergence of a third party. The divide between establishment candidates like Bush, Kasich and to a certain extent Christie, exists in that they are politicians first and principled second. It isn’t that they are bad people, it’s that they see politics as an end unto itself. To them, the game is often more important than the results. That paradigm no longer works, ironically they are the part of the reason why. The country has been force-fed so much politics and government it is about to vomit.

Trump’s campaign is testament to it. Built on the anger and angst millions feel, there is deep resentment over being lied to by the Democrats and betrayed by the Republicans. There is tremendous worry that we are losing the country. Trump’s call to “Make America Great Again” is simple and effective, but it is equally vague. Then there is Trump’s personality. Many people do not want to see us trade the other side’s egomaniac for our own, regardless his good intentions.

Marco Rubio is as bright and as polished as they come with a personal story that hearkens back to the American dream while it speaks to new generations who, after the total failure of liberal policies have come to believe there is no path like Rubio’s available to them. On the downside, Rubio is still a politician, perhaps a new kind of politician, but a politician nonetheless.

Carly Fiorina is smart, sharp, shrewd and immensely intelligent. More than that, she gets it and if she isn’t the Republican candidate for President, she should be on the ticket. There is no downside to Carly Fiorina as the candidate or the running mate.

That Cruz had his breakout moment in the CNBC debate is not at all surprising, nor is it surprising he gauged the sense of the audience both in the hall and watching on television with regard the moderators. He would not have been Ted Cruz had he not seized the opportunity to turn the debate on its ears by castigating the moderators for being nothing more than unleashed Democrat attack dogs. This is not to say his outrage was phony, it is to say he has the pulse of the people because it is his pulse as well. He actually believes in the America of our forefathers. He believes in the majesty of the Constitution. He believes in the singular greatness of the United States. Cruz believes so strongly he is willing to take the slings and arrows from every corner of the battlefield including that commanded by his own party. In short, Cruz fights and fights well because he has no fear as a result of his belief system.

While Marco Rubio has a compelling personal story, a total command of his subject matter and is as articulate as any candidate on that stage or any other, it is Ted Cruz whose entire career is based on principles from which he has never varied. What Cruz believes and says are the same today as they were years ago. The political winds, though they be category five, have never blown him off his foundation. If someone of steadfast principle is what the country needs, and it is submitted here enthusiastically that it does, Ted Cruz should be nominated by the Republicans and elected by the American voters. If someone like Cruz isn’t, a third party will arise and it will polarize the country even further for decades. By that time, the United States of America will be a shadow of itself or part of a caliphate.


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My first instinct was to sit down and write a scathing, hateful piece about the media in general and CNBC’s panel of…I don’t know what you want to call them, moderators, no they weren’t moderating…whatever they were doing last night during the Republican debate. Attack dogs, they couldn’t have been more vicious or obvious in their intent. But then along comes Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. I didn’t write what I wanted last night because Rubio and especially Ted Cruz said it far better than I could write it.

Ted Cruz’s remarkable takedown of the CNBC panelists and his condemnation of the mainstream media in general garnered the greatest reaction from the crowd, positive reaction I might add and deservedly so although my reasons for cheering are probably not why others did. I cheered because Ted Cruz displayed his genius for taking a risk and seizing an opportunity. His blasting the panel may have fallen flat had not he read the tea leaves so accurately and at precisely the right moment. It amounted to a sublime breakout and may well propel him to the top.

Yet it was more than just Cruz skewering the panelists. The fact that Rubio also joined in to castigate the media and the obvious consensus of the candidates regarding the media brought home a significant point in direct contradiction to the media’s ongoing story. There may be competition among the candidates, but there is no disarray, confusion or out and out civil war. Last night clearly showed unity within the ranks against Hillary Clinton and the mainstream media, two things millions upon millions of Americans love to hate if the response of the crowd was any indication.

Along with the most despicable set of so-called journalists we have had to endure so far this election season, Jeb Bush destroyed any chance he had of winning the nomination. By attacking Marco Rubio he looked like a bullying older brother. In so doing he gave Rubio the most golden of opportunities to do what Rubio does best, be disarmingly charming and smooth as a placid lake. Bush must have gone home wringing his hands over a dumb line of attack his handlers evidently advised him to pursue. He will take himself out of the running soon.

Carly Fiorina maintained her steadfast, dignified and abundantly prepared persona, sufficient to make one feel she should be the nominee, but that sadly she mostly likely will not. There was so much talent on the stage, rising above the competition would have been difficult for Ronald Reagan. Still, if by some miracle Mrs. Fiorina did become the Republican nominee she would have exuberant, enthusiastic broad support here and elsewhere.

Among the losers were Bush, John Kasich and Rand Paul. It is unfortunate for the country Bobby Jindal wasn’t there in Paul’s place. Had he the opportunity, Governor Jindal would have taken many on the stage and all the panelists to school on several subjects.

The point is, Republicans have shown themselves to be loaded with talent, a bench so deep only Yogi Berra’s description of “deep depth” could do it justice. And yet with such depth it is hard to select a standout. Any one of them aside from Bush, Kasich and Paul could make a justifiable case for being President.

History will reflect on this particular Presidential race as one of the most important in history as well as one of the most enjoyable. What we are seeing is the best of our republican form of democracy in the modern age with multiple Republican candidates featuring outsiders who have garnered popular support in an era of instantaneous communication directly with potential voters, bypassing the mainstream media to their consternation.

With Cruz exposing the mainstream media for what they are, America won the debate last night. The event should rock the mainstream media to its foundation and hopefully force a period of introspection so intense it will change them altogether, a fantasy of course, but last night’s smackdown was as real as it gets nevertheless.


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For several years on this site I have railed against Downstate liberals for choking off what could be a total economic revival in Upstate, New York.  In December of 2012 I addressed a group of concerned Upstate citizens.  In that speech I decried our inability to break free of Downstate political tyranny and suggested Upstate vote itself out of union with Downstate.  The concept is an old one, testament to the difficulty of actually doing it.  But we have reached critical economic mass Upstate and it is indicative, on a liberal state scale, of how liberalism not only stifles economic expansion, it kills it.

Why is New York one of the worst states in the Union in terms of business development?  Because its political leaders want it that way.  Albany is as much a cesspool as Washington, worse since there is absolutely no opposition to the Democrat stranglehold which has effectively driven massive numbers of citizens out of the state.

Enough complaining however.  People want solutions, not whining.  And if a picture is worth a thousand words, here are six that will leave you speechless.  They represent the key to a potential revival Upstate New York has never experienced:

mean conventional gas mean coalbed methane mean tight gas mean shale gas total mean gas total mean undiscovered oilAs you can see, there is enough energy (1.14 QUADRILLION cubic feet of natural gas alone) right under our feet to power the entire United States, massive economic and industrial expansion included in the calculation, for at least 100 to 200 years.

I rest my case for separating Upstate from Downstate, New York and developing the entire country’s energy potential.


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Normally, these posts deal with national or international issues. The discussion is most often about right versus left (wrong), ramping up the talk of rebellion against the political class, chopping government into tiny pieces the better to flush down freedom’s toilet, lambasting the hypocrisy that is the Democrat party, generally fun stuff meant to gin up support for turning ploughshares back into swords.

A more local issue has arisen which is emblematic of how liberalism and its perversion of history undermine the economic, political and social wellbeing of the country. It is a spat between the people of New York State and the Oneida Indian Nation (OIN).

The OIN owns and operates the Turning Stone casino in Verona, New York some short distance from the cities of Utica and Rome. It is considered a Class III gaming facility by New York State compact (formal agreement) with the tribe. New York also has compacts with the Seneca Nation of Indians and the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe. For those of you who may not know your history, they date back to the Iroquois Nation which consisted of the Seneca, Mohawk, Oneida, Cayuga and Onondaga tribes.

According to Oneida County’s official website, “In the 1970’s, Indian tribes began federal actions alleging rights of possession to millions of acres of their ancestral lands later acquired by the states and now occupied by citizens, businesses and municipalities.” They claimed a 1795 treaty with New York transferring the land to the state “was void, as the federal government had never ratified the transfer. The defendant counties then brought the State of New York into the action.”

The subsequent legal mess brought into jeopardy the homes and businesses of approximately “20,000 innocent landowners” in Oneida and Madison counties. According to a spokesman in the Oneida County Executive’s office, a settlement has been reached, but it remains unclear who is responsible for paying the tab on forty-five years of litigation plus the settlement itself. One way or another, the money will have to come from taxpayers not Indians since they don’t pay taxes.

The starting point of the litigation is important. The late sixties and early seventies amounted to the dawn of extreme liberalism in the United States, the OIN leaders were not unaware of the opportunity it offered. Now Indians could join the ever-growing list of minorities demanding social justice in the form of other people’s money. The Indians however were not looking as much for welfare as they were for “an advantage” as Chief Dan George observed in the movie, The Outlaw Josey Wales.

The advantage the OIN found was in fact a liberal agenda which elevated victimhood to the level of sainthood. After seeing how successful had been the black minority in making their demands, they rightly concluded the way forward was to force the white man to look backward. Pump enough shame and guilt on whitey for the perceived injustices of the past and he will become putty in your hands. Once the fleeced become used to being fleeced in this manner the disadvantaged victim could continue fleecing by making sure the debt was as infinite as the wrong perpetrated. White Americans were made to see they, through their ancestors, had sinned against minorities, they then had to accept the necessity for permanent penance.

There is a problem with con jobs like the above, the con gets old. Even those who may have believed there was some justification in the original claims of minorities who were mistreated in the past, the transfer of trillions they earned, the tendency is to say, “Enough is enough.” Where we come to loggerheads is at the point when minorities vehemently reply, “There is never enough.”

This is the case with the OIN in their dispute over a casino being developed in Seneca County, New York called the Lago Resort. Lago of course will compete with the OIN’s Turning Stone, something CEO and Oneida Indian, Ray Halbritter does not want, and for good reason. A competing casino will break the OIN’s monopoly most certainly drawing revenues from the Turning Stone and perhaps worse, employees.

Indian owned casinos are notorious for paying their employees as little as possible. In economically ravaged areas like Upstate New York they can get away with it since jobs are extremely difficult to find. With a very real probability the OIN would be facing competition on both fronts, Halbritter pushed the panic button after New York State’s Resort Gaming Facility Location Board picked the Seneca County town of Tyre for the Lago Resort and Casino which is but 75 miles from the Turning Stone. Presently airing all over New York is a television ad which disingenuously arrives at the conclusion any competition anywhere near the Turning Stone is bad in every way. The ad is ludicrous and stupid. Anyone who buys into its pitch is in need of a primary education. Any resident of Upstate New York, if not opposed to gambling on its face will testify to the absolutely desperate need for jobs, any kind of jobs.

Elizabeth Doran of quoted OIN spokesman Michael McKeon as arguing “Lago will kill jobs and actually reduce gaming revenue for the state by cannibalizing existing facilities.” He went on to claim Lago will merely take employees from the Turning Stone rather than bring in new people.

The argument is specious, it’s goal transparent. The unemployment rate in Upstate New York has been chronically high for decades. The idea that new jobs won’t be created for those presently unemployed is preposterous. It certainly isn’t as if Turning Stone employees will up and quit unless the wage differential is meaningful, another concern for Halbritter and tribe.

Casinos in general employ sometimes thousands of people. Like all other companies in the same industry when they are forced to compete, the market addresses problems such as which attracts the better workers. Presumably, better wages will attract better employees. With its history, the Turning Stone may find themselves in the midst of a brain drain unless they up the ante in that regard.

It’s a double whammy going straight to Halbritter’s bottom line that is not lost on Lago which “fired back at the Oneida Nation today, saying the Oneidas have enjoyed a 20-year monopoly and will soon have to compete.”

As they did against Madison and Oneida counties 45 years before, the OIN looked to the courts as victim plaintiffs, but have not been successful. Doran quotes Lago spokesman Steven Greenberg, “The Oneidas are stooping to a new low. It’s blatant self-interest at its worst. I guess their funding of lawsuits against Lago have not stopped the project so they’re going for a ‘Hail Mary’ pass. That won’t work either.”

The Oneidas are in the same position as many so-called minorities in the United States due to a terrible economy, political tyranny and general malaise. When you put the three together you end up with a very restive population seething with anger at having been taken advantage of forcibly for almost fifty years by a radical liberal agenda which used diversity to keep Americans separated into groups instead of uniting them. Broke, unhappy, fearful of their futures and their children’s, Americans, especially white Americans feel put upon having been made the scapegoats for every negative aspect of contemporary American life. The minority dog won’t hunt any longer however.

The great awakening is upon us and the realities will be dealt with by necessity. No one alive is responsible for the Indians losing their lands to white settlers. None of us are responsible for enslaving black people either. On the contrary, many of us are responsible for righting past wrongs, yet all of us are responsible for letting the country slip away into liberal madness.

A blind man can see Americans are sick of the distinctions they’ve had shoved down their throats and the costs associated with making them. Equally clear, minority status no longer means what it once did and Indians, like all other minorities had better get used to it. The rest of us have.


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I’d like to think myself a patriot who holds out hope for a rebellion that must come. Having spent the better part of my life a student of political systems and government administration, their histories, the rise and fall of entire cultures over time, it has become impossible to ignore the signs of imminent collapse here in the United States unless we face the threat. We have history to explain what will happen if we do not.

It is widely, and wrongly assumed Rome died of dissipation, that decadence and corruption killed it. And while the parallels are somewhat difficult to draw precisely, three millennia making any such comparison a stretch, there are warning signs we share.

Romans lost their identity along the way. During the era of the Republic as opposed to that of the Caesars (Empire), Romans knew who they were. They identified with their land, culture and system of government. It was by no means perfect, but to be a Roman was to be a part of greatness, every Roman knew it, felt it, believed in it. It is why Roman citizenship was so prized.

Part of Rome’s greatness was its ability to conquer and in so doing it grew into an empire. Conquest not only brought increased power and wealth, it brought other cultures under Roman rule. Many of those cultures were intentionally absorbed, their people given Roman citizenship, but there were devastating consequences for such largesse, consequences no Roman Senator or Caesar could foresee until they were upon Rome itself.

Conquered though they were and presumably happy they did not suffer the fate of Carthage, most foreign cultures nevertheless did not assimilate, they remained foreign. And though the conquered provided Rome with millions of slaves to do the work average Romans were being paid to do, the net effect did not make life better for the masses, it displaced them with people who could not care less about Rome or Roman culture.

Rome did not decline out of moral degeneracy, it declined economically. With millions of Roman workers displaced by foreign slaves, government had to become the people’s caretaker, something the Roman government could not afford over time, but something Romans came to expect, then demand. Rome had set itself on the path of a slow and agonizing death by a thousand strokes. The value of being a Roman citizen declined commensurately to a point where being a Roman meant little or nothing since anyone could be a Roman, even foreign slaves had a path to citizenship. By the fourth century, Rome was no longer Rome the way we oftentimes think of it. It was lost.

You can see the parallels however faintly between the decline of Rome and that of the United States. We are losing our identity a part of which is rugged individualism and Western Judeo-Christian values. We are being flooded with illegal immigrants who take work from Americans who then find themselves turning to government for their sustenance. There is abject hopelessness all around as concerned Americans find themselves outnumbered by people who don’t care about America much less being an American.

Rome was ultimately assaulted by so-called barbarians, its wealth stripped away bit by bit, its people slaughtered or enslaved. In the last days the once proud empire was a shell of itself, forced to pay tribute to marauding tribes just to avoid being wiped from existence. In the end it took far less time to bring down the great Empire than it did to build it. Left in ruins, some we can see today, Rome the city, the great metropolis and much of the Italian peninsula had been plundered, its indigenous people dispersed, its greatness banished to history.

Some historians say Rome’s decline and fall were inevitable. Perhaps. But history has a way of laying out a roadmap for those studying it such that the mistakes of the past can be avoided by future generations. The United States of America need not decline and fall, but it must awaken quickly if it is to avoid making the same mistakes as other cultures and societies who allow themselves to be weakened into a hopelessness decreed by its political class and the government it controls.

It could be that if Romans understood what was happening to them, they would have fought to prevent it. We do know what is happening and we also know who it is that is intent on destroying the country. You don’t need to be a political wonk to see it is the liberal left in the United States who make up the most pressing danger America faces. There are only two solutions to the problem and it may be too late for one of them. Americans can either vote for conservatives like they have never voted before in their lives or we can fight in the streets. The former may no longer be possible, the latter is therefore inevitable, our decline and fall as well since more than history teaches, Jesus himself said it, “And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.”


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