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The Scottish version is, “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft agley”. It’s taken from a poem written in 1785 by Robert Burns, the rough translation of which is contained in American John Steinbeck’s “Of Mice And Men”. He wrote, “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”

This is the case for the Democrat plan to pack the country with illegal refugees. They, the Democrats, are under the impression these people will, if allowed to stay, be forever grateful to the party which championed their cause. The problem with that plan is its premise.

It is typical of liberals, they think the rest of us are too stupid and one dimensional not to think beyond what they believe about us. By us, I mean anyone who is not a part of the liberal power elite. But if you look at the immigrant experience in this country, it is clear liberals have perverted the facts to fit their fantasy world. The immigrant experience has never been one of sucking on the government nipple forever. On the contrary it has been pretty much the same for every ethnic group with the exception of black people, but that is an entirely different story with entirely different causations. The plain fact is, most of the Mexicans and others of Hispanic background who do come to this country illegally or legally, come for the same reason Italians, Germans and the Irish came, to find work and live better. That is a fact of human nature as a function of the American immigrant experience, not an exception to it.

The driving force behind similarities in the immigrant experience for these people is family. The Hispanic, Latino or whatever you want to call their culture (I’ll use Hispanic since for the most part they all have their roots in the Spanish language) is largely about family. Where there is family, there is a sense of responsibility which translates into a need to provide. The Hispanic family structure lends itself to an almost automatic establishment of rules and regulations derived from traditions which are fundamentally no different than other western European traditions. With the same exceptions all other ethnic groups display, Hispanics have a work ethic that cannot be denied. The problem is enough work for everyone who wants it, Hispanic and otherwise.

The Hispanic family tradition also extends itself to a desire for their children to have a better life than their parents. Whether it be through work, education or a combination of both, the Hispanic dream is the same as every other ethnicity’s, to earn enough to live well.

What problem we have with illegal aliens is not as much their fault as it is Democrats here at home. To encourage illegal immigration as a means of gaining and retaining power is as cruel as was slavery. Democrats are simply recruiting people to do their bidding without paying them. What is the difference between that kind of slavery and any other? And, as if encouraging illegal immigration isn’t enough, Democrats at the same time appear to be encouraging hatred for the very country into which those same illegal immigrants are so desperately seeking entry. Listen to the likes of Congressman Luis Gutierréz (D-IL), what you will hear is vitriol laced with sentences like, “It is almost as if they despise and hate all of our children.” Such statements are meant to separate Hispanics from the rest of America, it is the same tactic used by people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. In the long run, if conservatives follow through on my suggestions below, Gutierréz and rank liberal politicians like him will fail.

The fact that government has proven itself to be the absolute worst means of providing people with the necessities of life is irrefutable, Hispanics know this. Educated Hispanics like Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz understand this completely. They know a liberal system of government is unnatural to Hispanics for it attempts to strip them of their intrinsic desire to work their way to wealth so as to provide for their families. That desire can only be sustained through the freedom and independence necessary for unhampered pursuit of their goal. It is a powerful reason why illegals try so desperately to remain under the radar. Being caught here as an illegal doesn’t mean they’ll be deported as much as it means they will become part of the system, the very one that takes the earnings of legitimate citizens and redistributes it to others who don’t have their work ethic or family traditions. It is bound to frustrate them as it does the rest of America.

Therefore, to suggest that the Democrat plan for packing the system with new Democrats is inevitable if we don’t shutter our country immediately is to ignore the larger picture which involves an assessment of human wants and needs and the innate desire to satiate them. And while closing the borders is an absolute must, once they are secure it is essential for conservatives to begin an outreach which demonstrates to Hispanics they will not be granted blanket amnesty, but they will be given a path to citizenship along with the Constitutional guarantees which offer the right to work themselves to wealth without assistance from the government. Then it is incumbent on conservatives to remove as much government as possible from the equation such that all people residing in the United States can be free to pursue their individual dreams. Such a plan will work if we get rid of old attitudes and rely on the fundamentals of human nature so eloquently embodied in our founding documents. After all, they aren’t specific to people from only one part of the world, they are significant for their universality. Even Muslims understand the value inherent in freedom and liberty, but they are shackled by a destructive set of religious beliefs the rest of the world understands must be defeated before they can enter the community of mankind.

One final note, conservatives must have a plan for recapturing our country. It should be designed with fundamental components in mind. First, there is a need for stealthy public relations regarding the benefits of conservatism and capitalism under our Constitution, but equally important is the infiltration of our education system. Jefferson wisely observed, “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.” But he could never have imagined that the system through which generations of Americans would be educated would itself be ignorant and willfully so.

Taking back our country from liberals means embracing that which we may find disagreeable today, but fighting fire with fire, propaganda with propaganda is essential to start. It will be a slow process, but we were slow getting to this point. A comprehensive plan and the patience to execute it properly is what we need.



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In which Peter blasts “Dear Leader”…and we’re not talking about Kim Jong Un either.

Then, as if that’s not enough, Peter turns his attention to Ferguson, Missouri.

After which he rips to shreds ISIL or ISIS or whatever the Islamo-terrorists are calling themselves today for making the ridiculous claim they will bathe in our blood.

To top off the program, Peter discusses the sham that is Rick Perry’s indictment.

It’s all good stuff.


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Yeah, and we don’t like Adam Bak either.


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As promised, a legitimate evisceration of a company and its leader for scamming consumers with a phony rebate offer.  Listen below, then read below that or read first and listen later because there’s so much more on this GIGANTIC carnival called The Peter Fusco Program.


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Consumer Alert!

If you are considering purchasing Vesica vodka, here’s a piece of advice: DON’T. Now I’ll tell you why.

For months Adamba Imports International, Inc., of 585 Meserole Street, Brooklyn, New York 11237, 718-628-9700, a private company run by Mr. Adam Bak has been offering a three dollar ($3.00) or a five dollar ($5.00) rebaadamba_1689te on their 1 liter and 1.75 liter bottles respectively. Not a bad deal, right? Wrong. What Adamba does is offer only a one-time rebate, that is, you can only get the rebate for one bottle per person per household, yet they tagged every bottle offering the rebate. Take a look at the photos herein, both front and rear. You will note the fine print on the reverse side is so fine you have to put it under a microscope to read it.

Clearly, Adamba and its grand poobah, Adam Bak intentionally baited customersadamba_1690 by using the tags on each bottle to suggest if you bought any one, you would receive a rebate on it. I don’t know how many people read the fine print on such offers, but Adamba’s intention to con the public is so obvious it is shameful and all for a lousy three or five bucks which for certain enticed me and I’m willing to bet thousands of others to purchase more than one bottle. Shame on me? Maybe, but I’ll keep at this Bak guy until he pays me. By the way, I already sent the complaint material into the New York State Attorney General’s Consumer Fraud Division. Let’s see what Eric Schneiderman will do about Adamba and Bak.

I of course complained to Adamba first, but Mr. Bak refused to return my call. And, if that’s not enough, try going to their website, As you will see it’s laughable. There is no website because they don’t want to hear from anyone about anything since the vast majority of visitors would be there to complain.

When I first called Adamba I reached the receptionist who can hardly speak English. She transferred me to another woman who also couldn’t speak English. I then left Adam Bak a message, but he didn’t return my call, again for the obvious reason, but I’m not sure it would have done either one of us any good if he had since like his underlings he and English are probably also estranged.

Here’s the rub Adam Bak: You and people like you come to our country, avail yourselves of our freedoms and economic opportunities and then you screw us. To describe you the way I would if I were back home in Utica and you cheated me and others the way you have, your ears would be blistered along with every other part of you. Actually, now that I think of it, you’d be out of business as a result of several reactions, some I can’t discuss here.Luksasowa

Truth is, Adamba Imports International, Inc. is a two-bit outfit doing business from some burrow in Brooklyn. If it can be compared to a person, it’s a punk looking for a beating. But, seeing as we can’t physically beat up a company, I suppose the next best thing is to eviscerate the organization routinely and loudly everywhere possible. How I love the Internet.

Now, if you really want a great potato vodka, let me suggest Luksusowa, there is no finer. Vesica is potato vodka you serve people you don’t like in hopes they’ll leave your party because it tastes so rotten. I bought it for precisely that reason and to give as gifts to people I can’t stand.

From now on I’ll buy Luksusowa exclusively, it’s only a couple of dollars more and I’ve sort of culled my relationships to people I actually like so there’s not much need anymore for sewer water masquerading as vodka…I mean Vesica.

Hopefully this little tirade alerts you my friends of a scabby scam perpetrated by foreigners who love our money, but hate us and our country. Mr. Bak, I hope ICE catches up with you and deports you to wherever you slithered from, but there’s probably not much of a chance they will since Obama won’t let them deport anyone especially pieces of crap like you.


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1.) The world is crashing down around us and he golfs.

2.) Media overdoes it again with the death of Robin Williams.

3.) New book in need of an agent (If you know one, refer one) “The Eight-Block Rule”

4.) And so much more.


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There is no proof Rome salted the ground in and around the city of Carthage toward the end of the Third Punic War, but even if legend, it is symbolic of Rome’s political, military and social culture insofar as making war is concerned. Contrary to popular belief, the Romans were not brutal by nature, they were efficient by necessity. The great monuments to that efficiency are still among us including aqueducts and roadways not to mention architecture, a science Rome brought to an art form. Rome made war the same way and it translated to the way they made peace, totally by force. In truth, the Roman method for creating peace began with war as the fastest, most effective way to create that peace. It was and remains a most efficient means.

What we are seeing across the globe is a rise in a form of madness under the guise of religion the response to which must be Roman in character and substance. The threat is that serious and different from anything that has come before in human history for its scale and fanaticism. When men and women truly believe the reward for slaughtering other people is a guaranteed slot in heaven, there is no defense except total war. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool.

Islam is not a philosophy. It’s adherents are not seeking to impose a social, economic or political system on us, they are intent on killing us or subjugating us under a form of religious madness. If the West continues to ignore what is clearly a threat against all humanity, we will find ourselves either capitulating to a slavery unlike any we’ve ever known or suffering through a nuclear storm. Either way, the warning signs are there, more clear than they ever were prior to World War II. At least then there was a pretense of compromise. Hitler may have been a madman, but he was not anything close to the madness of Islam.

Yet we are not at war with Islam alone. We are at war on another front no less evil and pernicious, liberalism. While not a religious faith per se, its staunchest adherents believe in it as strongly as do the most fanatical Muslims in Islam. In a way, it is more evil since liberals not only loath the other side, they loath themselves. In America and elsewhere throughout the world, it is manifested in a hatred for the very systems which allow them the freedom to hate. Like the most virulent forms of cancer, liberalism feeds off the host organism until it dies. It is more than the madness of Islam since its goal is suicide.

In a blind refusal to admit the incontrovertible fact, liberalism all over the world simply doesn’t work, not socially nor economically.  Far more profoundly, it does not work when dealing with enemies as determined as Islam since liberalism does not allow a recognition of Islam as the enemy. Instead, like Islam itself, liberals see the United States and to a similar degree, Christianity as their deadliest enemies.

If we really want to understand how we’ve arrived at a point where the world is on the edge of global war with Islam, all we need to do is look at our history over the last fifty years. The end product of American liberalism is Barack Hussein Obama and his total failure as a leader in desperate times. It is not simply a happenstance of fate that when we most need a Ronald Reagan or Winston Churchill, we have the most incompetent, feckless and weak individual in our history making decisions. It has been by design. America was sold a bill of goods by the political left and a complicit media. For fifty years and more they’ve been pounding into our collective heads how rotten we are with the intention of having us self-flagellate until we make reparations to the world for being successful and ironically its savior.

The fact that Barack Hussein Obama was a mistake and is now proven to be a disaster is also incontrovertible. But it is compounded by the inability to remove him from office and replace him not with another hapless boob like Joe Biden, but with someone who can rectify the errors they and their entire administration have committed in time to save the country.

Clearly, in this regard it is our system that needs fixing for in the final analysis the Constitution, written in an age of snail’s pace communication and an expectation of at least a modicum of national loyalty did not provide for immediate removal from office a president and administration who are leading us to ruin, perhaps purposely. The Founders wanted to force slowness on the impeachment process for fear of it becoming the weapon of choice for ill-conceived, arbitrary political vengeance. They never imagined the outcome of their purposeful impediments to quick and effective removal from office would in the 21st century be the very reason for the country’s rapid decline and potential defeat at the hands of determined enemies.

The pace of events today and in the future are increasing to the point of necessitating political rapid response. This nation and others facing the onslaught of Islam must be led by people who understand the wisdom of Rome’s war-making methodology. They must be willing to fight fire with fire for as long as it takes to eradicate the threat of Islam to the world.

As this writer has often stated in print and in speech, there is no gray on the palette of right and wrong. To this let it be added, there is no such thing as diplomacy or limited war when faced with evil incarnate. It is time we rethink our values as they apply to making war on such determined enemies as Islam and Liberalism. It is also time we resign ourselves to a basic fact of human existence, one Jesus warned us about in a rather obscure passage about the future, “And you shall hear of wars and rumors of wars…but the end is not yet come.”[1]

We must finally admit that peace is but a space of time between wars, that we will always be at war for it is a constant struggle of good versus evil and such a conflict has no end. If these are the end times and there is an anti-Christ, most certainly it is Islam. We must make all-out war on it or face our own extinction.


[1] Matthew 24:6


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Email to David Carr of the New York Times in response to his article: Print Is Down; and Now Out

Mr. Carr:

Your piece on print media covers 90% of the bases as to the medium’s demise.  It’s that other ten percent which conspicuously sticks out, but is rarely addressed by media lifers.  While not directed at you personally, I think it’s important to lay out the ten percent for your profession’s edification though their arrogance may preclude going on to the next sentence.  Indulge an old English teacher if you would.

I don’t know how, perhaps it’s because the media lives in a vacuum, but we, the consuming public don’t like you.  More than that, we don’t trust you.  And even more than that, we blame you for much of what we see that is wrong with our country and way of life.  For these reasons in addition to those you cited and/or alluded to, newspapers are, as you correctly stated, “out”.

But it’s not just newspapers in the position of fast becoming a memory, it’s the entire media complex as it exists.  One needn’t have a pair of eyes to see it.  Matt Drudge and Fox News consistently spank their mainstream competitors, isn’t there one person among you inquisitive enough to ask, “Why?”  What does it take for those in the boardrooms and editorial offices to conclude, “We might be on the wrong road here.”?  You are suitors for our attentions, but you bring us boxes of masticated candy and expect we won’t notice.  And now you lament our rejection.

It has to do with a street term, “being played.”  Where I grew up it was “being conned.”  You’ve been conning us for years.  Sooner or later every thinking person comes to terms with the realities, in this case, what is reported has nothing to do with the truth.  We’ve been flimflammed by a bunch of people who see their job as a daily routine of smashing round pegs into square holes.  It’s the agenda, stupid!

Had those in your profession stuck to the fundamental principles of journalism, few would have an argument to make against them and technology would not have become the enemy of print in the way it has.  Your colleagues abandoned the search for truth and directed themselves en masse to driving an agenda instead.  I am continually amazed at the surprise with which the mainstream media looks at how things have shaken out.  It’s as if you didn’t see this coming.  But what amuses me the most is how you people see the problem, understand the problem, then ignore the problem a la the old saw defining insanity.  Did you not think the consumer of your products would one day wake up and say, “Enough!”  It reminds me of the big three and their arrogance when building such junk for so many decades and then panicking when foreign automakers delivered a better product to a market drooling for alternatives.

It’s almost sad that the great, albeit perhaps historically inaccurate aura of truth in journalism has been tossed overboard for the collective desire to support a political agenda.  Journalism has become a prostitute.  She’s old and ugly now having wasted her prime with a pimp who used and abused her.  Now no one wants to look at her, much less pay for her services.

You’re right, print is dead, it committed suicide.

By the way, I enjoyed your piece very much.

Best regards,


Peter J. Fusco



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THE PETER FUSCO PROGRAM FOR AUGUST 8, 2014 – Part 2 On Common Core


Tomorrow’s show today…doesn’t get any better than this except for the next show.

More on Common Core from the Catholic perspective (applies to non-Catholics equally as well).

Today is Part 2 of  our discussion on the Cardinal Newman Society’s “10 Facts Every Catholic Should Know About The Common Core”.  It is must-listening for every concerned parent and grandparent with school-age children.  The 10 facts are applicable to public schools as well.


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THE PETER FUSCO PROGRAM FOR AUGUST 7, 2014 – Part 1 on Common Core


Today we discuss Common Core from the Catholic perspective although the reservations as discussed in The Cardinal Newman Society’s “10 Facts Every Catholic Should Know About Common Core” are generally applicable.  If you don’t know about Common Core, this is the place to go for a succinct presentation of its potential dangers.  Or, you could just listen to Peter, which is always preferable.


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