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Who should be the next president and why.


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Presidents are usually successful at foreign policy or domestic policy, rarely both. Still more rare is a president who is a failure at both. On the one hand we have Ronald Reagan who was not only responsible for the largest and longest peacetime expansion of the economy (so strong it lasted through the next two presidential terms), but his policies killed the Soviet Union.

On the other hand, we have Barack Obama, without question the country’s worst president in American history. A miserable failure both domestically and in foreign policy, America is stumbling along in at best an anemic economy. As of this writing over 92 million able-bodied, willing to work Americans are no longer in the labor force for lack of jobs, the highest percentage not just in the last forty or fifty years, but ever. His policies directly impact an immigration influx so devastating some rightly consider it an invasion. Certainly not entirely his fault, but he has allowed and in some cases encouraged an out-of-control federal government so pervasive it affects nearly two-thirds of the entire population directly and 100% indirectly. He has overseen and the evidence suggests authorized corruption in the IRS for the purposes of perverting the electoral system. There are a record 50 million people on food stamps, people who are presumably unable to afford to feed themselves in his economy.

More to the point and reminiscent of the previous holder of “Worst President” title, Jimmy Carter, America is suffering a malaise which has infected the body politic such that the voters of the country feel absolutely powerless to stop the slide.

In foreign policy, this president has projected weakness on such a scale our allies have been outrightly alienated while out enemies have been encouraged by our weakness to begin planning and preparing for our demise. The Iranian nuclear deal exemplifies the disaster that is the Obama/Clinton foreign policy.

So what does America need? First off, we need to raise our heads as a people and fight back against over 100 years of progressivism and 50 years of radical liberalism. This can only be accomplished by electing people, especially a president who will, once in office, do the will of the people as determined by those who elected him or her. America must elect an American patriot, perhaps not like Ronald Reagan, but entirely unlike Barack Obama who may claim citizenship, but hates his own country. Do we need a leader with charisma? Not really, obviously charisma does not necessarily translate into competence, it only feeds ego. Certainly the country doesn’t need another egomaniac, no matter what side of the aisle he pretends to be on at the moment.

Next, the candidate(s) must see Washington and the federal government as an enemy to be destroyed such that its ability to regain power is constitutionally limited with the people’s power to recall politicians made far easier so as to become a weapon of fear to every politician in office.

Term limits must be enacted and enforced. The dissolution of the political class must start now. Politics and public office must no longer be careers in America.

America needs a humble patriot with a straight conservative philosophy, a strict interpreter of the Constitution guided by Judeo/Christian values and a firm belief in capitalism as the economic engine that drives the country’s economy.

Most of all, America needs a fighter, someone who has guts and fortitude, someone with courage sufficient to make war on liberalism and anything else which seeks to destroy the mores, folkways, laws and traditions which have made this country the greatest in the history of the world. We need no apologist, nor do we need someone who runs around the world kowtowing to tin pot dictators and Islamic potentates.

Why is it every time we see a fighter among the crowd of candidates, one who will not knuckle under the pressure of the prevailing minorities, one who refuses to cater to the media, he or she not only survives the cut, but surges in popularity? It is, as has been stated here many times, a sign of the anger in America’s soul. The candidate who successfully taps into that anger, righteous as must be the response to it, the one who takes liberalism, the Democrat party and Hillary Clinton to task with the truth, honesty and righteousness will not only win the election, but the hearts of Americans who will gladly follow his or her lead forward.

Only three Republican candidates have displayed such characters, convictions and competence, Carly Fiorina, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. All the rest should get out of the race.


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No one should blame Roger Ailes and company for putting on a show last Thursday night. The FOX News network is, after all, a business in need of profits. The mainstream media would have consumers believe they’re in the same enterprise for altruism and truth, nothing more. The hypocrisy has not been lost on FOX viewers. The fact that FOX bucks the tyrants and allows the other side to be seen is precisely the reason it is successful and therefore profitable. All fine and good.

The legitimacy of making a profit will incite no discussion here. What will is the way. To label Thursday’s extravaganza a debate is to say Megyn Kelly is a journalist. It wasn’t and she isn’t. It was two hours of “gotcha” generally speaking and about ten minutes of personal confrontation between Ms. Kelly and Mr. Trump. Good, not great television, profitable indeed, but of no real value to the voters of this country at a time when America desperately needs information on who, what and why with regard presidential candidates.

The backslapping among FOX personalities after the charade made it all the more sickening. “Twenty-four million viewers” they crowed, but those viewers were cheated. Perhaps Kelly and her people think they did a service to the country, but they merely disappointed us. Worse, FOX, in one two hour program, became part of the mainstream media. It is a sad day for people on the right, but not one without hope.

Though they’ve gone to the dark side and there may seem like no alternative to FOX News for conservatives, bear in mind they are themselves part of the dying medium we know as television. Technically speaking, no matter how they dress the pig that is television news, the statistics indicate a massive drop in viewership across the board for the industry with a concomitant shift in news gathering by individuals through the Internet. Journalism is also dead as we know it, Megyn Kelly and the rest of the crew at FOX and other such outlets are being transmogrified before our eyes into what the British more aptly describe their own news personalities as “readers” and “presenters”.

She is certainly lovely to look at, all the babes at FOX are, but that’s about it for Megyn Kelly now that she has allowed celebrity status to govern her professionalism. The day it was announced she would take over Sean Hannity’s time slot was the day her fate was sealed. A beautiful, smart blonde giving and taking as good as she got, for awhile. When her ratings went up, her head expanded. Now, taking herself so seriously as a celebrity rather than a journalist, it’s all about Megyn. A shame really. In a few years she will look her age. The audience will not be tuning in to see her at all anymore, they will be tuning in to hear the news or more likely, not tune in at all.

Bret Bair and Chris Wallace were no better by the way, but they didn’t single out a candidate for personal gotcha. They went at all the candidates to embarrass them rather than enlighten the viewers. What a chance, and FOX blew it.

In this writer’s opinion, Donald Trump while likely quite able to be president, meaning he could do the job, is not the right person for it. If you follow PJFOTN at all, you will note it has been written here, recently in fact, that the United States needs a humble person at the helm, not another egomaniac, or in Obama’s case, megalomaniac. The reason is very human and very simple, a humble person understands he or she is president, the presidency is not him or her. Mr. Trump could never be that person and people will figure it out sooner or later on their own. No one needed Megyn Kelly to attempt shredding his ego at the expense of all the other candidates and especially the twenty-four million people who watched the program in hopes of learning more about those who would be president.


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The battering ram that is Donald Trump against the establishment Republican Party should signal to the other candidates a direction which, if they do not go straight down that road will take them out of the running altogether. But there is a caveat none of them will understand because none of them will admit it exists. They are part of the political class and it is they who Americans blame for the state of affairs.

The problem with the field, including the Democrats and in fact pretty much the entire political class in America is ego.  We have an egomaniac in the White House now and look where he’s taken us.  The United States of America certainly do not need another regardless of his political bent, which with respect to the political class is entirely dependent on the polls at the moment.

Donald Trump may be the greatest offender regardless of his protestations he is not part of the political class. He most certainly is since in his considerable public life he has taken very public stands on very important issues. Is he a conservative?  Judging by his past record, only when it suits him, otherwise, he’s a liberal.  His philosophical inconsistencies cannot be brushed aside with a claim of evolution.  He is on the record time after time supporting all manner of liberal ideological maxims including abortion rights.  Most disturbing is his willingness to sleep with the dogs when necessary, regardless of his motives, profit among them. Someone so easily moved from one position to another cannot be trusted.

Then again, it should be clear to all who take more than a casual interest in American politics that the sentiment of the people is more akin to anger with the entire political class than it is anything else, including concern over the economy which is directly tied to the machinations of that class and the government it controls.  The smartest and best candidate will play to that anger by making it clear he or she will begin the very serious business of dismantling the federal government piece by onerous piece to the point it becomes as the Founders intended, dependent for its existence on the consent of the governed.  This means the political class itself must be destroyed.  Where is the candidate who will do that since it will begin with the power of President himself?

Each and every one of the Republicans vying for the presidency seems to be champing at the bit to “lead”. Which one will lead by reducing the Executive’s power once in the White House? Which one will hand back to the Congress a hundred plus years of usurped power and authority? Which one will advance the concept of term limits for every position of governmental power including the Supreme Court? Which candidate will abolish federal agencies which have no business existing? Most of all, which candidate will bring the federal bureaucracy to heel?

All the blather about foreign affairs and job creation, it’s meaningless if over all of the governed is a system so out of control, so oppressive and so large it makes life unbearable for all.

Americans are more than angry, they are really pissed off at the very people who are running for office, not because of who they are, but what they represent. The message voters sent in 2014 went entirely unheeded by the same individuals (with the exception of the private citizens running) who are looking for the same voters’ votes. It is insulting to an unfathomable degree. Only massive egos would motivate people to act as if the electorate has forgotten or worse are so ignorant and stupid, they don’t realize the truth.

The people are looking the political class right in the eye and asking, “Are you freaking kidding me?” Republicans especially did precisely the opposite of what they were sent you to do, be obstructionists. Americans are sitting back in their seats wondering what the hell is wrong with such people? Is the political class so stupid or so completely out of touch with the people of this country they can’t see the realities slapping everyone else in the face? Is there not a one who will stand up for traditional moral values without wincing and backtracking the minute the media attacks? Where is the courage so essential in a real leader? The only one coming close is Ted Cruz.

The first so-called debate is tonight. It will be a farce. A stage full of politicians all trying to look good and sound smart. There will be sound bites galore but no substance whatsoever both for the impossibility of the format and because not one of them will admit they collectively are the problem.

Why is America in decline? The blame rests with the political class and its partners in the media. The former being the creation of the latter. Get rid of both and America will once again seize the days.


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From what any Catholic of sixty years old plus who had any kind of a Catholic education will remember, there are two levels of sin, venial and mortal. If the nuns were your educators, you came away having figured out no matter what you did, it was at least a venial sin. Drink a glass of water just before going to communion…venial sin. Pass by a movie poster featuring a scantily clad starlet…venial sin even if you didn’t have one impure thought in the process. Eat too much…sin. Play too much…sin. You were the ball in a sinball machine.

Fortunately, even Catholics grow older and hopefully most grow wiser. At some point we Catholics come to understand the difference between minor and mortal sins. We realize God has already forgiven us the former mostly on the basis of their unavoidability for being integral aspects of the human condition.

Age and its concomitant wisdom affords us knowledge of the difference between human frailty and the outright evil which becomes mortal sin. If our faith amounts to anything it does so by offering grace through Christ’s suffering, death and resurrection sufficient to know, understand and fight evil in all its incarnations. It is why there can be no equivocation for a Catholic or any other human being when it comes to the most grievous mortal sin of them all, abortion.

The murder of innocent unborn children is the most barbaric human activity in the history of mankind. It is the perfection of evil and it is being committed right here on a scale unknown throughout human history. No society can long exist, nor will it ever be forgiven when legalized abortion is part of its core.

Abortion is the slavery of our day. It will split this country as surely as slavery did the North from the South 155 years ago. It is an issue over which a war should be fought. The lives of innocent babies are worth the killing of those who support and participate in serving up their murdered remains as commodities for sale to the highest bidder.

Organizations like Planned Parenthood should not merely be defunded by the government, but eradicated completely, their administrators and employees brought up on murder charges, convicted and sentenced to die in the same way they slaughter the unborn.

Where is the passion for righteousness all decent societies manifest in times so clearly evil? Where are the warriors to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves? The excuses we use to avoid battle are no longer enough to relieve a guilt we will most certainly take with us to our respective graves. Frightened of what others will think or say about you? Worried your stance on the sanctity of life will affect your job, prevent you from being promoted, hurt your chances of getting elected? Have you no shame or conscience?

This is a call to the American people, it is time to wage war on the culture of death that pervades every aspect of life in our country and the world. The liberal mindset, the ideology that wraps itself around the souls of otherwise decent people must be exposed for what it is, advocacy for truly mortal sins under the aegis of a perverted, evil political philosophy.

And if the label, “mortal sin” makes you uncomfortably religious thus affording you the opportunity to avoid fighting, you should understand there can be no claims of conscientious objector status in this war.

You are being called up, you must serve even if you were once a proponent of or participant in abortion. For God is so great, He will forgive even that sin if we admit its heinousness, repent in our hearts, change our ways and fight against such evil in our world.


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The greatest presidents in American history had one trait in common more than any other, humility. The point could be argued that their public personas were far different than the realities of their characters, that in fact a monumental ego has always been an equally necessary characteristic in powerful men however subordinated contemporaneously by their handlers and in the various chronicles detailing their lives and actions after they’ve gone. And yet, the latter exists exclusively in every modern politician America has seated in the chairs of power today including those seeking the presidency while humility is nonexistent. To a person, they are dangerous as a result.

A stray glance at the present occupant of the White House clearly underscores this conclusion. He is a tyrannical beast constructed of ego and nothing more. He is an aberration, an error, a disease, a cancer of our own creation. And he isn’t the only one. Waiting in the wings there are several of the same concoction.

The idea of Uriah Heep sitting in the Oval Office is not a pretty picture, nor would we ever want someone so dubiously self-depreciative. Dickens was wont to overextend his characters’ personalities for purposes of style and impact, but the last thing the United States of America needs is a Heep whose humility subordinates his ego, for a measured ego is indeed an essential characteristic of leaders. The trick is balancing the two.

Jesus Christ is the greatest example of that balance. He was properly humble without a shred of weakness, someone who had the power to destroy if he chose, but instead patiently, honestly and earnestly used his infinite power to teach and heal without giving up his authority in the process.

In an age of image only, the great pitfall for a politician, or should we hope to say, potential leader, is the very human trait of believing you are the person your people have created. And yet, Americans, knowing full well what they see is almost never what they will get, continue to elect men and women who fail the test of being truly humble and decisive at the same time.

If you watch Ronald Reagan at his best, you will note he was consistently self-deprecating, thus enduring. At the same time, he exuded power and authority, not personal, but as the representative of the United States of America, the most powerful nation in the history of the world. Although an actor by trade, he was no phony. Anyone could see he was proud of America and more than happy to let friends and enemies alike know it. It is why he was so powerful, respected and feared throughout the world. One knew where one stood with him. Certainly Mr. Gorbachev would attest to that.

But men like Ronald Reagan don’t seem to exist anymore. When we listen to candidates, Democrat or Republican, members of what has become a separate political class, all we hear are stories about them. The number of times any one of them says “I” in a speech is mind boggling. It attests to a general arrogance when it comes to their personal definition of leadership.

Somewhere in the education of the political class it seems they all were taught leaders are created out of nothing but ego, planted on the earth and meant to tout themselves as saviors rather than servants. The entire idea of “service to the country” has been corrupted to mean tyrannical power according to personal political (and sometimes individual) whims. For America to survive, nothing short of destroying the political class will suffice. Humbling by force those who have not a scintilla of such grace is an absolute necessity.

Jesus said he came to “serve”. He admonished his followers, “the last shall be first, and the first last.” This not to stifle their leadership abilities, after all, these were the very same men he chose to lead the most powerful faith in the history of the world. Their leadership qualities, tempered by his dictum that they should be humble, overcame incredible odds. That lesson has been completely lost.

None of the political class in America display such qualities. Hillary Clinton has no such ability. She is hopelessly mired in herself as are Barack Obama, John Kerry and most, if not all the Republican candidates for the Presidency.

Pundits and purveyors, especially those who daily feed at the political trough, will say there is an absolute necessity for such egoism if one person is to lead not only 330 million of his or her own, but essentially the entire world. Therein lies the abomination however, the perversion of what the Founding Fathers so wisely intended. Americans elected to office are supposed to follow, not lead, they are “representatives” not lords much less royalty.

Where he or she is, who knows, but the hope of America and the world is that somehow, through the process available to us, a man or woman with sufficient strength matched by sufficient humility will arise from the heap that is American politics not to lead us, but to follow our orders which are strict and clear.

President Reagan uttered the memorable words, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” The American people are essentially clamoring for the same thing. They want an end to the political class and they want the wall that has been built by that class between them and their government to be torn down. Only someone humble enough to accept that role, and powerful enough to see it through should be the next president.


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The following list comes from

We have eliminated Xerox from the list as the company denies having ever supported Planned Parenthood.  While it may be true, note the number of companies who support Planned Parenthood thus abortions through third party activities.

The following companies have directly funded Planned Parenthood


American Express



Bank of America

Bath & Body Works

Ben & Jerry’s




Deutsche Bank





Fannie Mae



Johnson & Johnson

La Senza

Levi Strauss

Liberty Mutual


March of Dimes


Morgan Stanley





Progressive Insurance


Susan G. Komen



United Way


Wells Fargo

The following companies have supported 3rd party groups that fund Planned Parenthood:



Abbott Laboratories

Abercrombie & Fitch







American Airlines

American Express

American Greetings






Banana Republic

Barnes and Noble


Ben & Jerry’s

Best Buy

Black & Decker

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Calvin Klein

Campbell’s Soup

Caribou Coffee















Dana-Farber Cancer Institute



Deutsche Bank





Dollar General

Dow Chemical

Dr Pepper Snapple Group


Ernst & Young


Express Scripts Inc. 

Family Dollar

Fannie Mae


Food Lion


Forever 21

Freddie Mac



General Electric

General Mills

General Motors

Goldman Sachs



H&R Block

Hallmark Cards



Harris Teeter


HCA Holdings

Henri Bendel

Hershey Company



Hillshire Brands Company


Home Depot

Home Goods



Houchens Industries






Ingram Micro




Jack in the Box

JetBlue Airways



Joe Boxer


Johnson & Johnson

Johnson Controls

Just Born Inc




Kentucky Fried Chicken





Lands’ End


Lockheed Martin


Longhorn Steakhouse



Mars Inc.


Mary Kay


Morgan Stanley

National Football League

NBC Universal


New Balance



Office Depot

Office Max

Old Navy

Olive Garden


Panera Bread

Papa John’s




Pizza Hut



Prudential Financial and Insurance


Qdoba Mexican Grill

Ralph Lauren

Red Lobster


Rite Aid


Sam’s Club

Scripps Networks Interactive


Seattle’s Best Coffee

Shell Oil

Southern Company

Southwest Airlines

Spirit Airlines




State Farm

Steak ‘n Shake




Susan G. Komen


T.J. Maxx

Taco Bell


Texas Instruments




Tyson Foods


US Airways


Valero Energy Corporation

Victoria’s Secret




Wells Fargo

Wells Interprises


Whirlpool Corporation

White Castle

Winn-Dixie Stores






Disclaimer: The information provided represents the best efforts of 2nd Vote to report on corporate political and social activities in order to inform concerned citizens about how companies address the issues they care about. Because there are no laws or guidelines that mandate corporations or organizations to disclose their contributions or donors, some activity or donations may go unreported. The information provided is intended for educational purposes only and is periodically


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The Washington Post, a decidedly left leaning fish wrap, is reporting about Hillary Clinton’s latest poll numbers.  The details are not significant because they are well known, not only to us, but her staff and most importantly her most avid supporters.  I have long said her numbers would catch up with her sooner or later, and now my words are coming true.

For years, Clinton’s “unfavorable” numbers have flirted with the high side of 50% generally speaking.  No one can be elected president with such a number.  Look at this poll and you will see, not only have her unfavorable numbers risen, but her favorable numbers have dropped precipitously.  In politics, that is a disaster for any candidate, for Hillary Clinton it is worse.  Were she in a tight primary race with another Democrat  these numbers would be less significant, i.e. like McDonald’s and Burger King swapping market share, she would be swapping poll numbers with her nearest rival.  But she has no one with whom she is fighting for prominence.  Sanders is far behind, what support he has is so far left it is meaningless.  O’Malley is a flea-weight, falling on his own sword so many times he is a political colander for all intents and purposes.  For Clinton, the numbers are hers and hers alone and though it is far too early for them to be intelligently meaningful in terms of a general race, they are harbingers nonetheless.

The panic inside Clinton’s campaign is palpable and becoming more so.  The number of defenses she has to mount in order to counter the negative press she is encountering as a result of her own unethical if not entirely illegal activities is becoming a whack-a-mole circus where the moles are simply too many and too fast for any staff to catch.

This is a Republican battle with Donald Trump in the lead for one reason only, he speaks to the anger, frustration and powerlessness Americans feel about their own government.  Donald Trump is on top because he has, to put it crudely, balls.  Americans want someone with balls enough to dig them out of this hole of hopelessness Obama and liberalism have been purposely digging for over 50 years.  We had a respite and a massive revitalization with Ronald Reagan, but he was the only real ray of light in the last half century.  Americans are sick and tired of being told we are no damn good and we owe the rest of the world some kind of apology and reparations for being the best and brightest.  We are completely fed up with illegal aliens and others who flaunt the laws the rest of us are forced to obey, those who are forgiven their crimes on the basis of skin color or allowed to crash our borders by the millions so the Democrat party can collect their votes in payment.

Most of all, Americans do not want a political class, what has become an entirely separate class of politicians who spend their lives sucking off the taxpayers’ nipple and so cynically label their careers doing so as “public service”.

Hillary is dead in the water.  If we end up with another career politician, whether Republican or Democrat, we are too.



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The science concerning why people become or are simply born homosexual is still uncertain and may remain so forever, but the rationale behind ignoring the aberration and making it acceptable is obvious. No one wants to think of himself or herself as strange. And of course, misery loves company. Thus, forcing a round peg into a square hole and having others try to do the same while commiserating about the process is seen as an honorable, however futile endeavor.

If the sexual proclivities of a group are questioned, it becomes a political issue rather than a social much less a moral one. Groups, collections, communities are made up of voters and those voters mean far more to the political class than morality as defined by decency and honor. Pandering to outcasts as long as they vote is certain to make any politician a rank opportunist without character or moral fiber.

For it cannot be denied by any but the most irrational among us that sexual acts performed with a member of the same gender are plainly wrong, especially in this age of sex for sex’s sake. To call them acts of love is cynicism on an evil level.

Already the calls for my head are mounting to a swell, but they and my head will not change the truth. Homosexuality is an aberration, it is an error in thinking whether it be by choice or by chance. As to its being inherently evil, who is to judge unless we apply biblical admonitions which are very clear. St. Paul, in his letter to the Romans in 1:27 strongly condemns homosexuality, “…and in the same way also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error.”

Many dispute the interpretation, but their arguments fail miserably as they twist, turn and parse Paul’s words to mean precisely the opposite of what he meant. The Old Testament is even clearer. In Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13 respectively, the rule is absolute, “You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination” and “If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. Their bloodguiltiness is upon them.”

Put the Bible aside and remand the question to modern human thinking, the so-called science of rationality and reason. The evolutionists and those who see mankind as the natural offspring of Nature’s desire to keep life alive would strip us of our souls rendering us mere cover for the earth the same as every other living creature on the planet. If that is so, then the case against homosexuality takes on added torque for how can it follow that if the norm is to propagate, those acts which fail to follow the norm are correct and not abnormal? The argument that if it exists in reality it is part of the norm is specious in and of itself. Abnormalities are the norm, but that does not make them anything other than abnormalities.

The point is, homosexuality does exist, but it is abnormal and the numbers support that conclusion. There are far fewer homosexuals in the world than we are being led to believe which is Nature’s way of saying errors are made all the time in the reproduction of various species. That is to say, of the entire population in America less than 2% are homosexual, even less are lesbian or self-identified bisexuals. The figures aren’t a condemnation, they are illustrative of how anomalies in nature follow similar patterns. In strictly scientific terms, the occurrence of homosexuality must be much higher if it is to be considered part of the norm. No amount of media hype or demonstrations and parades in the streets will change the fact that sexual activities with members of the same gender are abnormal in any sense of the word.

The Bible reflects a body of rules and regulations which ostensibly speak to the relationship of man to God, but it also serves as a manual of proper human activity to the extent very reasonable propositions are set down which on their faces make a great deal of sense. The warning against homosexual activity is both one against sinning and one against the unnaturalness of sexual activities man to man and woman to woman. People may choose to ignore the Bible’s admonitions, but it amounts to railing against the wind. Whether one believes in the word of God or not, men performing sexual acts with other men and women doing the same with other women are violations of humanity’s single most important role, the propagation of the species. Then again, those who are aberrant in their sexual behavior are very likely those who see nothing wrong with destroying the result of what is normal. The two can be connected, however tenuously, homosexuality/lesbianism and infanticide are cut from the same cloth. They are in the vanguard of a death culture which will end badly for them.

Nature determines the strong will survive. They will do so as they have done since the dawn of time, through the natural process of the two sexes one with the other. Homosexuals and lesbians will be shunted aside as they have always been, not so much on moral grounds, but as the natural consequence of humanity’s need to procreate.


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Bill Clinton and the “foundation” he, Hilary and Chelsea head, are helping Jamaica by partnering with Wigton Windfarm, a homegrown entity “to promote greater use of wind and solar energy [in Jamaica], as part of a wider effort to force down exorbitant energy costs in island nations.”[1]

News? Not really, just more of the same unfounded science structured to take advantage of the climate change faithful (and the rest of us) in order to accumulate that one source of energy everyone, especially leftists love, money. It’s not even news for the Clintons specifically. Gathering other people’s money by the boatload is simply what they do.

What is news however may be gleaned from Bill’s extended absence from Hillary’s campaign. The standard response to the question, “Where’s Bill?” is usually an amalgam of guesses from “He’s a political leper” to “He’s busy doing his own thing”…whatever that may be. The truth may be in the soup somewhere between the two in that being one of the quintessential politicians of the modern era, Bill Clinton knows a loser when he sees one, even if it is his wife.

Hillary’s latest numbers signal a campaign that is in a tailspin. Certainly, no matter what she says, does, doesn’t say or do, she will garner a substantial number of votes. Given the electoral college system, she may even be elected, but the prize will be not be handed to her, not in the way she and her people believe it will or should. Hillary Clinton will have to work for this one. The question is, does she have what it takes? By all accounts, with the exception of her Senate election by New Yorkers who have a strain of political idiocy that keeps them in political bondage, Hillary Clinton has been tested and found greatly wanting. In short, she is not her husband and will never be anything close to the political animal he was and is.

Bill Clinton must know this. He may or may not be waiting in the wings to be called up for support if not as a savior. A good wager would be he is not much interested in being a part of a campaign so mired in the mud it has no chance of succeeding. He, after all, went out as a winner, his horrible moral background and ill repute notwithstanding. He is taken seriously on the world stage. He is wealthy beyond his wildest dreams. His libido, while perhaps not what it once was, is routinely satiated by dalliances for which he has other people pay. In short, he has very little to gain and a great deal to lose should Hillary continue her unelection campaign to its natural conclusion.

In the annals of modern political history, only two candidates come to mind for their overwhelming lack of luster, Bob Dole and Hillary Clinton, both chosen for their positions in the political queue. Had Bob Dole the least swagger, charisma and ability to self-promote, he would have beaten Bill Clinton in 1996 as Bubba by that time had scandalized the nation to disgrace.

The same applies to Hillary Clinton in the sense she has nothing to offer and no way to offer it if she did. So sans vibrancy is she the crowds who do come to see her are almost always subdued, there because they have to be for whatever the reasons. When Clinton speaks, she does so in a fashion that is painful to all but the most jaded Hillary fan. Even her defenders are at a loss. Lanny Davis, the fawning sycophant lawyer, after being challenged by a talk show host, hung up the phone because he was not allowed to run his mouth in her favor using old and worn talking points, but was made to answer poignant questions, uncomfortable questions, so uncomfortable his usually pithy lawyer’s comebacks were stifled. Frustrated, he did what Hillary supporters who’ve been pushed to the wall always do, walk away from the discussion.

Bill Clinton, as shrewd as he is, will not willingly walk himself into the same arena littered with the carcasses of Hillary supporters who have failed to make her what she most certainly isn’t, a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. And if Bill has written her off, it is or should be abundantly clear, the rest of the political world will sooner or later.



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